Ask Wonder Review: Get Paid For Doing Research Online

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Get Paid To Do Online Research with AskWonder.comResearch is something I do regularly to help keep you safe from stepping in some deep work at home “doo doo”. I share what I find here and make money by referring you to the companies that are actually legitimate. Nowadays I have a team of people that I pay to do most of the research for me. And apparently there are even more people willing to pay you for doing online research for them which is the subject of my Ask Wonder Review. So if you're pretty good at finding information online, you may want to sit back and read this article.

What Is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder is an international research network based out of New York. The company is fairly new and was created in 2015. Although the company is new they do seem to have some big investors such as Bloomberg. The company was created to help people and companies answer complex or tough questions .

How Does Ask Wonder Work? lists questions on their website that various clients have submitted on something called a central dashboard.

When you join the company as a researcher, you get to have your pick which questions, (also known as assignments) to answer. You are then paid for each question that you successfully answer. The company claims that each search takes approximately 12 to 20 minutes. If this doesn't sound appealing to you, you may want to consider an easier to make money with and

How Does Ask Wonder Pay?

The pay is “per search completed.” The company pays every two weeks via Paypal. The pay per question answered depends on how challenging the question is. With that said, (on average), some searches can pay $6 to $8 each. They claim that active researchers can earn as much as $2,000 per month.

How Do You Sign Up?

When you sign up, you are to fill out an application along with take a test of a short list of questions. How you answer these questions will determine if you're a good fit for Ask Wonder. You can sign up Here.


You and I both know that all companies (legit or not) have complaints from time to time. It doesn't mean they're always scams but it's good to know what you're getting into so you don't have any surprises. So let's get into some of the complaints against AskWonder.

Weak Referral Program

They have a referral program but you're not actually paid for referring researchers or people that ask questions. Instead when invite your friends and colleagues to Wonder, both of you get a free question on them! Big whoopee do! Show me the money!

Not In My House!

Apparently due to a few state regulations that aren't really explained, Ask Wonder cannot accept people from New York, Massachusetts, or California. I happen to live in NY so that sucks for me and the people living in the banned states! I'm sure there must be some reason for this but it's not explained so you're just end up feeling left out like I do. 🙁 lol. If you don't want to deal with these type state limitations to make money, you should look into and as another option.

You're on the clock!

Apparently there is currently some timer on the page where you enter your answer. It's been noted you have to keep clicking on that clock or else you lose everything you've written. That's never a good thing! They say the issue is being worked on. My advice is to write your answer in notes or notepad, and then copy and paste when you're ready.

That's A Tough Question

The whole reason this site exists is to get answers to some tough questions. And apparently some of these questions are just too tough for some. Folks are leaving because of it but that's pretty much the nature of the site. So it's definitely not made for everyone.

What happened to my answer?

It seems that there have been complaints of some answers being removed from the system without warning. The reason stated was poor grammar. But the folks that provided the answers disagree. In my mind this is just another case of he said vs she said. Unfortunately I've seen this happen with many online opportunities. So it's hard to gauge who's right.

So Is Ask Wonder a Scam or Legit?

As of the time of this review, the company is still too new to call it a scam. There was not enough bad things found with the company to say, “Hey this opportunity is an out-right scam!” So I would probably take a wait and see attitude with this company. The fact they have some big venture capital companies investing in them is a good sign. But time will tell. So you can be the guinea pig and go through their growing pains. Hopefully you can make the $2000 per month that they claim some of the active researchers make.

But if you'd prefer to go with something that is already proven and don't mind putting in some work then you might want to check out, and my #1 Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Now keep in mind I'm a big proponent of Multiple Streams of Income. When you're working at home you have a lot more flexibility to work with different companies to increase your changes of making some decent money. So with that said in addition to my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and/or AskWonder you may also want to look into My Work At Home Courses. It's great to have multiple checks coming in from various companies so don't limit yourself.

Well enough of my yapping. I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts about getting paid for doing research online with Would it be something you would try? Let me know down below.

Speak to you soon.

Eddy with a (Y) 🙂

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