How To Avoid Sponsor Ads & Find Real Work At Home!

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It's that time again folks. It's that time where your fearless work at home leader answers one of those burning questions that you guys are gracious enough to post about working at home.

This week's question is or shall I say questions are as follows: "Why are there so many ‘dang' sponsored ads on your websites ( & and some of the other top free work at home websites you have recommended?" & "Where can I find work at home jobs without having to be a detective or figuring out what are scams or ads?"

Wow, that was a mouthful! Well the answer to the first question is really simple, "Because money don't grow on trees and we got families to feed." There I said it.

No but seriously folks, the world goes round because of ads whether you and I like or not. You watch TV and there are ads. You read the newspaper and there are ads. Even when you're checking out the latest Youtube videos, there are now ads. So guess what? When you search jobs sites, chances are they're going to have ads too. It's a necessary evil when providing free content. Now with that said, I'll be the first to admit that I could probably do a better job of balancing the ads and the content that you guys love. It's on my huge list of things to do. But alas I'm only one man and with this baby coming, Lord knows when I'll get to that list. (By the way, today was her due date and the little bugger is being difficult.)

No worries though, I have a solution for your work at home seekers that are suffering from one or more of the following work at home search ailments:

Confuse-aritis :

Symptoms include mixing up sponsored ads with actual job postings which lead you to buying over-priced work at home information products that add little value and don't help you secure a work at home job or make money at home.


Symptoms are similar to confuse-artitis but leads the job seeker to accusing every work at home site owner of providing scams rather than free jobs, calling everything a scam or giving up on working at home! In some really bad cases, all the symptoms show up at once.

The Cure

Now if you've suffered from any of the two diseases and I know we all have in one capacity or another, then watch the following video. I think it may just be what the doctor ordered.

Hope you enjoyed the video. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't provide you with all the available legitimate resources for finding work at home jobs. So if sounds right for you, feel free to sign up for it by clicking here. If not, that's cool too. But as you can see in the video, it's the real thing. No smoke and mirrors, no scams, just good old fashion legitimate work at home job leads just like your Grand Mamma use to make. lol

Does It Work?

Update: One of our loyal subscribers "Colleen W" decided to take a risk and invest in her career by getting herself a membership at I'm happy to report that she was finally able to secure a real work at home job using the website. You can read about it by clicking here. So don't take my word for it. Go and read hers if you don't believe me.

10 thoughts on “How To Avoid Sponsor Ads & Find Real Work At Home!”

  1. Thanks for providing a real work at home opportunity website to bring this all in one place to help many people, who are struggling to work at home.

  2. There are really free ways to learn how to work from home effectively and to land on the right work from home jobs that pay. The only thing you can do is to investigate on the programs. It’s a wise move.

  3. I also have a membership to HomeJobStop and when they say “lifetime” they mean it! Not only did I get a real job online (I am an English/ESL instructor) but when I quit and came back and couldn’t find my password and had absolutely NO information to find it, they helped me search for it and got the information to within 24 hours.

    Look, that doesn’t seem like a lot but the membership is less than most people spend on a meal for two and it’s a lifetime membership fee so they never get another penny. Think about it…if they do their job right they may never see you again either! lol Not to mention, once they had their money , what was the motivation in helping me this time?

    I love that site and anytime someone asks about online jobs I plug them…and now this site too!

    Thanks HomeJobStop and Thanks Eddy!

  4. Hi again Virtual Agent,

    Great to hear from you again. Definitely read the information, trust me when I say you’ll learn a lot.

    Some of my favorite articles are listed here:

    When you read those articles you’re going to learn some different ways to make money that you never considered. So definitely take the time to go through it.

    There are other sites like HomeJobStop but so far, I have found homejobstop to be the best paid site I’ve used. Tjobs is pretty decent as well:

    In regards to that saying, “its takes money to make money”. It’s kind of true. But the saying should be “it takes money to make BIG money”. One of the best things I learned when first struggling to make money online was the following:

    1. Every little bit counts. Too often people won’t “waste” their time on opportunities that may pay them a few bucks, but can spend hours per day unpaid searching for an elusive work at home job.

    2. Re-invest in yourself. When I would make some money, I pay myself first but then would invest some of that money in some other things that could help make more money like sites that train you on how to make money other ways. If you have an open mind and right attitude you can learn a lot from those work at home information products. Yes, too many of them misrepresent themselves but some are very straight forward about what they plan to teach you and if you actually put what they teach you into practice you can succeed.

    When I followed the two points above, that’s when I started excelling at making money at home.

    So something to keep in mind.

    Hope this helps.


  5. First I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to make the video.
    I really like your web sites and your blog.
    I will be reading all the information I can from you.
    Do you know of any other Good sites like
    Seems like to me there are many that “Seem” to be good.
    I really like the lifetime membership part.

    Having said all that I still need a job to pay for all the help I need…
    Like getting my cover letter and resume in shape and then paying for a site to find legit jobs.
    But then again I guess the old sayings still holds the truth.
    “It takes Money to Make Money!!”
    Have a great weekend.
    And thanks again for the info.

  6. Great question.
    Since I blurred out the job descriptions in the video you guys probably missed the dates on each job. All the dates were within a few days of when I created the video.

    They update their database regularly. Should have made that more clear. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    In terms of not paying to find a job, I would like to provide you some insight on that. When you buy a newspaper to look for a job are you paying to find a job? Some would argue yes and some would say no. When you hire someone to write a resume for you or improve yours are you paying for a job? Again some may argue yes and others may argue no. At the end of the day we’re all investing in our careers. I paid for college because it was going to get me a better job. I didn’t do it because I like donating money to the state. lol

    I think what website owners are trying to warn against but don’t necessarily express in the best way is not to get duped into products or services that guarantee that they can get you a job but in fact are misrepresenting a business opportunity or are going to teach you how to do affiliate marketing. Those things in themselves aren’t bad. But they’re not jobs and that’s why you read from website owners don’t pay for jobs. Because of the stuff you’re paying for are misrepresented as jobs when they’re not.

    So keep that in mind. Don’t blindly follow anyone’s advice including my own. If I listened to all those other websites, I would have never tried affiliate marketing because it involved me investing a little money. I would still be working outside of my home every weekday away from my family. And consequently I would have never made the money I do which has given me the freedom to be home with my family and to help other work at home seekers.

    So always question things and just see things for yourself. I hope this makes sense and helps.


  7. There were a lot if jobs listed but how current are they? and how often are the updated?

    I just have Always read… Don’t pay to find the job.
    But thanks for this info.. Just want a little more.


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