BrainFuse Review: Online Tutoring Goldmine or Scam?

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The internet allows us to do so much nowadays. This includes getting tutoring online or being paid to be a tutor. Well if you're reading this, you probably know this already and it's why you're checking out Brainfuse reviews.

Well, we have everything you need to know about being a tutor for BrainFuse, including the good, the bad and the ugly. So let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

What Is BrainFuse?

Brainfuse found at is an e-learning and tutoring company that pays people to tutor 3rd to 12th grade students online. Brainfuse also offers higher education and career services to students nationwide. According to CrunchBase, the tutoring company was founded in 1999 by Alex Sztuden in New York City, NY.

How Does BrainFuse Tutor Work?

In a nutshell, as a Brainfuse tutor, you are supposed to come up with your own working schedule of which Brainfuse will use to assign you tutoring sessions, once they train you on how to use their online classroom. But more on that on the next section.

There's also a HelpNow service which appears to be an instant Q&A between tutors and students. You can use this service to help students with homework and maybe score more tutoring gigs.

How Do I Become A BrainFuse Tutor?

The application process is pretty much straightforward. Just send your resume to and they'll get back to you if or when they need you. If they pick you they'll get back to you with details on how to start your training and eventually tutoring. That's pretty much it! You'll have to be a resident of the United States though.

During training they'll tell you most of what you need to know to start, including using their classroom software.

On the other hand, if your Brainfuse application doesn't pan out or you don't live in the United States you can find similar gigs in our list of the best free tutoring work at home jobs.

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What Are The Requirements To Tutor at Brainfuse?

You'll need a 4 year college degree, preferably in a teaching field, but it's not a must. They'll also ask for some documents to verify whatever you have in your resume. You must also submit to a background and references check. Once everything checks out and they're happy with your application you can start tutoring for money.

How Much Do BrainFuse Tutors Make?

Brainfuse tutors make $10 per session, with sessions lasting an hour on average. If a student doesn't show up for class, Brainfuse will still pay you $7 for your time.

How Does BrainFuse Pay Tutors?

They can either cut you a check and send it via mail or transfer the money to your bank account directly. They pay tutors after every two weeks.

What We Like About BrainFuse

Flexible working hours

Brainfuse allows tutors to choose when to work, unlike other type of work at home gigs where you have less flexibility.

You always get paid!

As mentioned earlier, even if a student doesn't show up for your class you still get $7 bucks. That is a great policy and shows that Brainfuse does value your time and willing to pay for it.

BrainFuse Tutor Complaints

So far everything sounds good with Brainfuse based on what you've just read. But like every company there are some downsides that you need to know. They may or may not be deal breakers for you. Either way, let's get into them so you can make the best decision for yourself.

They fire tutors for silly reasons

We stumbled upon various situations where tutors were fired for seemingly minor reasons. One tutor allegedly lost their job for a few misspellings in a chat exchange with a student. Another tutor claimed to be laid off for spending “an unreasonable amount of time” teaching a student. That said there are always two sides to every story. So there may be additional reasons coupled with the ones listed here that led to the firing.

“I'm in the wrong class!”

We found so many complaints online of tutors who claim to have been assigned the wrong class occasionally. Problem is, if you decline to teach these wrong classes you are penalized. So you need to contact support to explain this and hopefully they understand and maybe they'll not penalize you. Or you can take the risk of teaching a class you have no experience in. But you better hope you know what you're doing. Either way this has been a sticky situation for some tutors.

“I Thought More Work Means More Money?”

Remember that $10 per session payday? Well if you think that's per student, then you'd be wrong. The $10 is for all students assigned to you in that session. Some tutors claim they had to teach upwards of 5 students in one session, each with their own set of demands and problems.

The administrators are cruel as well…

If you thought the rudeness stops with the students, you're wrong. Some tutors have argued the administrators are no better. Others claim that the admins aren't very friendly when reprimanding you and can come off as intimidated if you happen to mess up.

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No BBB Rating

For those of you who live and die for a company's status with the Better Business Bureau, Brainfuse is listed but they are not rated at the time of this review. There's not even one review about the company on the BBB. So this may be a deal breaker for some of you.

Is BrainFuse Tutor A Scam?

BrainFuse is not a scam, but you need to have a heart of steel to work there. Chances are they'll overwork but underpay you. So with that said don't go into this expecting a lot of money.

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Well, that's about it from me. If you have any questions about BrainFuse, you can visit their FAQs page. Feel free to chime in your thoughts or comments about this or any other work at home job on the comments section below.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

3 thoughts on “BrainFuse Review: Online Tutoring Goldmine or Scam?”

  1. $10/hr per session. Are you kidding? Maybe it is not a scam, but it is outrageous!! A college degree and you are paying less than a dog walker to educate people.

    • I don’t make judgement calls on the money being made or offered. Everyone has different needs when it comes to money. For some people the flexibility of working from home and saving on commuting offsets the lower pay. So everyone is different. I personally prefer to dictate how much money I make so that’s why I’m a business owner. But to each their own. Clearly this isn’t for you and that’s okay. Thanks for chiming in.

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