Affiliate Supremacy Review: The Good, The Bad, But Not Ugly!

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affiliate supremacy reviewThe great thing about the internet is it provides us with so many ways to make money online. Unfortunately most of it is crap. And lately I've been covering a lot of the crappy MLMs. So I've decided to flip it up and focus on another type of opportunity. Hopefully you enjoy reading my Affiliate Supremacy Review. I think some of you may actually like this one but I guess you'll let me know at the end.

What Is Affiliate Supremacy?

Affiliate Supremacy is an ebook on Affiliate Marketing. It teaches beginners the important basics of how to become successful in affiliate marketing. Craig Dawber, the creator of product, covers the topics of finding a niche, building websites, creating content, list building, free & paid for traffic, and social media.

How Much Does Affiliate Supremacy Cost?

The ebook: $7 – $.9.97. It was on a dime sale and capped out at $9.97

OTO* #1: $47.00 – With this upsell you get 10 Custom Niche Themes & Done for you content

OTO* #2: $1 Trial (7 days) – $17/month IMA Membership

*OTO – One Time Offer, also known as Upsell

Free Stuff: Included are 2 free additional ebooks. “List Building Manifesto (96 pages)” and “Article Marketing (56 pages)

What You Get With Affiliate Supremacy – The GOOD

Affiliate Supremacy – The Main ebook

First off, Craig has put together an almost complete package on affiliate marketing. The 86-page ebook is full of good and helpful information, supported by images, which will give newbies a good start. The material is well structured and leads you step-by-step through all the important topics:

is affiliate supremacy a scam1) Affiliate Marketing
2) About Affiliate Supremacy
3) Finding a Profitable Niche
4) Your Money Site
5) Creating Pre-Sell Content
6) Social Media Assets
7) Free Targeted Traffic
8) Paid Traffic Overdrive
9) Outsourcing
10) Scaling Up

Craig is obviously an experienced affiliate marketer and does a good job sharing his expertise with his students. He covers the 10 topics sufficiently and in an easy to understand manner.

A lot of time is spent on “Finding a Profitable Niche“. Choosing the wrong niche is the main reason for many beginners to fail in affiliate marketing. Common wisdom and teaching tells us to choose a niche we are passionate about, or having experience in.

Affiliate Supremacy Complaints

Although I think they do a great job of teaching people about this industry, it does fall short in some areas. It's not a knock because every company has certain areas that can be improved. That said let me lay them out for you so you can make an informed decision.

The Upsell #1 – Done For You Niche Websites

For $47 you will get “10 Done For You websites” in any niches you choose. (or 5 for $27 bucks). Don't buy them! It will be ‘failure waiting to happen‘, and I will tell you why. These pre-made websites come with content, keywords, images and affiliate links. You may think that's great, but they wont work. Imagine that 10,000 people buy these sites, and even though they target different niches, there will be hundreds of similar sites with identical content on the web. And this is something Google does not like. These sites will be de-indexed faster than you can say “no”, meaning that they will not show in any search results, and when people can't find your site, you can't make any money.

The only way these sites MAY work is through “Paid Traffic”, but there is no guarantee that they will. PPC is a risky business. This upsell really doesn't add any extra value for you. But clearly it does make the author and their affiliates more money. It's a shame because a better upsell could have been a forum or support group which brings me to my next complaint.

No Support System

What I don't like about courses in an ebook format is the fact that you are studying by yourself WITHOUT the possibility of asking someone for help in case you are stuck. No program is perfect, not even the very best, and there will always be situations when you need a helping hand. There is no live chat or member forum with Affiliate Supremacy, nor is there any third party support desk you could turn to in order to find answers to any questions you may have. Although Craig tells you that he can be reached via email, I am not sure how he will handle multiple help requests.

Seeing is believing

I don't know about you but I'm huge visual learner. I like the combination of reading text and then having a concept explained to me on video with walk through or live case studies. From my experience some concepts are better explained when you can see them. A good upsell or addition to the course would have been accompanying videos that expand on the concepts he teaches. But this is just my preference. It may not be yours.

So, Is Affiliate Supremacy A Scam?

Not by any means. Creig's Affiliate Supremacy ebook is one of the best guides to affiliate marketing I have seen. It provides beginners with a thorough understanding of the industry. But I find the weak upsell and the lack of real live support or a forum to be a huge weakness. Anytime we're learning something new, especially starting a business you need to have access to people that can hold your hand in the process.

So for that reason I would still recommend that you Check Out My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate as a better option because of the support, training and tools. You get everything in one place so you're not bouncing around various resources to get your business off the ground. That said Affiliate Supremacy is still a good option to consider in conjunction with Wealthy Affiliate.

Well you've heard my thoughts about this opportunity, I want to hear your two cents down below in the comment section. Don't leave me hanging. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Until next time,

I'm Eddy with a y. Speak to you soon.

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