What Is adverCar – Get Paid Driving Your Own Car

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I have a little secret I'm ashamed to admit. I'm sort of a car snob. I like luxury cars. Most of my cars I have owned are luxury cars and the logical side of me knows that a car loses value as soon as you drive it. But what can I say I like to ride in style. I figure if I'm going to be sitting in something for a long period of time it might as well be as comfortable as my home. I think I may feel less guilty about my splurges on luxury cars because of this new company that I found that pays you to drive your car. Although I'm not sure if I'd do it but you might. So let's jump into my AdverCar.com Review and see if this just another stream of income you can add.

What Is adverCar?

advarcar-reviewThe company, based in San Francisco, CA. It is the brainchild of co-founder & CEO Neil Turner. AdverCar connects advertisers with drivers that are willing to share space on the back and sides of their car.

Many advertiser want to target a specific Zip code or route and running a campaign with moving billboards is cheaper than traditional offline advertising. For example, TV ads cost approx. $21 per 1000 views, radio ads approx. $9 per 1000 listeners, whereas adverCar cost about $4.30 per 1000 views.

Before officially launching the company, adverCar ran 11 test campaigns in four states; McDonalds and the New Orleans Hornets NBA team were among the advertisers. The Hornets sought drivers who regularly drove through high-end neighbor hoods where people can afford the costs of watching game. The McDonald's franchised targeted drivers that live or work within three miles of the restaurant's location.

adverCar provides their drivers with a GPS to track the routes the driver takes. The GPS data, combined with a short driver report, enables the company to estimate how many “ad views” a particular route produces.

What Companies Advertise with adverCar?

adverCar only works with family brands and leading companies. Clients include sports teams, quick service restaurants, NBA Basketball teams, 1-800flowers.com, automotive companies, and non-profit organizations, such as the SPCA.

How To Get Paid For Advertising On Your Car?

If you are interested in getting paid for sponsors to advertise on your car, visit the AdverCar website and fill out an application. AdverCar learns about you, the vehicle you own, your daily commute routes, and your special interests or favorite brands. This information will be entered in a database that enables the company to match you with the requirements of the advertisers.

How Is A Driver Selected?

You must fit the advertiser's requirements, i.e. live and drive in the target area, and your commute or driving time must be at least 30 minutes per day. They also take under consideration your brand preferences and may contact a short interview.

What about the decals?

The decals are adhesive, made of vinyl specifically used for cars; they are designed to be removed by drivers; they simply peel off without harming the paint. Installing the decals will take place at local car washes and takes approx. 15 minutes; that includes the car wash and inspection of the car.

advarcar decal
Not to worry – this is NOT an adverCar decal!!!

You will have to agree to a background check!

The background check is NOT done at the initial sign-up. adverCar runs one only if a driver is going to participate in a campaign. adverCar does this to ensure its drivers have no criminal records, reckless driving incidents, or violations. All information is confidential and available to drivers upon request.

How much money can you make?

You will earn $100 per month for the duration of a campaign, which can be anywhere from one month (minimum) to five or six months. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell you exactly HOW they pay you. As deep as I dig, there is no info available; not on their FAQ page and there is no contact address on their website for aspiring drivers. The only way to find out would be to apply, and you know that Eddy with a Y prefers to work at home wearing his boxers all day, LOL.

Are there any complaints about adverCar?

As you know when reading all my reviews I have to keep it real and discuss the cons or complaints people may have about a company. And as great as it sounds to get paid for driving there are some issues to consider.

Car Requirements:

Anyone can apply, but not everyone will be accepted. There are some criteria your car MUST meet. adverCar is looking for cars that are 2007 or newer, in excellent condition with factory finish paint. What you and they may consider excellent condition is pretty subjective, to say the least. In addition, some advertisers may request specific make & models or color for their campaigns, which leaves you out in the cold if there is no match.

Location, Location, Location!

They say on their website that this opportunity is available in all 50 states and everywhere! I doubt if this holds true if you live out in the boondocks somewhere. But you will be able to find that out during the application process or after you have access to their support system.

Do they pay enough?

$100 a month is really not much and nothing you could live off. Of course, if you get campaigns on a regular basis, this ‘little money' will pay for the gas for drives you would do anyways and, maybe, for a dinner or two. If you want “REAL” money you should consider My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation or Taking one of my Work At Home Courses. If you couple all these opportunities together they can probably help you make some decent money.

Driving for adverCar is not a work-at-home opportunity!

So most of you are on this website because you want to be able to make money without leaving your home. Well then this isn't for you and it's definitely not for me since I can literally work anywhere there is an internet connection and make money.

Is adverCar a Scam?

The company is 100% legit and gives no reason for concern. Of course, as soon as adverCar opened shop, the scammers came out with their version, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported a number of several complaints about these scams. Find out here how they work, so you can easily recognize and avoid them.

Is adverCar a good opportunity?

advercarNeil Turner says that this may not be for everyone, which is understandable. But those that don't mind driving around with ads plastered on their vehicle simply love it. He also says, that the majority of his drivers are women wanting to bring in a bit of extra dough and eager to get their hands on every job available in their area.

Look at it from this angle. You see a bunch of folks wearing clothing with some kind of advertising on it; the Nike Swoosh on T-shirts, Titlist caps, Addidas on their feet, and their favorite football team logo on their jackets. So, what's the different between walking around like a living billboard and driving with ads on your car? You get some money for putting ads on your car.

So I chalk this up as a nice way to make some extra money for what you may already do and I always think that's a great idea. So it may be worth a shot. If you couple it with My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation or Taking one of my Work At Home Courses,you can really rack some real money in time. But that's my two cents about this company. I'd like to hear your thoughts down below.

Would you give this opportunity a shot? I'd love to hear from you either way. Thanks for reading as always. I'll speak to you soon.

Eddy with a y

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