Apple At Home Advisor Review: Is This A Real Work At Home Job Or Scam?

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Do you love Apple products? Lord knows I do. In my house we own iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Let's face it, Apple makes some great products. But they're pricey. Now imagine if you could actually make money with Apple instead of spending it. Well, now you can work at home with apple. As an Apple Home Advisor you can receive great pay and benefits while helping customers with their Apple devices. Chances are, you may have even read other Apple At Home Advisor reviews to learn everything about its work from home job. Well, if you want to know the real truth, including the complaints against Apple, you're going to want to read this review.

What is an AppleCare At Home Advisor?

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 and is currently being managed by CEO Tim Cook. hires At Home Advisors to answer phone calls from customers regarding its apple products and services.

What Do Apple At Home Advisor Do?

Unlike most work at home positions, you will be an employee of Apple as an At Home Advisor. Your job consists of answering phone calls from customers and help them with their Apple product/service questions or troubleshooting issues. You will receive up to 7 weeks of paid training, competitive pay, and complete benefits package.

What Is The Apple At Home Advisor Pay?

Apple doesn't give much information regarding pay on its website other than to say it will be discussed during the recruitment process. According to information found on Glassdoor, the typical hourly rate is about $15 per hour. Pay can actually range range anywhere from $10-$21 per hour based on the person's experience.

How Do I Start Working With Apple At Home Advisor?

You can apply for the At Home Advisor position by submitting your resume to the company. You will need to meet certain application requirements listed in its job description. Applicants need to complete a pre-employment assessment and background check prior to being hired. Salaries are discussed during the recruitment process.

What Equipment Do I Need?

The company supplies its At Home Advisors with a Mac computer and headset. The company highly recommends you have a desk and ergonomic chair as you will be spending a lot of time working. You will also need to have high speed Internet service. You will be sitting a lot of the time so that may not be appealing to you. If you want a home business opportunity where you can be more active, check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

What We Like

Excellent BBB Rating:

At the time of this review, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company appears to handle customer complaint and support issues well.

Equipment Provided:

You don't have to worry about purchasing any equipment. The company provides its employees with a Mac computer and headset for the job at hand.

Full Benefits:

The company offers a complete benefits package for both part-time and full-time employees. The package includes paid vacations, stock options, insurance, product discounts, and numerous other benefits.

Paid Training:

All training is paid for by the company and lasts for about 5-7 weeks. The training includes online content delivered from a live instructor. The instruction includes lessons about Apple products, advanced troubleshooting, and customer service support.

Apple Home Advisor Complaints

No company is 100% perfect. There is bound to be some things customers or employees don't like. Here are a few things I have uncovered as complaints with the At Home Advisor position:

Absolute Silence Required:

You will need an absolute quiet workspace for the position with this company. If you have kids or pets that make a lot of noise, it will be hard for you to answer customer service calls in the professional manner the company wants. If your home life is noisy, you may want to consider an alternative option like my Best Work At Home Recommendation instead.

Long Hours:

The company expects you to be available to work during the hours of 7 a.m and 10:30 p.m CST. You also must be available to work weekends and holidays. Shifts vary depending on business needs.

Strict Eligibility Requirements:

To apply, you need to have previous customer service experience, 2 years of troubleshooting support experience, and the ability to type at least 40 wpm.

Poor Management:

Previous employees say that management does not give enough helpful support for the At Home Advisors. The company rotates managers frequently so it can be hard to find the right help you need to get help.

You're an Employee:

The whole reason you want to work from home is to be your own boss. However, the At Home Advisor position is as an employee, so you are at the mercy of the company.

So Is The Apple Home Advisor Legit or A Big Scam?

The Apple At Home Advisor position is a legitimate work at home position. You can receive a competitive benefits package and pay for answering product and service calls from customers in the comforts of your own home. The company pays for training and gives you the equipment you need to do your job.

If you are looking to add to your multiple streams of income, the Apple At Home Advisor position can be a great choice. But you need a super quiet environment and the company expects you to work long hours, weekends, and holidays. This just doesn't work well or many of us looking to make money from home.

So if you are looking for alternatives, you may want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. Now that you have read this review as well as other Apple at Home Advisor reviews, you should completely understand how the company works and what the position has to offer. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the company. Feel free to post your comments below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

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5 thoughts on “Apple At Home Advisor Review: Is This A Real Work At Home Job Or Scam?”

  1. If an individual would like to become a Apple At Home Advisor part-time can they choose which days they can work. Are will they still be required to work full-time. I am disabled an widowed an would love the opportunity to do the job, but only three days a week. I don’t have a website. Is having a website mandatory to become and Apple Home Advisor?

  2. Good afternoon Sir,
    I’m Asadbek from Uzbekistan which located in central asia,
    I’m 18 and a student of Singapure management development insitute. how can i get job from appple. when I apply for job to apple company by using website, I choose my country to location buttom, but there aren’t any information. So people who live in uzbekistan not able to work for apple?


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