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No matter how hard you work at a conventional job, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see the fruits of your labor. Your paycheck is dependent on the sole judgment of your boss. Conventional jobs limit two of the most important elements of life; your income and your time. Building an at home career allows you to take control over these two elements. With an at home career you dictate your income, how your time is spent and the success of you business venture. Having a business plan and a profitable business idea in place is vital to your work at home success. If you have a strong work ethic and can work without a boss pestering you to get work done, a work at home career is right for you.

The Gift of Time

An at home career allows you to take complete control of your schedule. If you ever need a sick day, you won't have to make an awkward call to your boss explaining why you can't make it to work, because you're the boss. Working at home is particularly beneficial to those with young children. By having your home double as your workplace, you can eliminate your monthly daycare expenses by watching over your own children. This not only lowers the overall amount of income you need to bring in each month to get by, but allows you to develop a closer relationship with your children.

Dictate Your Income

When you build an at home career, you are in charge of your overall monthly income. Unlike a conventional job, your paycheck isn't determined by an hourly wage. Your income is determined by the amount of time and effort you put into your work. This is clearly an advantage for those with a strong work ethic. However, if you are lazy and tend to slack off, it is highly unlikely that you will make a decent income working from home. Another financial benefit of being your own boss is being able to handle unexpected expenses. If you ever get hit with an unexpected medical bill or car maintenance fee, you will be able to pay for the expense without having to pinch pennies. When you need to make more money all you have to do is work smarter and harder and the money is yours.

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