Amazing Selling Machine Review: Does this FBA Course Really Work?

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If you are interested in selling physical products on Amazon, you have probably realized by now that there are a lot of Amazon FBA courses out there. But can these courses really teach you about growing your business and selling products on Amazon? If you have asked yourself this question, chances are you have searched through a lot of Amazing Selling Machine reviews. So, let's dive into the review and see if the Amazing Selling Machine lives up to your expectations.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine? was founded in 2012 by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. It is an FBA course that teaches people how to sell and drop-ship products via It consists of an online class that teaches people what to sell, how to sell, and where to find cheap products to sell.

How Does the Amazing Selling Machine Work?

Amazing Selling Machine is an online FBA course that spans over 8 weeks. There is a total of 15 modules and each module has about 15 to 26 lessons each. The course covers various aspects such as how to sell on Amazon, what products are worth selling, where to source inexpensive products, and how to market products. The course is broken down into the following components:

  • 8 Week online class. This class consists of 8 modules which teach you strategies such as sourcing and launching your product.
  • Mentor Program. You get access to mentors who are available every day to offer advice.
  • Exclusive community. There is a lifetime access to an active community of entrepreneurs.
  • Resource vault. There is access to copy and paste templates and contact details for suppliers.

Some of this may change by the time you've read this review.

How Much Does the Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

At the time of this review, the course will cost you a front-end fee of $3,997. There is also an option to pay $997 over 5 months. The total cost will then be $4,985 if you pay in installments.

How Much Money Can You Make with the Amazing Selling Machine?

They claim that their students are making six and seven figures per month and they estimate their students are making a combined total of $150 million per month.

If this sounds too good to be true, I don't blame you. But the reality is there are people making a lot of money selling or drop-shipping products on Amazon. But this is not the only way you can make money with Amazon though. Affiliate marketing and promoting Amazon products is also a good way to make a lot of money.

Wealthy Affiliate has the training and can show you how to promote products. If you are looking to make extra cash, sites like, and are worth checking out too.

What We Like about the Amazing Selling Machine

Unconditional money back guarantee

E-commerce is not for everyone. So, if you buy this training and decide hey this is not for me, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Information is not overwhelming

The classes are broken up into easy to digest chunks of information, so you have time to absorb everything. Each video is only a few minutes long which gives you time to reflect and go back if you need any clarification. So that's cool that the videos aren't too long.

Amazing Selling Machine Complaints

Even though the Amazing Selling Machine has received high praise, no course or product is perfect. Up till now, everything sounds sweet but there are a few red flags that stood out for me. These may or might not be a deal breaker for you, so let's get into this and see what some of these complaints are so you can decide for yourself.

No BBB listing

At the time of writing this review, the Amazon Selling Machine company isn't listed on the Better Business Bureau. This may be a deal breaker for some of you. If so there are make money opportunities that have good ratings with the BBB. You may want to check out, and if a BBB listing is important to you.

Why Is It So Damn Expensive?

Even for a comprehensive course, spending $3000-$5000 may be a hard pill for most people to swallow. As you can see from Matt Clark's interview with Ideamensch, the main reason for it being so expensive is he enjoys the 400-500% profit margin he makes. Just a pity it doesn't cater for those on a tight budget.

Fortunately companies like Wealthy Affiliate offer free and premium membership if you want to learn how to make money with Amazon via their affiliate marketing program. So that's may be an alternative affordable option.

Will you really make as much as they claim?

If you read the success stories on their site, they claim that a lot of their students are making a lot of money because of their training. But, if you read the testimonials disclaimer, they do say the results are non-representative of all students and you may have little or no results at all. While the provided testimonials might look appealing, there is no guarantee you will have the same results. Like any business there is a risk of failure and you need to be comfortable with that. Don't get caught up in the testimonial claims since they are not the norm.

Is There A Amazing Selling Machine Alternative?

Given the price and some of the other complaints, you may not feel this product is the right option for you. Fortunately there are a few other options you might want to check which all have a positive BBB rating and are a lot more affordable to start.

If you want to make money with Amazon, you can do it promoting other people's products as an affiliate. It's a lot easier than trying to do the FBA program. If you want to learn how to do that, My Best Work At Home Recommendation is worth checking out. If you just want to make some side income, sites like, and are good options too.

Is the Amazing Selling Machine A Scam?

No, the Amazing Selling Machine is definitely not a scam! The reality is it's probably the most comprehensive FBA course out there. Having said that, it's not completely perfect. But no company is. The biggest issues for some are that there are not listed with the BBB and the start up cost is way too much!

If you read the fine print of their testimonials disclaimer, they let you know that there is no assurance you will achieve the same results. But, that doesn't take away from the fact that the information in the course is solid.

Being an Amazon seller is a lot more involved than being an Amazon affiliate and promoting their products. When selling, you have to source products, make sure orders are delivered, deal with refunds, and so on. So, it requires active participation on your part. But the potential income is literally amazing.

But if you are looking for something that is less involved and more passive, My Best Work At Home Recommendation is a good alternative.

That's my two cents. Hope you enjoyed my review of the Amazing Selling Machine. If you have tried this course or just want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so on the comments section below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

6 thoughts on “Amazing Selling Machine Review: Does this FBA Course Really Work?”

  1. Hi — I just found your review and I wish my husband had found it before he signed up. I want to point out that the “unconditional money back guarantee” is for 30 days. The course is 8 weeks and it has taken my husband longer than that to get his head around it. And, he has been working daily on this for several months. We have decided to pull out — but don’t qualify for the money back offer. I think they are good people and have a good system. But, they downplay the upfront money you have to pay to get inventory. Yes, for one product it isn’t bad, but you need lots of products to make a lot of money. I figured we would need to sell close to 20,000 product sales to get our investment in ASM back. — Kathleen

  2. My suggestion for anyone who is considering buying ASM is to carefully study the sales page and watch the introductory videos to assess if the course is suitable for your needs and level of expertise and experience. If not, there are dozens of other options which can provide a more suitable introduction to ecommerce. But if you’re suitable for the ASM program, then the chances of your results being worth the investment are higher.

  3. WOW!!! EDDY!!..I’m glad I’m with WA!!..Those prices on joining proven Amazon and Amazing selling machine almost made me have a “Changing Moment”! Lo. Thanks for sharing though and keep on sending me new ways of earning because I like and trust you! ok? Jim W


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