App Trailers Review: Is it An App Video Watching Scam?

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How To Make Money By Watching Smartphone Videos With App TrailersIf you're anything like me, you probably have your smartphone or tablet with you anywhere you go. Chances are you paid a pretty penny for it as well. Now imagine if these devices can make you money. Well, apparently now they can. There are several sites out there that will pay rewards for watching videos about smartphone or tablet apps and more. The question is: Are they legitimate? Let's take a look at one site called App Trailers and find out.

What is App Trailers?

App Trailers is a mobile advertising platform where members can watch a variety of videos about apps to earn rewards. The platform also features game, music, and TMZ videos. App Trailers was created back in 2010 by the San Francisco-based company App Redeem, Inc. The platform is now owned by through a 2015 acquisition. At the time of this review, App Redeem has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Does App Trailers Work?

Users just need to download the free mobile app available for both Apple devices at the iTunes App Store and Android devices at the Google Play Store. You will create an account using your email address or social media information. Once your account information is confirmed, the app is ready for you to use to start watching videos and earning points.

How to Earn Points with App Trailers?

You earn 5 points for every video you watch and earn 50 points for signing up. The app also gives you the ability to earn 100 points for every friend you refer that joins. You can also earn anywhere between 5-2,500 points through available offers. As soon as you acquire 500 points, you will be eligible to cash out with PayPal. Otherwise, you will need to earn 5,000 points to get the available $5 gift cards.

If you don't like the idea of being limited to points or apps, you may like sites such as who pay you for sharing your opinions. And if surveys aren't your thing, you can also join sites like,, and where you will get paid to do what you already do online like playing games or visiting websites and more.

How Does App Trailers Pay You?

Points are redeemable for cash payments through PayPal or gift card rewards. Gift cards are available from retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Footlocker, Best Buy, and Sephora. You are able to cash out with PayPal once you have acquired 500 points, which is the equivalent of $0.50. Gift cards start at 5,000 points which is equal to $5. You receive payouts immediately. If you would rather work with real cash rather than collecting points, I'd like you to check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

App Trailers Hacks or Tips

If you are looking for the shortest videos to watch to maximize your earning potential, you will find them in the web app area. The best way to earn points the fastest is to refer friends who join. You could also earn numerous points through the available offers in the Promo section of the app.

You can also sign up and start earning money today taking surveys on or join sites that are not dependable on points such as,, and These sites will pay you real cash after you have done the simple tasks like reading emails and many more that you are already used to doing online.

App Trailers Complaints

In theory, this all sounds good. But is it really worth your time? If you've been reading this far you have probably guessed it may not be. However, let's dive into some of the other complaints and concerns about this app trailer opportunity.

Only Gonna Earn Spare Change: Each video is approximately 25 seconds long with a 25-second ad at the start. It takes 10 points for you to earn one cent. If you do the math, at that rate you are only making 36 cents an hour. That totally sucks as a way to make any real money. You'd be better off checking out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Spammy Promo Offers: The company provides various offers from companies that give you points if you sign up or purchase something. Your email inbox will likely be hit with tons of spam, which can be a major pain in the butt.

Forced to Click Each Video: Other similar apps let you click on a set of videos and let them run while you go do other life stuff and still earn points. This app makes you click on each video which means you have to babysit the app to earn your points.

Too Much Use Will Cost You: The app will start penalizing your potential earning points if you try to use the app for the entire day. Using the app for a significant period of time cuts the earning amount per video from 5 points down to 3 points. The penalty won't last long. The appall reset back to 5 points the next day.

No Available Company Information: The company's website is only a simple landing page with information about the app. There is no company background information or contact information for customer service.

So Is App Trailers Legit or a Scam?

App Trailers is a legitimate company where users can earn money by watching smartphone app and movie trailers. You can earn instant gift card rewards and PayPal cash at the touch of your fingertips from anywhere in the world. However, the financial payoff is super slim and you are better off with my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation instead. Feel free to check out my Work At Home Courses as well. Acquiring multiple streams of income is the best way to achieve financial success online. But that's my two cents.

If you agree and understand the importance of having multiple sources of income, then you may want to check out sites like, and which pay you for things that you already do online like reading emails, downloading apps, visiting websites and more. You also have survey companies like that will pay you for giving your opinion.

Let me know what you think about App Trailers in the comments section below. I'd love to hear your thought and experiences!

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