Birthday Winners!

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Thank you all for chiming in with your comments for my Birthday Contest. I appreciated all the birthday wishes but more importantly it was great hearing all the success stories!

Hopefully the many comments listed have served as inspiration to those of you who haven't had the first taste of making money online. As you can plainly see, it is possible to earn at home if you have the right resources and take action. If you're on this site you already have half of the battle won. The rest is up to you. With that in mind here's a quote for you:

"Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. "

– Jonatan Martensson

Alright it's time to get on to the winners. Drum roll please…….. The winners are:

  1. Tiffany
  2. Rachashael

Please help me congratulate the winners by posting your comment below. Show them as much love as you did for me. Thanks again to everyone that participated. You guys rock!

16 thoughts on “Birthday Winners!”

  1. Wow!  This is a shocker!  Thank you for being so generous! I believe in being honest and helping others! I have been sucessful in working from home. I ‘ve actually started my own business because of the information you shared on your site. I believe that  it is imperative that others “truly” seeking to work from home continue to stay focused and keep at it! It  CAN and  WILL happen. I encourage each of you still searching to use the tips ans tools Eddy provides on the site.  All opportunities may not fit you and that’s ok,   find one that works for you until a better opportunity comes. Thanks again! Good Luck & Best Wishes to you all!

  2. You’re welcome! No thanks all of you guys support this site and make me money already. So don’t worry about that. lol It’s just good to be in a position to give back a little something. Enjoy!

  3. Hey Cathy, that’s great! That’s how to make more money re-invest some of whatever you earn, win or gain back into yourself via training, books, etc. I still do that till this very day and it usually helps increase my income in one way or another. So thanks for sharing that!

  4. I would like to wish both of the winners the very  best. Eddy’s sites are absolutely the best as you well know.

    We are all vey blessed to have Eddy as our mentor. In a small way, we are all winners.

    Both of you are success stories that are an inspiration to us who are trying to make “multiple streams” and will also become winners.

    God bless both of you.


  5. Oh My!   Thanks so much for the great gift Eddy.   I probably should be giving you the money as you have helped me in working up my home business.   You truly are a great leader and a champion of show others how to get the reigns back in their hands!

  6. Congrats you guys! I won last year and put that money to good use. I got a lot more training on online marketing with it. i.e. how to narrow down to my niche and learned where to find more resources in marketing online.


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