Are All Typing & Data Entry “Jobs” a Scam?

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Many of you are looking for legitimate data entry and/or typing work at home opportunities. The fact of the matter is that these jobs aren't in high demand, period! Yeah I know it's not what you want to hear. But the truth hurts & will set you free.

History 101

A few decades ago, typewriters were all the rage & so were 8 tracks but I digress.Typewriters were specialized tools that only skilled people knew how to use. So typing and data entry jobs were in great demand. Fast forward to the 21 century and computers are common place. They're everywhere and used by everyone. So most people can type or enter data on their own. This has basically brought traditional typing and data entry jobs to the verge of extinction. So with this in mind, you should always be skeptical anytime a work at home product, service or site claims that they have boat loads of "typing" or "data entry" jobs that they'll provide to you for whatever fee they make up (usually $29.95 – $44.95).

Play on words…

Scam artists & shady marketers lure people into these so called opportunities because the words typing & data entry are fluid terms. If I write an email, ad or an article, guess what? I'm using a keyboard to "type" it. Sites like and nearly EVERY other data entry or typing sites are using the fluidity of these words to lure you into buying their misrepresented products or services! When they reference that they have thousands of companies that will pay you to "type". They're basically trying to hoodwink you into affiliate/internet marketing.


Look, affiliate & internet marketing are great careers that can earn you thousands of dollars per month. I know from first hand experience & have been fortunate enough to be very successful at it for years. However just because a few bad apples misrepresent this opportunity doesn't mean it's a shady profession. So does affiliate/internet marketing involve typing? Well yes there is "typing" involved in the purest sense of the word. But it's not the traditional typing or data entry you have in mind. You don't just earn thousands of dollars just for typing ads for companies! If it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it? Why are people leaving the comfort of their homes and children to work for "the man" if it were that easy? Well it's because it "ain't" that simple as (or insert any other data entry/typing website here) would have you believe.

No guarantees in life…

Affiliate / Internet marketing requires training, hard work, dedication & an unwavering willingness to succeed. The pay off can be thousands of dollars or more! But there is no guarantee that it's going to happen over night, next week, a month from now and some cases maybe not even a year from now. Anyone GUARANTEEING that you'll make hundreds or thousands of dollars with typing, data entry or affiliate marketing within a certain time frame is just out to get your money!

Let me bring this point home for you with an analogy. I can teach you how to fish and even bring you to a lake. But I can't guarantee you'll catch a fish. Why? There are too many factors that I can't control. Are the fish biting? Are you using the right bait? Is it the right time of day? Etc, etc. Even if I can control for all those factors, I can't guarantee that you're going to catch a whopper.

Just in case you haven't noticed, I'm not a fisher. But the analogy still holds true when it comes to affiliate marketing and the scum that are misrepresenting it to you. Most of you will fail at it because you're going to be peeved that you were tricked in to it. Once you've realize what the "typing" really is, you'll give up and move on. And no one can blame you.

Don't do it!

So what's the point of all this babbling? It's simple, avoid paying for any of these data entry or typing websites! Repeat after me, AVOID PAYING FOR ANY DATA ENTRY OR TYPING WEBSITE! No my caps lock isn't broken! I'm literally shouting at you. But Eddy, what about (Enter website address here), Is it a scam too?

Is this thing on?

Do yourself a favor & go back to the start of this article and read it again! If it's promising to provide you with lots of companies that will pay you for data entry or typing, is being elusive about what the typing or data entry will be, promises to make you hundreds or thousands of dollars within a week or month, and/or charges you a fee to access this job so they can teach you the ropes, then just leave the page! It's that simple. If it smells, walks or talks like what I've described on this page, then keep it moving and save your money! Unless you want to be taught affiliate marketing by someone that is trying to hide this from you.

Is there no hope?

Now some of you may still be interested in affiliate marketing and that's great. If you feel like you have what it takes and willing to invest the time and energy into your career, then my personal recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, just click here to read my story about it and how it's help me support my family and be free of lay offs, a bad economy and idiot bosses.

For those of you that are more inclined to "work for the man" & have them decide how much you're worth, there are a few companies that do offer traditional typing & data entry jobs. But you'll be on a very long waiting list. So keep that in mind. You can find such companies by visiting our work at home companies page by clicking here. Amazon also has some work at home data entry & typing opportunities via their Mechanical Turk program, click here to learn more about. Folks that live outside the U.S. should visit our international work at home page by clicking here.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Medical Transcription which is a typing job that requires some highly specialized skills. From my experience they tend to be available in great numbers. We seem to find endless availability for these jobs in our search for work at home. You can read more about Medical Transcription by clicking here.

So there you have it, data entry & typing scams revealed! As always when in doubt follow the advice of our scam video and do your research! It's easy, quick and effective. I should also note that this site and other legitimate work at home sites you visit have sponsors on them that fall into some of the companies I'm warning you against. Here's the thing, the advice still applies.

Say what?

Most websites are very much like TV Networks, newspapers & magazines. They all need sponsors to survive. Yes I need to pay bills & support my family as well. But it doesn't necessarily mean that these companies & websites are vouching for the listed advertisers. So keep that in mind. Advertisers are a necessary part of business. It's either that or charging you for the time spent writing articles like this. Personally I'd prefer if the advertisers pay. So don't assume that a sponsor listed on this site is a personal recommendation and that you should ignore the rules of doing your due diligence. Because we all know what happens when we "ass"ume.

In any event, If you've been mislead or "scammed" by any data entry or typing websites, feel free to put them on blasts by listing your experience in the comments below. I'm sure it will help the people that are inevitably going to ignore everything I wrote above and ask me; Is so and so data entry or typing site legitimate?

P.S. I will be ignoring any of those questions because it will tell me that you've ignored or skimmed through this article. That's just outright disrespectful and I know your momma raised you better than that. 😉

37 thoughts on “Are All Typing & Data Entry “Jobs” a Scam?”

  1. I agree with you. These jobs aren’t in high demand, but still exist. And that’s the fact Scammers take advantage of. In developing countries like here in India or Philippines, data entry scammers use the E-book mantra. They tell that these project are being outsourced by USA or UK companies. They provide you with few scanned page of a book and ask you to type that exactly into a MS Word file with 97% accuracy. If accuracy falls beyond that, you are denied payment. It is next to impossible to achieve that accuracy as commas, punctuations, spacings are also taken into account. The result? Nobody earns a dime, but scammers get richer by few thousand dollars. The people joining these projects aren’t that educated and internet savvy, and hence get isolated from the internet and lose their money. I’m a blogger as well and am currently creating a research article on this to expose the truth.

    • Indeed Bis. I think as a rule if folks stay away from the whole data entry and typing work at home jobs, they can avoid alot of this nonsense. The reality is these jobs aren’t really in great demand. So focus on the jobs and opportunities that are. And that helps a lot of people avoid this stuff. But too often people become fixated on one way of making money which leaves them open to scams like this.

  2. And yesterday I get a notification email from People Per Hour. A “marketing” expert invites me to submit a proposal. He wants me to sell his products on my eBay site, paying me £100 per listing if I have a good eBay feedback score which I do. He asks me to email his personal hotmail account outside of PPH platform for “more details” I thought yeah right. So I said send me a deposit of £30 and we’ll discuss it, since time is money. Never heard anything From him again. Lol

  3. The website “www (dot) typing – home – jobs (dot) com” is a scam. I don’t put the whole link in as all one word because I don’t want to link build or promote their website. it has hyphens in between each word as above. This is their well advertised, seo’d sales site.

    I was out of work one day and checked all the details of the job advertised on the sales site above, by emailing and being patient enough to wait days for a full response, rather than risk the fee of £25.99. Satisfied with “Susan’s” response, a rep from ‘typing-home-jobs’ I paid the fee on Jan 15th 2016.

    After being given login details to their “training” site “www e-commercehome (dot) com/” I soon saw that it was everything she told me it wasn’t. It was affiliate marketing mainly and contrary to what her site says, you also have to apply for the jobs yourselves, all of which can be found on the first page of Google for the search term ‘typing jobs from home’. All she did was put a long list of URL’s for each tab of her site, and charge you for her copy and pasting escapades.

    When I asked for a refund, she declined, threatening legal action if I requested a chargeback from my bank. So what did I do? Paying with a visa debit card at TSB, I told her that if she did not refund me by her own free will, I would issue her a chargeback claim and her payment processor, Stripe Inc, would charge her an additional £15. So I told her she had until the bank opened on the following Monday GMT, that if my money was not refunded, I would issue the chargeback, she would be fined extra, and I would again write in to boast of my victory as VISA protects me up to £100 for services/goods not received.

    I got the refund today.

    Lesson learned.

  4. Beware of any ads on Craigslist that are looking for an assistant to a regional operations manager!   I dumbly responded was asked to do an interview via yahoo messenger and like a dummy did.   Then the corker!   They wanted me to purchase a different laptop from their vendor.   When I told them I did not have that kind of funds laying around they decided to send me the money.   A cashiers check came by UPS   I took it to my bank and they verified it.   Guess what?   It was a fraud and was the third one one that account that week.   Needless to say I didn’t deposit the check and I made a fool of myself.   These people claim they are with Global Finance based in Greece but when you insist on speaking to someone they tell you the main office is in Maylasia!   Please be careful out there!   There are still good people in the world you just have to look for them.   God Bless!   Eddy thank you for your good works!   You truly are an angel

  5. I live in the Caribbean and I’ve been searching for   an online job to do for almost a year………… with no luck. Can you please help  me?  Is it possible to also get one where I have to pay nothing to start off that would be great thanks 🙂

  6. I was just given a work at home assignment. I didn’t pay a penny to the company but I’m skeptical. I can’t find anything on them or about them, their phone doesn’t work and the emails bounce. This to me is a Flag, but since I don’t have to pay them anything to review telemarketers,,,,,what are they getting out of this? The job is Administration/Data Entry, it suppose to take 2.5 hours and they send me a check or pay me via pay pal, or money order…and they claim they will pay me $150.00 for 2.5 hrs of work.
    Thanks Mel

  7. No wonder why “eddie salomon” is always on the top of clixsense as the top affiliate who always beat my mentor “pinoydeal”. Because the information that you are providing is valuable and very helpful to anyone who wanna make some extra money online… Good job man! I hope that you can share some tips on how to boost my online business..^_^ I just subscribed on your blog and I hope that I can be like you in the future..^_^ Keep it up!

    • I don’t know who this Eddie Salomon is but I do know Eddy Salomon tends to be on top of clixsense because I provide a lot of value on my site. LOL If you help people achieve their goals and are honest, they’ll always be very happy to sign up for legitimate programs you recommend. So that’s how you boost your business. The more you read this blog, the more of this you’ll see and why I’ve been very successful. Knowing internet marketing helps tremendously as well. lol

      Thanks for the kind words. Good luck.

  8. Hi Eddie
    I am a mother, wife and currently pregnant with my second child. I am looking to work from home but I am not sure where to go, I have experience in customer service, call center sales, and jewelry sales ( I make my own) and I have fair computer knowledge in Microsot office applications, do you have any advice??
    Thank you

  9. Hi Eddy

    Yes, I agree, it’s horses for courses – not everyone would be suited to becoming a Virtual Assistant, because indeed you become your own boss. It’s not like having a job at all, which has its pros and cons. Personally, as you know, I love it partly because I know that if one of my clients decides not to use my services any more, I am not reliant on that one client, because I have multiple clients. So it’s just a matter of replacing that client with another one.

    With a job, you’re reliant on one single employer. I could never go back to the ‘job’ mentality, but that’s me.

    Ironically, the current economic climate is causing a boom in demand for Virtual Assistants, because companies still need help; they can’t afford a full-time employee, so they’re turning to Virtual Assistants as a cost-effective solution. This is being reflected by ever-growing numbers of people who are interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant – I know this because of the increasing number of inquiries I’m getting as to how to become a VA, and by the growth in ‘newbies’ joining VA forums to ‘learn the ropes’.

    Anyway, as you’ve said, it’s worth checking out the article at to see if it would be an option for those interested in working at home for themselves.

    I’m aware that the focus of your original post is about affiliate marketing. I’ve also had good success with affiliate marketing myself, so I can attest to the fact that it’s another legitimate way of making money online. At the end of the day, it’s about focus, persistence, hard work and determination. These universal laws will never change!


    • No argument here Lisa. Well said! It’s funny. Nearly everyone that I know that makes very good money working at home (meaning that they can support their families) are people that are the bosses not the employees. Most of them are bloggers, affiliate marketers or website owners/webmasters. But we all started as employees. So hopefully we can serve as an inspiration to others to aspire to their full potential. I guess I’m a bit jaded because of my past experiences with idiot bosses & their unfair policies to employees. So folks, forgive me if I sound down on jobs. I just want more for my readers because I know you guys are worth more than any employer will ever pay you.

      Thanks again Lisa!

  10. Hi Eddy – how are you? Great to visit your site again.

    I simply must add a contribution to your article. As a Virtual Assistant, I have to disagree with the premise that typing and data entry jobs are on the verge of extinction. I have a couple of clients who need ongoing help with digital transcription, however I outsource this to other VA’s as I hate typing! I know that there are many more potential clients who need help with this kind of work.

    If we just take the example of the internet marketing arena, there are countless internet marketers who produce content in the form of audio interviews and webinars. These audios can be turned into ebooks to sell on the internet, by getting a Virtual Assistant to transcribe the audio content into a document. In addition, the content can be transcribed and chunked down into articles.

    In terms of data entry, I can give you an example of a client who wanted someone to copy data from a range of clothing brochures, and enter it onto a website. This was also ongoing work. Just because people can type or enter data on their own, doesn’t mean to say they’re going to do it. It’s not an effective use of their time!

    I’m sure there are many, many other examples of data entry and typing.

    However, I agree that you should be very skeptical if a work at home product, site or service promises you typing or data entry jobs in return for a fee. These ARE usually scams, targeting those who are after an ‘easy’ work at home opportunity.

    Note that the examples I gave above of ‘real’ typing and data entry jobs were not obtained by paying a fee to an anonymous site. They were won by marketing my business as a Virtual Assistant to attract bona fide clients. Obviously, it’s harder and more challenging to market yourself like this rather than pay a fee to a site, but ultimately much more profitable and rewarding!

    • Hey Lisa,

      Great to hear from you again. I hear what you’re saying, but the fact of the matter is most people want jobs. i know you’re aware of this just based on offline discussions we’ve had. Most of these folks are under the impression that there is security in jobs, they don’t want the headache of being the boss or don’t think they can be the boss. So becoming a virtual assistant isn’t even an option for them which brings us back to square one.

      It’s unfortunate because being a V.A. would be the answer to their prayers. But it also involves a lot more work & a switch of mentality. But maybe this discussion will give folks something to consider. If so, check out the following article:

      In any event, thanks for chiming in Lisa. It’s always good to have a different perspective about this stuff. You’re a shinning example that being a VA is a great way to get paid to do what you want if you’re willing to work at it and be your own boss.

  11. Hi Eddy!

    Great post you got there! Another insight has just opened for everyone planning to shift from being employed to start working at home.

    Looking forward for your another post.. More power!!!

  12. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for the advice! I did start with the 8 week plan, I figured that would be the best route to go. I will probably take you up on your willingness to help me out. There is a whole lot of information in that 8 weeks.

    Thanks again!

    • No problem Susie.
      I know how overwhelming the information can be and & I’ll be happy to guide you. The one thing you have to say about the folks at WA is that they don’t skim on information or tools to help you succeed. Maybe to a fault. lol

  13. Hi Eddy,

    I took your advice and joined WA. I am on week 3 and completely confused! I agree about organizing the information better and helping out newbies. They are giving me a ton of info. but I don’t have a clue what to do with it yet. I hope it all makes sense at some point. Yes it does take a lot of work and commitment and no it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. I hope it works for me!

    • HI Susie,

      Thanks for chiming in. Did you start with the 8 week training plan? If not, stick with that. You can easily get lost by reading all the forum posts and all the other great stuff on WA.
      Just focus on the plan and then explore the other stuff after you have a grasp of that stuff. Keep in mind that you can always contact the owners, forum members and me at any time
      if you’re confused about a concept. Just be very specific about your questions because it makes it easier for folks to help you.

      Good question: “Can someone explain article marketing to me?”

      Bad questions: “I’m lost & need help!”

      See the first question is actionable where I can respond or direct you to the proper resources. The second question doesn’t tell me anything that I can act on.

      Hope this helps.

      Feel free to email me.


  14. We like Niche Blitzkrieg a lot. Michael Brown has cleaned up the lessons since we wrote our first reviews, making it more attractive than before. We like that the creator/owner is accessible and responds to customer questions personally. Can’t say how long he’ll do that, though, if his customer base keeps growing.

    I just watched your channel 12 moment in the sun. Lookin’ good on camera, man! Doesn’t the editing and sound-byte mentality drive you nuts? I thought their last quote from you was an odd way to end the piece…”So far the Internet has been a pretty safe place.” If that were true, you and I would be out of business. And their “protect yourself” piece wouldn’t have been necessary.

    • Sounds like Niche Blitzkrieg is getting better and better. It’s always good when the owner is active and reachable. That’s why we liked WA as well. Like Michael they seem
      to take feedback well. But you’re right as his site gets bigger its going to be harder to make changes as quickly. Seems like Kyle & Carson gather up the feedback, compile it and then make changes or additions to WA every few months. Running a membership site is a lot work. So my hats off to those that do it. I tinkered with the idea of creating one to share my affiliate marketing knowledge but it just seem like the project would be to big handle on my own.

      Thanks for the love about the TV interview. The editing was pretty good until the end where they cut me off about my internet statement. I was implying that it was safe if you’re in the right industries (affiliate marketing, blogging, programming, sales, etc) & experienced. Obviously landing a traditional work at home job outside these industries has become even more difficult with so many people being laid off and turning to telecommuting to save them.

      But nonetheless I appreciate the love from the TV station. I understand that’s part of their job. By the way I’m still mad at ABC for not acknowledging sites like yours that helped them with their work at home scam segment. They seem to ignore little bloggers like us or dudes for that matter? Is it just me or don’t you think the media is a bit sexist when it comes to their coverage of work at home? They only seem to pick work at home mom experts & totally ignore work at home dads? Am I just being sensitive? lol

  15. Great image at the top, Eddy. Where did you get it? I’m forever looking for good images and hit fouls more often than home runs.

    What is it you like about Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hey Joe, is what I use to get my images. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I see great images on your site all the time. lol
      In terms of WA, I really like the fact that they include all the tools that an affiliate marketers would use for their career for research, adwords advertising, etc. with the membership.

      I also like the fact that you can talk to real people that don’t mind your questions and won’t make you feel like an “arse” for asking them. I’m sure you’ve been on some of the other internet marketing message boards & how they tear newbies and “OG’s” apart for seemingly reasonable questions. The fact that WA financially rewards people for participating in the forums and helping people each other out is also a great feature. (It’s not a lot but it adds up.) Now with that said, I think they can do a better job of organizing all the great information they have. It can be overwhelming to newbies & professionals a like. lol But I prefer they over deliver than under deliver.

      I see you guys have been talking about Niche Blitzkrieg a lot which sounds very similar to what WA is offering. How do you like it thus far? Seems like another good option to explore based on what you’ve been saying.

  16. I just wanted to mention one more of those “gotcha” phrases to be careful of: filling out forms. Guess what? I just filled out a form to post this comment. I had to fill in my name, e-mail, anti-spam word, and this message.

    So you want a job that makes you money by filling out small forms? Here’s a free tip. Get involved with an affiliate program, find a site that has a forum or a discussion board like this that revolves around the topic that your affiliate is involved with, join in on the discussions, and as an aside mention your affiliate. Just remember that many terms and conditions of these boards prevents the use of the board for overt advertising, which is why I said to join in on the discussion and mention the affiliate as a side (or to use the affiliate as a direct solution to another person’s question).

    Also, by joining in on the discussions, you get the side benefit of making a name for yourself. If you are consistently providing sage advice to the community, people will begin to respect what you have to say and will treat you like an expert on the subject. Then when you endorse your affiliate, people are more likely to believe that the product is indeed what it claims to be. For example, Eddy has made a name for himself in the Work at Home community, so when he mentions companies like Wealthy Affiliate, you tend to believe that WA is the real deal.

    • Great Advice Larry & so true! That is one simple way to get involved in affiliate marketing. We actually mentioned this technique our affiliate article. So great minds think a like. lol However any affiliate will tell you this would just be starting point and to make signiciant money you’ll need to do a lot more.

      In any event, I totally agree about providing value. The more free information & helpful tips you provide, the more inclined people will be to listen to you when you do actually recommend an affiliate product or service. And you better be recommending something of value too! Otherwise there goes your credibility. So great advice from Larry!
      Thanks for chiming in.

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