AppNana Review: Get Paid To Download Apps or A Scam?

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You probably spend a good portion of your day on your smartphone. But did you know you can get paid downloading apps on your smartphone? Chances are you knew this already. Maybe this is why you are searching through several AppNana reviews online. In our AppNana review we will take a closer look and determine if this is the real deal or just a waste of time.

What is AppNana?

As an app, has less background information than a typical company. The domain was registered in 2010, and the app appears to have been around for a few years now. AppNana's parent company, Mapiz, was founded in 2009, and appears to have developed a number of casual games for the iPhone. The founder and CEO is Max Guan and the headquarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How Does AppNana Work?

The perceived purpose of AppNana is so that game developers can get their games downloaded and tested, and players can earn cash rewards.

With AppNana, you complete tasks within the app for “nanas”. Registering an account gives you 10,000 nanas, you get 400 nanas for logging in every day, etc. Some of the most typical ways to earn nanas are:

  • Download a game, and reach a specified goal (reach level 2, or defeat a boss, etc.)
  • Watch an ad
  • Watch a video
  • Download an app and keep it open for 5 minutes

The amount of nanas offered for these tasks varies widely. In fact, there is a section of the app where you can complete tasks for random numbers of nanas. Watching an ad may earn 5 nanas. Reaching certain game levels may take days, and earn 50,000 nanas. Most tasks that involve downloading an app and interacting with it for 5 minutes earn 1000 nanas.

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How Much Money Can I Make With AppNana?

AppNana claims to have paid out over $2 million to people. But is this real cash or this nanas stuff? Well fortunately nanas can be converted into real cash. The conversion rate from nanas to dollars appears to vary a bit, and improves when the transaction is larger. At the time of this review the current rates are:

  • Amazon gift cards: 30,000 nanas = $1; 45,000 nanas = $2; 60,000 nanas = $3; 90,000 nanas = $55
  • Google play store gift cards: 160,000 nanas = $10; 650,000 nanas = $50
  • iTunes gift cards: 90,000 nanas = $5; 160,000 nanas = $10; 210,000 nanas = $15; 650,000 nanas = $50
  • PayPal: 45,000 nanas = $2

Given that most tasks take 5-10 minutes and reward you with 1000 – 2000 nanas, the return on your time is extremely low. Experienced users estimate that, if they spent 2+ hours a day on the app, they could earn $10 in a month.

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AppNana Referral Bonuses

What most users figure out very quickly is that you get a 2,500 nana reward just for referring other people, and they get a 2,500 nana bonus when they sign in with your referral code. Referrals are the easiest way to accumulate nanas quickly. That is why the app enjoys such stellar ratings on the app store, with every commenter giving a five star review and their referral code. There doesn't seem to be any limit on these referral bonuses, and people exchange them eagerly.

How & When Does AppNana Pay You?

Keep in mind that it can take a day or two for you to be credited with nanas that you have earned, so you can't always cash out right away. When redeeming nanas for gift cards, the transaction is nearly immediate, with the gift card arriving shortly afterward by email. When redeeming nanas via PayPal, it takes a couple of days to process. You can redeem nanas at any time, but the larger the transaction, the better the return.

AppNana Hacks

Many websites claim to have found various ways to hack the app and earn more nanas. There are YouTube videos, Reddit posts, and other resources devoted to AppNana hacks that claim to earn unlimited rewards with no referral codes. But frankly, it’s all BS. All these sites promise to give you nana credits if you complete one of their offers. The truth is, you will never receive those credits because no websites are able to hack AppNana’s firewall.

How Do I Get Started with AppNana?

Simply download the app from the Play store if you have an Android or on the app store if you have an iOS device. Register for a free account and wait for the offers and instructions to appear on your dashboard.

AppNana Complaints

Every company has flaws, so we decided to look into some of these complaints and you can determine if these are deal breakers or not.

Not Worth The Time

According to the majority of honest reviews on the App store, most people who decide to uninstall AppNana do so because they have done the math, and it simply isn't worth the time. Even engaging in ongoing referrals is still not enough to make any significant impact on your earnings. Even just to get a $1 Amazon gift card, you need 30,000 nana credits. This is a case of too much time for too little rewards.

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No BBB Profile

If you think Better Business Bureau ratings is the be all and end all, it may be a deal breaker for you that AppNana doesn’t even have a BBB profile listed.

Beware of Malware!

AppNana installation permissions give it complete access to your phone and your files. The AppNana app seeks root tools on your phone, does not allow safe deletion, and creates files that can be read anywhere.

Is AppNana Legit or A Scam?

AppNana is not a scam. It’s a legit app that pays you to download apps or watch an ad or video.

But this is far from a reliable source of income. Spending hours downloading and testing apps for pennies is a waste of time. Not to mention the fact that the app poses risks to your device and they have access to your files because of the installation permissions.

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So, that’s my opinion on AppNana. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them down below in the comment section.

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