The Auto Money System Review – Is It A Big Scam or Legit?

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These days, it's not very hard to decipher whether or not something or someone is a scam, rather, it's harder to decipher which scam is the worse. Just when you think you've seen it all–another “click to get rich” scheme comes along. If this sounds familiar to you, it should. These “Houdini” get rich companies over a click button are popping up everywhere. Which brings us to the Auto Money System. Is it a scam? How does it work? Can you make money doing it? Here is everything you need to know about Auto Money System.

What Is The Auto Money System?

The Auto Money System is a company, which hasn't completely elaborated exactly the type of company it is. However, in their sales video, they promise viewers that they have a software that can make them anywhere from a dollar to $1,000 per day.

This sounds like a lot of hype and an empty promise of wealth to me, but let's dive in deeper. However, if you're already skeptical of this, then you're right and can save yourself a read. There are legitimate sites like or which are verified with the Better Business Bureau that you may want to look into instead. You can also get started at My Best Work At Home Recommendation if you are serious about making real money online.

How Does The Auto Money System Work?

Unfortunately, they don't exactly go into details on how you will get rich or broke trying.

Allegedly, the founder goes by the name of Kathy Graham. She goes on to claim she was like you, tired of slaving for others and making diddly squat. Until she came up with a software that with a few clicks of the button will make you a Fortune 500 millionaire.

Again, there's no emphasis on how this is done, who is buying what, and what is being sold.

There is a cheesy 12 minute YouTube video, in which Kathy, who sounds like an automated version of Alexa (if that tells you anything), in which they set up a so-called live account where they show you how easy it is to get rich, you are nearly making $300.

The Auto Money System reminds me of another two similar scams I know which are the Job Killer System and Simple Income Strategies. This brings me to some of the red flags we noticed.

Auto Money System Complaints

So let's get into some of the complaints and signs that we think makes the Auto Money System something you should probably avoid.

Fake Scarcity

When we first looked at Auto Money System back in September of 2017, they told the viewer that there were only 45 spots left. Fast forward a few months later and they still have 45 spots left. Clearly there are no limited spots and it's just a way to pressure people into jumping in without doing your research.

The Fine Print

It's like the expression goes, the devil is in the details. In their hyped up sales video, you are promised the world and when you scroll all the way to the bottom you will read that line. “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.” In other words, the only ones guaranteed to make money with the Auto Money System are the owners. Most people won't even read the fine print and legally that's how they cover their ass.

B-Rated Acting

So the deception doesn't stop at the false scarcity, we mentioned earlier. Apparently some of the testimonials being used in the auto money system are paid actors. If you visit a site called Fiverr you can hire actors to act as a testimony for as little as $5. I guess you'll need to when your own fine print states you're unlikely to make money so getting people to rave about your product will be difficult.

It Doesn't Cost $37!

Initially you are asked to pay $37, but you need to know that will only let you have a look at Auto Money System. Later you will discover you need to buy many other products to complete your training and those products can cost you thousands of dollars. If you are not careful you will find yourself spending a fortune.

So Is The Auto Money System A Scam Or What?

As you can see, there's really no need to give this system a try. You will not make any money, as the disclaimer at the bottom of their page lays out if you read the fine print. The reality is you're more likely to lose money and time. The only one that seems guaranteed to make money is the owner.

Don't fall for the false scarcity, fake testimonials or the low entry price. Look, there are ways to make money online that are credible. But it's not done the way these vultures and scam artists tell you.

It takes time, it takes effort, and patience to make money. Sometimes it does take money to make money, but you don't have to be overcharged like some scam artists will do. You just can't simply get rich without trying and unless you are sitting on the Federal Reserve committee, you aren't getting rich at the touch of a few buttons.

The Auto Money System Software is just making false promises that pushing a few buttons will magically make you money. Do yourself a favor, and keep looking for another way to make money. If you need help making money the legitimate way, let me show you: My Recommended Training for Newbies.

Furthermore, there are legitimate sites like or which are verified with the BBB as trustworthy and don't cost you a dime. So you may want to look into those as well. I've used them with success and I currently make a full time income using My Best Work At Home Recommendation if you are serious about making real money online.

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