Is A Scam? Might be…

Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! is suppose to be the next great online money maker. There have been countless big names (John Chow, Joel Comm, etc) that have been actively promoting and recommending the opportunity. I even had some of my closest web buddies encouraging me to sign up. But there has been a nagging feeling within me that is telling me it isn't worth the effort. You see I was a big referrer and user in the 90's. I really loved that company. It was one of the early ways I made money online and by far the easiest. It gave me a warm feeling every time I would dial into my Internet connection (remember those days?) and the toolbar would go green. I was literally being paid to be online! How great was that? But alas that opportunity eventually ended.

The reason AllAdvantage eventually crumbled was because their business model wasn't sustainable albeit creative for the time. So when Agloco was introduced to me, it had a striking resemblance to the defunct Agloco is basically a company that pays you to download a toolbar and you'll get paid for your usual internet activities such as surfing the web, reading email, etc. You also get paid for your referrals Internet activities which has been the driving force as to why so many people are recommending this opportunity.
So when considering the characteristics of this opportunity it's almost identical to the failed business model. It just wasn't very apparent to me how they were any different than Could that failed business model be what is touting as the next big thing? Apparently yes!

So based on my experience in the past with, definitely doesn't seem like a feasible opportunity. It's hard for me to call it a flat out scam because at the end of the day no one is really losing anything here. It's not like anyone paid to be part of this program and now they've realized that they won't be earning any money. But let's just say that is just not something I would waste your time on until they have proven that they are actually paying people.

But the way things are looking now, it doesn't even look like Agloco well get off the ground judging by what's being said on this blog post about!

So what's the conclusion of this review? Is legitimate? At this point I wouldn't recommend them. There are far better ways to be earning money at home right now! And they're not based on what if's and they're not in beta! lol

Look I'm not a work at home cynic, I really hope that Agloco can make this opportunity work. I have no problems eating my words. We all make mistakes it's the joy of being human. So let's hope in the near future I'll be wrong. But right now just pass on this beta opportunity. Yes you do take a risk of joining the party late. I know I did with but I was able to catch up really fast when it was proven to me that it did make money. So no worries. Go and focus on making money now rather than the potential of making money later!

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  1. I am so glad I found this! I am paralyzed from the chest down so the little money I do have I need. Thank you for saving me from that mistake!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update Eddy, I myself never heard of Agloco. I am interested in  free to join and proven paid surveys, ptc,ptr,bux, and gpt sites or sweeps… I do my research b4 joining or investing..  

  3. April 26,2011 Good Evening Eddy! I am responding to the email that I received from you today I did a little checking on the website and this is what I discovered ,they are “dead”! This is according to an email that Mr Oluniyi D.Ajao
    received on 12/11/2007 from the website Their SSL certificate expired on 11/19/2007 and their revenue is
    currently not sufficient to pay their members Thank you again for the heads-up! Joan Soffer

  4. I am in agreement with you, even though i have joined this site, but i had some companies claiming similar things but it did not materialize, but like you said there’s no harm in trying.

    • Indeed Lionel.
      Although nowadays I’m less inclined to try these opportunities until I hear reports of people actually being paid. Because some sites will use your information to sell to others and I don’t want to deal with that. So I’m a lot more careful now.

  5. Hi Eddie

    Well i have been following you for some time now and have joined up to some of the sites you recommended, I have made some money as you said it takes time for the freelance sites but some of the other sites like hits4pay i have been getting regular emails from.

    I actually had a question i heard about EZlaptop site where you read emails and earn credits for a laptop just wondering if you have any input on this site?


  6. Oops … sorry guys! I posted my response before reading the blog post Eddy refers to. A silly mistake I usually don’t do anymore. It’d be one thing if they said right from the beginning that you won’t get paid immediately but as the company grows. They actually do say something like that but it’s too vague for my comfort. Now they’re saying you won’t get paid until the company can afford to pay you. Well, if the company is supposed to “owned” by its members, the members are the ones to get paid. And, I wondered why it was taking so long to get going …

    I said in my post to go join if it’s free and with no risk and see what happens. I think I’ll hold off for a while. I was comparing it to any of the other nontraditional ways to earn a little cash, as in my case I’ve earned next to nothing after 2 years of trying.

  7. Hey!
    Yep I’ve heard of Agloco. I somehow came across it a few months ago. I never signed up because there wasn’t a way TO sign up. I remember reading blogs about how cool it was, but could never find a link to sign up. LOL!
    I wasn’t a member of AllAdvantage, but I did belong to some site that was like it. The year was…1999. I remember I got a check for $20 then I think the site went down. Maybe it was AllAdvantage? LOL I don’t remember!
    Anyhoo, I’ll be more than happy to join Agloco if it ever takes off & once I see some proof it’s worth it;)

    Thanks again Eddy!

  8. Hi Eddy,
    Talk about a blast from the past! I completely forgot about AllAdvantage! I remember now, being so excited about that tool bar thing too! LOL Do you remember the name of the one with the little sombrero? If you weren’t surfing, it would go to sleep. I want to say treasure something. I have been online forever too, since the late 80’s. My first internet provider was Salamander Junction. We went to AOL and then got mad at them because they blocked “breast cancer” because of the breast. Dropped AOL like a hot potato… Okay, I am rambling, I will quit now. LOL

    • Hi Shawna,

      I’m so happy someone else remembered it too. I was starting to feel like the old man in the club. lol I remember that excitment too! It was such a great and easy way to make money. The other company you’re referring to is cashfiesta I believe. You’ve definitely been surfing longer than me. The oldest internet provider I remember was Compuserve.
      Remember them? Thanks for chiming in. You brought me back to the good old days when the internet was simple. I wish i knew then what I know now. I would’ve been a billionaire. lol

  9. Hi Eddy:

    Till Now I had never heard of or this site, I definitely will not take advantage of this opportunity ( oops no pun intended )

  10. Hi Eddy,
    I’m with you on this website. I havent really
    checked it out as of yet.
    I also did Alladvantage when it was going on and
    yes I did make a few bucks here and there,
    until it played out.

    I don’t think I would sign up with this opp either.


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