Is Bubblews A Scam & Stealing Money From Writers?

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Is bubblews a scam or legitThere are many aspiring writers and bloggers out there that are looking to make money with their words. Some people prefer to focus on writing on their own blogs which has many advantages that I'll get into later. But there are many other folks that prefer to write for content farms or content mills like Hubpages, Squidoo, etc. So today, I'll explore another one of these article writing sites called People seem to really love or hate this website. In this Bubblews Review, I'll dig into why there are such dividing opinions about this company.

What is

Bubblews is a basically a website that pays you to write articles on various topics.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Bubblews is based on a revenue sharing model. So in other words they have ads on their website and they share the money they make on ads with you. So if you write an article on their website and the ads on your article make the company $10. They split that 50/50 with you. So in theory you get $5 and they keep $5. You also get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your article gets.

How do I get paid and when?

Once you've reached $25 you can request a payment which can be via check, paypal or visa gift card.

Bubblews Scam Complaints

Now you have an idea of how this company works we need to get into the dirty laundry. So let's discuss the things that may turn you off to this opportunity.

Inconsistent Pay

One of the biggest complaints I've seen online is that doesn't pay its writers consistently. Apparently they work like drug dealers, they give you a little sample to hook you. Once they have you, then they start disrespecting you like a crackhead. Initially Bubblews pays their writers on time. So people are excited and they start telling others about Bubblews especially because they have a referral program. It appears that's exactly what the company is betting on because it sucks in other people. But suddenly after getting your first couple of payments, the timely payments stop. Apparently many writers have had their accounts shut down for alleged violating rules or they are fed excuses about payment delays. Ultimately many writers are never paid again.

Low Writing Standards

Apparently there isn't much of a screening process for articles written on Bubblews. You can upload an article about anything that is less than 500 words and have it published on Bubblews. Articles don't seem to be manually reviewed or even run through any tools that check for plagiarism, grammar or spelling mistakes. This leaves writers and the company vulnerable to Google penalties. Search engines want unique and quality content. If they notice a pattern of garbage content, eventually they'll penalize the whole website. This means articles written by writers will no longer rank in Google. If no one can find your articles, then the money made from advertising will dry up like an old pimple.

Shaky Business Model

My biggest gripe with any paid article writing website is that you don't own the website. You're basically at the whim of another company. If they decide to shut down the website or your account, then all your income is lost in a heart beat. All that work you've put in building another person's business is wasted. For the same amount of effort you could build your own website and earn more money because you're not splitting it with a middleman. That's exactly what I learned to do with My #1 Free Recommendation.

So is Bubblews Legit?

Bubblews has paid their writers initially. But based on multiple reports, it seems like the payments may stop. So with that said, I wouldn't waste my time with this company. If you're willing to write for a website it should be your own! You can control how much money you make and you own the website. With My Top Free Recommendation, you can get your own free website and discover how to get visitors to it for free. Furthermore they teach you how to make money with your new site that isn't shared with a company that may go out of business or kick you to the curb. So you have other legitimate options if you've been scammed by Bubblews or want to get paid for your writing.

Well I hope you liked this Bubblews Review. If you did, do what thousands of other great work at home seekers have done and become a subscriber by clicking here. You can also follow me on social networks like, Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

In any event, I would love to hear your experience with this company. Have you written for Bubblews? Do you think it's worth it? Share your thoughts about this company down below in the comment section. Let's make this a two way conversation instead of me just babbling to myself. LOL

Speak to you soon.

Eddy with a y.

31 thoughts on “Is Bubblews A Scam & Stealing Money From Writers?”

  1. I was using Bubblews for over a year and a half and for the first part I hardly ever got paid until I got a new account and I realized that if I wrote 100% personal articles and nothing else, I started to get paid almost 100% of the time for the last year earning $500 a month.

    All the people who say its a scam are people who are breaking the rules without realizing it.

    If bubblews was a scam why is it I have made thousands of dollars on the site?

  2. Bubblews is scam for sure. They are cancelling a lot of payments without informing their members about it. They are not transparent and don’t reply to their members’ queries. They just want to earn most of the profit for themselves. I won’t recommend that site to anyone as they cancelled my $300 and never gave me the reason for that.

  3. I dont believe that 50/50 story, because right now it seems to me like bubblers are getting all 100% of their earned money – I don’t believe that google pays a lot for spammy content which is on Bubblews.

    – Self promo link removed by admin. –

    • You’re entitled to your opinion. But there are reports from others that differ with yours. How many times have you been paid by this company & for how long?

      Google adsense is different than their search area. Whereas with their search results, spammy content is usually pushed down. Their adsense program will pay if you have real visitors coming to your site, it doesn’t read your content to determine if it’s spammy or not. Although you may get paid lower amounts of money depending on how your visitors are reacting to your content. But in most cases they’ll still pay for the clicks on their ads. So your argument doesn’t really make much sense.

  4. Hi Eddy! I came to the conclusion that there are indeed people who did not break any rules and yet they do not get paid. I am one of them although my story is a little more complicated as I was bullied and slandered on Bubblews. Instead of penalizing the bullies, I was given a warning.

    A month later, after support told me that i will be paid, my latest post could not appear. 6 hours of getting in touch with technical support, I found I could not log in. They had deleted my account.

    Joined on 7th June, They logged me out on 8th Aug. Exactly 2 months! My redeemed $128 is not going to be paid but I am just going to expose them.

    Their moderators are also writing!! Which is against their own old and new TOU! And they have at least 8 flaws. Even most established authors warned about Bubblews cos they had about the same experioence as me – they were warned of violations they did not commit.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Clearly things have gone wrong with this company. I’m surprised it’s still around given all the complaints and the shady things they’re doing. I’m sorry you didn’t get paid. Just view this as a lesson learned and move on to bigger and better things. Maybe start your own blog as I have suggested. At least then you’re the one in control and can make more money when you cut the middleman out of the picture.

  5. Ah man, when Bubblews (I really hate trying to read that name out loud), first came up, I know a few people who jumped in, and I was one of them. This was right around the time Squidoo was throwing ballast and writers overboard in order to try and stay afloat, so there was a vacuum and Bubblews came along.

    It seemed great as well, because instead of having to wait 2 months to find out whether your article had earned anything, you could track your earnings immediately.

    However, I soon lost faith and probably only wrote 3 articles. You’ve talked about some of the issues already, but I’d like to go over my own thinking:

    1. The quality! Oh lord there were people throwing 5-10 spun articles out per day. It was embarrassing, I didn’t want to have my content associated with theirs.

    2. Every time somebody “Shared” or “liked” your article, your earnings increased. I couldn’t figure this one out. If they earn money from ad clicks, how can they possibly know how much a share is worth to them? I assumed that they were just paying a small marketing fee to everyone, because they knew we would try to game this and ultimately spread the word about Bubblews out there by seeking shares etc.

    3. It was too easy! Earnings went up quite quickly and I just knew that their model was flawed. Squidoo et al don’t pay you until they figure out how much they earned from Google Adsense, which takes a month or so to calculate. I figured that either Bubblews were lying, and weren’t going to pay up, or they were confused about how they were earning, and would go out of business very soon.

    Ultimately I concluded it wasn’t going to be worth my time, and after a couple of days never returned.

    • Hey Dom,

      Always good to hear from you. Well I’m glad you didn’t waste too much time there and saw the writing on the wall.

      Their “business model” just wasn’t sustainable and didn’t make any sense. But thanks for sharing further details and your experience.

      I’m sure it was helpful to others.

  6. I definitely would not recommend them at all. I was paid 4 out of 5 times. Communication is totally not their thing even though they have said they would try and improve it. I’ve sent numerous emails concerning a pending payment with no avail for the longest time. They paid me my fifth redemption and when I asked about my fourth payment they left me in limbo.

    It got to the point where I asked them to delete my account after I deleted all my articles because I didn’t want my name associated with them. It took them forever, but finally they did. They are not worth the time.

    • Hey Sophia,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and confirming the payment issue that many writers are complaining.about.

      Sorry to hear you never got your 4th payment.
      I definitely agree it’s not worth the time or risk.

      Thanks for chiming in!

    • I’m thankful for people like you posting, Sophia. I am learning to read the comments more often and not waste my time on sites. There were a few that I’d check out before checking this blog. I’m researching here first from now on!

  7. I have to admit, I was on the fence about this one. Should I or shouldn’t I? I did read about payments being selective with this site. Some people were getting paid while others were not. So, I think I will sit this one out. Thanks so much for your honest review on Bubblews. It was very helpful.

    • Hey Deb,

      I think we all were. But after digging deeper, I just don’t like the risk of not getting paid for my work. And again, if I’m going to spend time writing, it might as well be for my own website or someone that pays me directly after I deliver the work.

      In any event, I’m glad my Bubblews review helped you make a decision. Thanks for chiming in.

  8. Well Eddy, you took the wind out of my sails, lol. I was really starting to like that site. I have always and will continue to take heed to your guruness, lol. I think that I have only been on Bubblews for maybe a month, so I’m not in too deep. I do enjoy writing and would love to write for a site that really pays. Do you have any suggestions???
    Thanx for the great review!!!

  9. Thanks for this review. I signed up with them last year and when I reached $25.01 (this is before they raised it to $50) I requested payment and they never paid me. They ignored all the e-mails I sent them too.

    Then a few months ago I was searching on google to see if people were still not getting paid and I came across a petition on that someone set up for people that haven’t gotten paid. I signed it (not thinking anything would actually happen) but then the next day they paid me exactly $25.01. So they eventually paid me…seven months later! lol

    I still don’t recommend them to anyone though. But for anyone that still wants to give it a shot, I say don’t put too much effort into it. Don’t write pure crap or anything but don’t post your best stuff there. And try to get paid the minute you reach the minimum cash out limit (which is $50 now) and wait to see if you actually get paid.

    • Hey Kristy,

      That’s crazy. Thanks for sharing your experience. You’ve confirmed some of the reports I found. I’m happy you were finally able to get your money. But it’s crazy that you had to jump through hoops to get it.

      Great to hear from people that have tried this. Thanks again for chiming in! It’s appreciated!

  10. Thanks Eddy(with a y lol) you always very detailed about every review that you do,knew there was a reason that I never was a writer,see you saved me a lot of grieve and never knew
    I enjoy your reviews and your great sense of humor.,Criss with an s lol

    • You’re welcome Criss with an s. LOL
      If I’ve become a “writer” anyone can with time, practice and the right training. That’s how I learned it.

      In any event, thanks for the support. It’s nice to have people appreciate my corny sense of humor.

  11. Although I never had the talent, nor interest to be a writer/blogger, I appreciate you writing this blog for others to read & to be aware.
    Thanks for the heads-up to stay away from Bubblews- I sure wouldn’t want to work for them.
    PS- Stupid Question?
    When I begin to read an article of yours, I seen 5 little comment stars that (I think) one can choose from ..
    Am I allowed to hit/touch to vote on the articles you write?
    I’m clueless as to how the amount of stars get there– because they don’t register to vote when I hit/touch them.
    Thanks again Eddy!

    • You’re welcome Jen.
      Thanks for chiming in on this article.
      The stars at the top of the article are just stars I give to companies based on the value I think they give users. So you guys don’t actually control that.

      I hope that makes sense.

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