Are All Typing & Data Entry “Jobs” a Scam?

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Many of you are looking for legitimate data entry and/or typing work at home opportunities. The fact of the matter is that these jobs aren't in high demand, period! Yeah I know it's not what you want to hear. But the truth hurts & will set you free.

History 101

A few decades ago, typewriters were all the rage & so were 8 tracks but I digress.Typewriters were specialized tools that only skilled people knew how to use. So typing and data entry jobs were in great demand. Fast forward to the 21 century and computers are common place. They're everywhere and used by everyone. So most people can type or enter data on their own. This has basically brought traditional typing and data entry jobs to the verge of extinction. So with this in mind, you should always be skeptical anytime a work at home product, service or site claims that they have boat loads of "typing" or "data entry" jobs that they'll provide to you for whatever fee they make up (usually $29.95 – $44.95).

Play on words…

Scam artists & shady marketers lure people into these so called opportunities because the words typing & data entry are fluid terms. If I write an email, ad or an article, guess what? I'm using a keyboard to "type" it. Sites like and nearly EVERY other data entry or typing sites are using the fluidity of these words to lure you into buying their misrepresented products or services! When they reference that they have thousands of companies that will pay you to "type". They're basically trying to hoodwink you into affiliate/internet marketing.


Look, affiliate & internet marketing are great careers that can earn you thousands of dollars per month. I know from first hand experience & have been fortunate enough to be very successful at it for years. However just because a few bad apples misrepresent this opportunity doesn't mean it's a shady profession. So does affiliate/internet marketing involve typing? Well yes there is "typing" involved in the purest sense of the word. But it's not the traditional typing or data entry you have in mind. You don't just earn thousands of dollars just for typing ads for companies! If it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it? Why are people leaving the comfort of their homes and children to work for "the man" if it were that easy? Well it's because it "ain't" that simple as (or insert any other data entry/typing website here) would have you believe.

No guarantees in life…

Affiliate / Internet marketing requires training, hard work, dedication & an unwavering willingness to succeed. The pay off can be thousands of dollars or more! But there is no guarantee that it's going to happen over night, next week, a month from now and some cases maybe not even a year from now. Anyone GUARANTEEING that you'll make hundreds or thousands of dollars with typing, data entry or affiliate marketing within a certain time frame is just out to get your money!

Let me bring this point home for you with an analogy. I can teach you how to fish and even bring you to a lake. But I can't guarantee you'll catch a fish. Why? There are too many factors that I can't control. Are the fish biting? Are you using the right bait? Is it the right time of day? Etc, etc. Even if I can control for all those factors, I can't guarantee that you're going to catch a whopper.

Just in case you haven't noticed, I'm not a fisher. But the analogy still holds true when it comes to affiliate marketing and the scum that are misrepresenting it to you. Most of you will fail at it because you're going to be peeved that you were tricked in to it. Once you've realize what the "typing" really is, you'll give up and move on. And no one can blame you.

Don't do it!

So what's the point of all this babbling? It's simple, avoid paying for any of these data entry or typing websites! Repeat after me, AVOID PAYING FOR ANY DATA ENTRY OR TYPING WEBSITE! No my caps lock isn't broken! I'm literally shouting at you. But Eddy, what about (Enter website address here), Is it a scam too?

Is this thing on?

Do yourself a favor & go back to the start of this article and read it again! If it's promising to provide you with lots of companies that will pay you for data entry or typing, is being elusive about what the typing or data entry will be, promises to make you hundreds or thousands of dollars within a week or month, and/or charges you a fee to access this job so they can teach you the ropes, then just leave the page! It's that simple. If it smells, walks or talks like what I've described on this page, then keep it moving and save your money! Unless you want to be taught affiliate marketing by someone that is trying to hide this from you.

Is there no hope?

Now some of you may still be interested in affiliate marketing and that's great. If you feel like you have what it takes and willing to invest the time and energy into your career, then my personal recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, just click here to read my story about it and how it's help me support my family and be free of lay offs, a bad economy and idiot bosses.

For those of you that are more inclined to "work for the man" & have them decide how much you're worth, there are a few companies that do offer traditional typing & data entry jobs. But you'll be on a very long waiting list. So keep that in mind. You can find such companies by visiting our work at home companies page by clicking here. Amazon also has some work at home data entry & typing opportunities via their Mechanical Turk program, click here to learn more about. Folks that live outside the U.S. should visit our international work at home page by clicking here.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Medical Transcription which is a typing job that requires some highly specialized skills. From my experience they tend to be available in great numbers. We seem to find endless availability for these jobs in our search for work at home. You can read more about Medical Transcription by clicking here.

So there you have it, data entry & typing scams revealed! As always when in doubt follow the advice of our scam video and do your research! It's easy, quick and effective. I should also note that this site and other legitimate work at home sites you visit have sponsors on them that fall into some of the companies I'm warning you against. Here's the thing, the advice still applies.

Say what?

Most websites are very much like TV Networks, newspapers & magazines. They all need sponsors to survive. Yes I need to pay bills & support my family as well. But it doesn't necessarily mean that these companies & websites are vouching for the listed advertisers. So keep that in mind. Advertisers are a necessary part of business. It's either that or charging you for the time spent writing articles like this. Personally I'd prefer if the advertisers pay. So don't assume that a sponsor listed on this site is a personal recommendation and that you should ignore the rules of doing your due diligence. Because we all know what happens when we "ass"ume.

In any event, If you've been mislead or "scammed" by any data entry or typing websites, feel free to put them on blasts by listing your experience in the comments below. I'm sure it will help the people that are inevitably going to ignore everything I wrote above and ask me; Is so and so data entry or typing site legitimate?

P.S. I will be ignoring any of those questions because it will tell me that you've ignored or skimmed through this article. That's just outright disrespectful and I know your momma raised you better than that. 😉

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