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I tend to write most of my articles here on this blog. But as things have changed and my business has grown I depend more on other writers to do the research and write some of my articles. And then I go in and add my “Eddy with a y” isms and touch. A lot of other websites and blogs also use ghost writers as well. So it's great way to make extra money because the internet will always need content and writers to produce it. So today we're covering a company that can help you monetize this need. So let's dive into my BKA Content Review.

What Is BKA Content?

bka content Matt & GregThe company was founded in 2010 by the brothers Matt and Greg Secrist and named “BuyKeywordArticles.com“. The younger brother Matt just graduated from “THE Utah State University with degrees in Economics & Finance, and without any job prospects due to an economy in recession.

His brother Greg had built a few blog websites, which provided him with residual income. He helped his brother create his own sites in the hope to generate some revenue for Matt while he was looking for a job in the finance industry.

Searching for providers of quality content for the new sites, they soon realized that off-shore written articles are often times unintelligible garbage and basically useless to boost search engine rankings. They also realized that there was a market in providing quality, American-written content to companies with websites and SEO companies.

What began as a ‘work-at-home' project for young brother Matt led to a ‘work-at-home' opportunity for freelance writers able to create original quality content.

By the end of 2013 the company employed about 100 highly qualified writers and really ‘kicked it in gear' by hiring additional talent into their management team and rebranding the company by changing the name to “BKA Content”.

Twelve Writing Categories:

They offer their clients 12 content types to choose from AND writers that have expertise in, and knowledge of, one or more to deliver top notch products. The categories are:

SEO Articles

  • bka content logoMeta Descriptions
  • Premium Articles
  • Content Curation
  • Blog Posts
  • Product Descriptions
  • Page Reviews
  • Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Custom Content

Dedicated Account Managers

Most writing services use automated systems that handle the ‘work flow' from client order to product delivery. BKA Content has dedicated account managers, which advise and support the client to decide what content type would work best for them. The account managers also work with the writer(s) to deliver the best possible product. They assist in keyword research, edits and fine-tuning the product.

How to join the BKA Content Writing Team

“BKA Content frequently has positions available for qualified Internet Article Writers. These positions involve writing high-quality, original article content centered on a variety of different search terms, topics and keywords provided by our clients. The SEO content we produce is used for many different purposes, but it often is used to give clients increased Internet exposure through higher search engine rankings on the Web”.

Here are the requirements to apply:

  1. Must be a US citizen and reside within the USA
  2. Must have Microsoft Word
  3. Must have access to the internet
  4. Must have a Gmail email address
  5. Must be able to write at least 5 articles per week
  6. Must have a PayPal account
  7. Must have a firm grasp of English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  8. Must be at a college writing level
  9. Must be able to meet deadlines
  10. Must be honest, self-motivated and dependable

The Application Process:

The first step is a test of basic rules of grammar and punctuation. This exam has a time limit of 15 minutes and consists of 20 questions. If you pass the test, you are required to read some trainings material and write two 350-word essays.

If you are accepted, you can congratulate yourself to be a member of a highly qualified team of freelance writers for BKA Content.

How Much Money Can You Make?

They say on their website that most writers average $12 – $18 per hour. But that's not the limit. As you get more experience you will be able to write more than 5 articles per week and make more than $18.

How Do You Get Paid?

BKA Content pays you every 2 weeks exclusively via PayPal as long as you get your assignments in by their due dates.

What Are The Benefits Writing For BKA Content?

You can choose the category and the articles you want to write

You can work from any location you want to

You set your own schedule (as long as you submit your work by the due dates)

You get paid for each article you write

You can participate in competitions / incentives

You expand your knowledge on a variety of topics

What are the BKA Content Complaints?

The majority of responses and reports I found about the company are overwhelmingly positive. Of course, there are always some complaints and concerns I need to bring to your attention.

what is bka content

The Pay Is Lousy!

This grumbling comes from relative new writers, which have to get their feet wet writing articles that are paying about ONE cent per word, before they are moved to teams that work on higher paying projects. It tends to be a complaint of a lot of writers that choose to take their skills to content mills like this.

bka content review

The Team Managers are too picky!

BKA Content prides itself for the high quality of the product it delivers. The article review process, the overall strictness to stay within the set norms, and feeling constantly under scrutiny may not be easy to take.

The Training is too difficult!

BKA Content has a rigorous training program to keep the writers up-to-date. Some folks may think they know it all and don't need continuous training. But when it comes to search engine optimization things are constantly in flux so it's important to be in the know. Otherwise you can produce content that may actually work against the clients. So I understand why they are stringent with their training.

bka content training

So Is BKA Content Legitimate or A Scam?

Ultimately I don't think BKA Content is a scam. As I said earlier, BKA is unique in many ways. You have to be a very experienced writer with SEO knowledge to apply and be accepted. It may not be the easiest company to work for, considering their strict guidelines and high expectations.

That said, it can be a great way to make some extra income if you can deal with all that. But I've always argued if you have the ability of writing for others, you can do it for yourself and make more money long term if you're patient. I know for a fact I've probably made more money than most writers on these content mills writing for my own blog. The reason is that I don't have to deal with the middle man that is cutting into the rate. If you see the logic in this and want to learn how to make money writing for yourself on your own blog about topics of interest to you, I would recommend looking into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. It's what helped me earn a full time income online and I know it can help you. You just need to be willing to learn and have patience to see it through.

Now with that said I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income. So you can make money with BKA and learn to make money with my recommendation. But I also teach other ways to make money online that I use in my Work At Home Courses. So you may want to look into that as well. The more streams of income coming in you have, the better your chances of success. It also helps you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket which can be disastrous if that one stream of income dries up.

So what are your thoughts about this company? Don't be shy, we're all family here. So leave a comment down below. I'd love to hear from you.

I'll speak to you soon.

Eddy with a y

7 thoughts on “BKA Content: Get Paid To Write SEO Articles”

  1. I asked the same question, Ellen. I was told that if you can pay taxes in the US, you can apply. Sounds like your friend would be eligible.

  2. I have a friend Larry PS Wilson, he is an excellant writer. Me not so much.

    Why does an applicant have to be a US Citizen. He is Canadian and has lived in Portland OR since he was 12 years old. He has been married and has 4 children in the US. He has served our country in the Marine Corp. ..

    He is an excellant writer and composer. Grammer and spelling is his thing. He types about 50+ wpm. It was faster in the Marine Corp.

    So I thought this would be a great venue for him. So I emailed your ad to him. I didn’t notice you needed to be a US Citizen.

    Please explain why the US Citizenship.
    I appreciate your response to the question.

    Ellen Coomer

    • John,

      DragonSpirit has been calling me that for years. It’s just her nick name for me. Some others you aren’t aware of are Big E, The Boss and Big Poppa. Okay maybe the last two are names I wish my wife would refer to me as. lol

  3. Great article Sir E. and very informative– but yeah, what they said! Seems the pay is ridiculously low 🙁 and if they are earning money from the efforts of others! But, I rather like what you say about cutting out the middle man! Keep posting great pictures of you, with the kids! And, as my new husband is a grammar-editor-proofreader- expert, seems this could prove lucrative for him as well to start his “own thang” LOL 🙂
    Stay brilliant!
    Kind regards,
    Lóng de jingshén


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