Is for real or a scam?

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Any blogger worth their salt must have already heard about John Reese's new venture John Reese is a stand up guy and best known for making a million dollars in sales in one day. He's also been responsible for the wildly successful Traffic Secret DVD courses.

So when Mr Reese launches or recommends anything new everyone listens and follows his lead like drones or the Borg. John experienced some minor delays and was launched a little later than expected this past weekend.

So What is

It's sort of a traffic exchange program designed for blogs. You basically add a snippet of code (a widget) to your blog. The widget displays posts of other blogs related to your industry based on the category you picked during your free sign up. Depending on how many page views your blogs receives is theoretically how many views your blog posts will receive on the widget. By now the Blog Rush network must be in the thousands if not more, so the potential exposure for your blog is great! I'm probably doing a half ass job of explaining it, so I suggest you watch the video on

I've gone ahead and decided to give this network a try. Why? Well because John has a great reputation. I've bought his traffic secret dvds a few months ago and it literally helped my income increase by 3 fold! So with results like that I have to give Blog Rush a try. Furthermore it's free so what do I have to lose?

Is a scam? I doubt it. John has built up too much of a solid reputation over many years to do anything shady.

So sign up for a free account today and take advantage of the next big thing in blog traffic. This is probably one of the times where it pays to jump on the bandwagon! I predict there will be a lot of copy cats in the next few months but I'm sure John will outperform them all. Visit to stay abreast on and all the other great opportunities that will help your blog and website.


Looks like this is the real thing! I've looked at my stats and I'm getting page views. I just need to work on improving my post titles to actually get some direct clicks and visits otherwise this will be as effective as a banner ad. But this is real the deal!

6 thoughts on “Is for real or a scam?”

  1. That makes me sad to hear it failed..From what you said in the above article it sounded like it could have been an amazing tool if used properly.

  2. Edward,

    Thanks for your comments. I was wondering the same thing about tracking the views. Maybe we’ll see some redirect url from blogrush. It’s a good question Ed and I’m sure it will be addressed.

    Personally I have too much faith in John Reese to think this is a scam. Granted I agree I still haven’t figured out how John plans to make money with this. Maybe they’ll be an upgrade service or something to that effect.

    But I would say let’s give John the benefit of the doubt considering his reputation. I think like the initial launch the stats are just a bit delayed. This coming week will tell us a lot. So let’s be patient before jumping to any conclusions.

  3. With every second passing by, I’m believing its more of a scam. (Where is the price model?) I have that same screen, “your stats will start…”. Also, how will I know based on my own stats that a visitor came via the blogrush link (the referrer should show up as from the site w/ the widget)? Sure, blogrush could tell me that they sent a visitor, but can I believe them?


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