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As many of my loyal subscribers know, I've been expecting my first baby girl. She was due April 08. But like her tardy Dad she was a little late but just in time according to her own schedule. My little princess arrived fashionably late on April 09, early afternoon after nearly 12 hours of labor.

Men are the weakest link…
Considering how tall and big I am, my little princess was tiny which was fortunate for my wife. Our little bundle of joy was only 18 inches and weighed in at 7lbs. Needless to say that would still be too big for my pueny Man anatomy. I am now a firm believer that women are the stronger sex. The things I experienced in that labor room were so beautiful and some were dang right frightful. I am really shocked that I didn't pass out. Check out the pics of my little princess below.

Shout out to my "Baby's Momma"
Just kidding. But seriously I have to say this, I really admire my WIFE even more. It was one thing for her to deal with my adolescence behavior, "stomach issues", sarcasm and twisted sense of humor. But the way my beautiful wife handled the labor and delivery was truly an example of her emotional and physical strength. This wonderful experience just put her on a new level for me. She is truly my idol and better half.
Sniffle, sniffle.

In any event, I want to apologize beforehand if I don't write consistently or get back to your questions or comments in a timely manner. I'm still trying to develop a schedule. My little princess doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word schedule so I have to adjust to her. So bear with me folks.

Sharing The love & MONEY!!!!
With that said, I've already learned a few tricks to keep my new baby girl happy. But as a new parent I'd love to get some additional words of wisdom from the experienced parents that frequent our little home here at

My joy will become your financial gain as I propose the following. I need my loyal subscribers to post in the comment section below some advice or experiences that were instrumental in helping you being a great new parent. I will pick the top 3 comments from our loyal subscribers and pay them $50 each via


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2. Your advice must be submitted using the form on the bottom of this page. Don't email me separately otherwise you'll be disqualified. Just post your comments below. It's easy to do.

3. Be sure to include the email address you used to subscribe to leave your comment below. I will use this to verify that you are a loyal subscriber and it's the only way I'll be able to contact you if you won.

4. You need to have a paypal account and be ready to provide me with your paypal email address so I can pay you. I'm a tech guy, so I don't really believe in stamps, writing checks, money orders, type writers, horse driven carriages, out houses or any other outdated instruments. If you want to get paid, you need a paypal account. No exceptions.

5. This contest will run for a week. I'll announce the winners in a separate post after the week is up and will contact the winners to get their paypal email address so I can send you your money!

Sample Advice or Recommendations..

Some of my favorite advice and recommendations which has worked really well for me in the last 5 days.

1. Get a bottle warmer.

You guys know how much I love technology. I'll be the first to admit that some "baby tech' is just plain excessive and lazy if you ask me. But having a bottle warmer has been great. It makes preparing a bottle very quick and easy. In hindsight I guess it's lazy too but when your baby girl is crying frantically you want every little edge to get her to stop quickly. lol

2. Double team your baby.

No I'm not talking about wrestling silly. Some new parents had told me the key to their success in this new experience was taking turns and shifts.
I have found this to be very true and why I also give single parents and stay at home moms a shout out. When my wife sleeps, I take my shift then vice versa. It's a recipe for happy and productive parents and thus a happier baby.

3. Get a snap and go stroller.

I guess I'm such a man but I love gadgets. That snap and go stroller is just hotness! It's so portable, light and easy to use. At first I was trying to be Mr. Brawny and carrying the car seat every where but recently my wife convinced me to use the snap and go stroller and my arms are in debt to her. My little princess probably appreciates the smoother ride as well.

So that's some advice I've received that has made an impact on me right away. So product recommendations are welcomed but solid good old fashion words of wisdom are appreciated as well. So go and make this money by posting your advice or recommendations below right now!

We'll try to get back to providing you with more traditional ways to make money at home very soon. I don't want you think I'm just going to just ramble about my personal life from now on and not about making money. So this contest is my way of alleviating any of those fears.


Your fearless Work At Home leader and New Big Poppa!


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