has done it again! Just won $5

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Hate to sound like a broken record but this is the second time I've won money with for doing absolutely nothing. Last time it was $50, this time it was only $5 but it was money nonetheless that I didn't have to work for! Gotta love it!

Just to recap allows you to win cash and prizes for searching the internet. They basically have a branded search engine powered by Google which we all love and use. But since it's branded by they actually randomly pick their users to win money or prizes when you do a search at

But the other great thing which is the reason I've won yet again is that actually rewards you for referring people to their search engine and when these folks use and happen to win, so do you for referring them. So the last two times I've won has been because of the people I referred. And best of all it's all free and it using a search engine we all love and use anyway. So why use and have no chance of earning any money and prizes when you can be using, win money and still get the great search results you expect from Google. It's a no brainer to me folks.

So join in people! Visit now! You can read my review here.


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