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It's that time again folks. It's that time where your fearless work at home leader answers one of those burning questions that you guys are gracious enough to post about working at home.

This week's question is or shall I say questions are as follows: "Why are there so many ‘dang' sponsored ads on your websites ( & and some of the other top free work at home websites you have recommended?" & "Where can I find work at home jobs without having to be a detective or figuring out what are scams or ads?"

Wow, that was a mouthful! Well the answer to the first question is really simple, "Because money don't grow on trees and we got families to feed." There I said it.

No but seriously folks, the world goes round because of ads whether you and I like or not. You watch TV and there are ads. You read the newspaper and there are ads. Even when you're checking out the latest Youtube videos, there are now ads. So guess what? When you search jobs sites, chances are they're going to have ads too. It's a necessary evil when providing free content. Now with that said, I'll be the first to admit that I could probably do a better job of balancing the ads and the content that you guys love. It's on my huge list of things to do. But alas I'm only one man and with this baby coming, Lord knows when I'll get to that list. (By the way, today was her due date and the little bugger is being difficult.)

No worries though, I have a solution for your work at home seekers that are suffering from one or more of the following work at home search ailments:

Confuse-aritis :

Symptoms include mixing up sponsored ads with actual job postings which lead you to buying over-priced work at home information products that add little value and don't help you secure a work at home job or make money at home.


Symptoms are similar to confuse-artitis but leads the job seeker to accusing every work at home site owner of providing scams rather than free jobs, calling everything a scam or giving up on working at home! In some really bad cases, all the symptoms show up at once.

The Cure

Now if you've suffered from any of the two diseases and I know we all have in one capacity or another, then watch the following video. I think it may just be what the doctor ordered.

Hope you enjoyed the video. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't provide you with all the available legitimate resources for finding work at home jobs. So if sounds right for you, feel free to sign up for it by clicking here. If not, that's cool too. But as you can see in the video, it's the real thing. No smoke and mirrors, no scams, just good old fashion legitimate work at home job leads just like your Grand Mamma use to make. lol

Does It Work?

Update: One of our loyal subscribers "Colleen W" decided to take a risk and invest in her career by getting herself a membership at I'm happy to report that she was finally able to secure a real work at home job using the website. You can read about it by clicking here. So don't take my word for it. Go and read hers if you don't believe me.

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