BookScouter Review: Get Paid To Sell Your Used Books

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Book Scouter - Get Paid To Sell Your Books!I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big reader per se. And when I do read I usually do it on my iPhone as an audio book. I just find it easier and I'm not really big on cluttering my house with old books. But that's just me. There are a lot of people that are readers and they actually enjoy holding physical books.

If that's you, how would you like to get paid to sell your used books? If the answer is yes then you need to read this BookScouter review.

What Is BookScouter?

BookScouter launched in August of 2007 by owner, Brandon Checketts. The website lists a variety of vendors that are interested in purchasing your used books. Because there is a big market for used books and various vendors that pay you for it, providers you many of these vendors in one place. This way you can do some price comparisons, read ratings, and reviews. This obviously helps you get the best prices for your books and avoid dealing with shady vendors.

How Does BookScouter Work?

1) The first step is to visit the sites and enter your book's ISBN number. You can also search by title.

2) If it's likely that a vendor will buy your book, they will offer a precise price if the book is in fair shape.

3) Now it's time to make the decision to accept the price offered. If offered price is reasonable enough, it's best to go with it. It's important to also consider the vendor's feedback and ratings.

4) Most vendors will provide a box and shipping costs. It is likely that they will also provide shipping labels right off their websites. When ready, it's time to ship the books.

5) After the vendor receives your books, they will inspect them. If approved, you will receive payment.

6) Payment depends on each vendor and the (type of books) that they will buy. For example, one vendor accepted college text books and another accepted non fiction books.

BookScouter has vendors categorized for you to make it an easier choice of which ones to use. They are: Preferred, Normal, Pro Vendors, and Inactive vendors.

How To Make More Money With BookScouter?

BookScouter has come up with their own app that has made searching for the highest price for your used books very easy. They have mobile apps for iOS devices and for Android devices, which aids in helping you find sellers for specific books.

Another way to earn more money is to participate in their affiliate program and make money in two ways.
1) Pay-Per-Click – Usually $0.15 USD for each click

2) Pay Per Sale – I haven't been able to find out how much commission you earn when people sign up under your link, and how much you earn when others sign up for Book Scouter Pro. With the Pro sign up, you are able to search for more ISBNs. You can visit their affiliate page here.

How Do You Get Paid Through BookScouter?

Most vendors listed on BookScouter pay by Paypal or check. Once the vendors receive your used books, they'll carefully review the condition of them. Then you will receive a payment according to their inspection. However, it does depend on each vendor how much you are paid per book and also how fast you receive payment. On the vendor page, click on each, and you will see basic information on how much they pay per book, and how fast they pay by reading the reviews. For example, My Book Monkey paid in (3) days. Top Dollar 4 Books paid in (7) days. So, it depends, as the prices and how fast they pay vary. You can view the vendors here.

How Do You Join? or How Do You Sign Up?

It is free to sign up. You can use a social network to register quickly or join with your email and password. Join here.

Book Scouter Complaints

My research team found a few complaints online, about BookScouter. As always, I have to report our findings on every work from home opportunity we talk about here on my blog. If something doesn't jive with us I let you know about it. Simple as that.

Not Sustainable Long Term Income

Typically, a normal person does not have a vast amount of used books laying around their home (to sell) that can gain them enough income to quit their day job. Let's face it; it takes a butt load of used books to bring in that kind of income. If you do, I'd love to make you my best friend! lol However, you may be able to have enough used books to bring in a nice bag of change.

Not a good resource for selling old books with no ISBN

BookScouter does not usually accept old, antique books with no ISBN. The vendors and Bookscouter find these challenging to decide on their price.

Misconception and Confusion

There has been a long-time misconception that BookScouter buys books. In actuality, BookScouter is only a comparison program; aka, the middle man. Just as they don't decide on pricing. BookScouter relies on their vendors for final pricing.

Doesn't Share Reseller Guidelines

Routinely, BookScouter doesn't share reseller guidelines for each vendor. Instead of sharing those guidelines, the site gives you a click to the reseller website. From there, you will have to perform the required searches for the correct guidelines. If you skip over these guides, your book may NOT be chosen; therefore, you run the risk of not getting paid.

Stolen Identity and Security Issues

It has been known that BookScouter let a member's personal information leak out on the Internet. That resulted in the member getting their identity stolen. I don't know if it's a widespread and ongoing issue. But it seems like even the most secure sites like banks and federal agencies have experienced such security lapse. Either way it's troubling and would given anyone pause. So even though the issue has been resolved, it still makes me a bit wary.

You can read more if you like here.

Is BookScouter a Scam or Legit?

I can't call this company a scam. Having said that, I wouldn't recommend BookScouter to earn a full time income either. Although, you can make some side money if you had a hefty stash of used books you don't wish to hang onto anymore.

Chances are if you're on this blog, you're looking for income they can sustain for the long haul. I can teach you all you need to know with my Online Courses on how to do just that, along with my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation.

I'd love to hear from you if you have had any experience with, or any of your other experiences in terms of getting paid to sell your used books. What did you think of this BookScouter review?

Post your comments down below so I know what you think. Until next time,

Eddy with a (y)

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  1. How can I part-take in buying and selling of books through bookscouter from Africa,in terms of shipping,how long will it take for the books to get to the vendors


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