Buxvertise Review: Is It A Clicking Scam or The Real Deal?

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It is amazing how many websites offer you money for doing things you would normally do anyway. I'm sure if you log into Facebook or Instagram, you might see an ad or website that interests you. Now there are sites that will actually pay you for clicking on them. Buxvertise is one these sites and has been drawing a lot of attention. But is it actually worth your time? Let's find out down below.

What is Buxvertise?

Buxvertise, which can be found at www.Buxvertise.com, is a pay-to-click (PTC) site that offers users cold hard cash for clicking on ads. The site was established back in 2014 by co-founders Drew and Jesse. These two are also responsible for Traffic Return, a site that helps businesses with online traffic. They seem to have a positive reputation.

How to Make Money With Buxvertise

Buxvertise using a points system. Points can be converted into real cash. As we mentioned earlier, the main way to earn these points is to click on ads. But clicking on ads all day long won't really add up to much. So Buxvertise has quite a few other ways for you to make money as well. Let's check them out below.

Clicking Ads
– One click equals one point. A click's monetary worth will vary depending on your membership level which will be discussed later.

– You can earn money from recruiting other people to join buxvertise. If they click on ads or engage in other activities you earn a small percentage. Or you can rent referrals from Buxvertise to earn you extra money as well.

– You're not limited to clicking on ads. You can also earn extra money by performing online tasks.
– These tasks can include taking surveys, watching videos and downloading apps.

Wheel of Bux
– Buxvertise has sort of a wheel of fortune feature. You are able to spin the wheel for free once a day.
– Depending on where the wheel lands you can win extra cash, points, or prizes.

Share Your Earnings
– Take a screenshot of your earnings statement and share it via social media.
– In return, Buxvertise will give you 10 points every time you prove to them that you shared your earnings.

Unfortunately most of these activities won't lead to a part-time or even full time income. You would need to look into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation for that.

How To Cashout Your Earnings

Although clicking on ads is pretty easy, you need to earn a minimum of $7 in order to cash out. Assuming you can do that, there are several payment methods available to you.
– PayPal
– Payza
– Neteller
– SolidTrustPay

How Do You Join Buxvertise

Joining Buxvertise is simple. All you need to get started is an email address. However depending on how much money you want to make, you have a few options to select.

Option 1: Member
– This account is completely free.
– Each ad click is worth one point, and 2000 points are equal to $1.
– There is a limit of 200 direct and rented referrals.
– You can earn an extra 2% on clicks from your referrals.

Option 2: Buxer
– There is a charge of $5.00 per month.
– It only takes 1500 points to get to $1.
– There is an increased limit of 500 direct referrals.
– There is an increased limit of 1000 rented referrals.
– Your can earn 5% on clicks from your referrals.

Option 3: Eternity
– There is a charge of $35.00 per month.
– It only takes 1000 points to get to $1.
– Your limit on both direct and rented referrals is increased to 5000 each.
– You can again earn an extra 5% on clicks from referrals.

Complaints Against Buxvertise

Like all websites Buxvertise.com has it's fair share of complaints or cons. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a scam. But that's up to you to decide after you read through the complaints.

Not Worth the Time:

The issue with most PTC websites is you're earning chump change for clicking on ads. That makes “cents” considering that it doesn't take a lot of effort to do that. But if you're looking to replace or supplement your income, it's going to be nearly impossible to do this with Buxvertise. So you may want to look into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation for that.

Less Ads Than Other PTC Sites:

Apparently Buxvertise doesn't have the same large number of advertisers as other PTC websites. So a lack of advertisers will limit the amount of money you can make. And we've already established you can't make much with PTCs in the first place.

– You Can Lose Your Earnings:

You need to make sure you log in at least every 90 days. If you forget or are away for a while, you forfeit everything you have accumulated. You can not restore your points after they are expired. This is such a stupid policy which benefits the PTC site.

– Rented Referrals May Suck:

Let's face it most be aren't good at recruiting others. So the idea you can rent referrals does sound appealing. After all if they do their jobs you can earn money without having to lift a finger. Unfortunately you are not guaranteed to earn money with you rented referrals. So you may actually lose money.

High Minimum Payout: So earlier we established you need to make at least $7. This may not seem like a large number, but when you do the math, you will need to click on 14,000 ads to get there. Depending on your membership level and the number of ads, this can take forever.

Is Buxvertise Legitimate Or Not?

I guess it all depends on your view of PTCs. Some people view them as scams because you're earning less than minimum wage when you add up the hours. But on the flip side you are actually making money. So it all depends on your needs. Personally I don't spend a lot of time on PTC websites. I earn what many consider a part or full time living because of My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. So it's something you may want to check out if you want to make real money.

That said, I'm not a hater. I'm all for multiple streams of income. Therefore you can still mix in PTCs like Buxvertise if that floats your boat. But I would also recommend that you look into my Work At Home Courses as another source of income.

Well that's all from me. Let me know what you think of this site down below. Thanks for reading.

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