Update: Make MORE Money With Used Books! ( Cash4Books )

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Many moons ago, I wrote about a company that pays you for selling your old books. You can read that review here. Books, by the way are pieces of paper with words on them bound together. You can find a lot of useful information "HIDDEN" in them if you pick one up and read them. For some folks they are like VHS or Cassette tapes, things you've heard of but may have never owned, seen or used. If that's you, feel free to ignore this article. LOL

But for those of you who do own books or can get access to some, I would suggest that you sell them to Cash4Books.net this month. We've worked out a deal with this BBB accredited company where they provide you an additional 10% bonus on any books you sell to them this month (September 2012) See? Being a loyal subscriber can have added benefits besides the joy of reading my babbling and corny jokes. lol

To take advantage of the 10% bonus, visit Cash4Books.net using my referral link here. Then when checking out use the coupon/promo code: 9WAHNS.

How To Make More Money!

Even if you don't own any books of your own, you probably know someone in your circle of friends or family that does. Now might be the time to help them do some "fall cleaning" and lug away any old books for them. lol Or just feel free to share this article.

You can also find books to sell at garage sales, tag sales and flea markets. If you can pick them up for less than what Cash4Books.net would pay you for them, then you'll make a profit. Fortunately they have a little smart phone app that you can whip out to scan books before buying them or taking them away from a family member.

Hopefully you're seeing the possibility of this. So if you ignored this opportunity in the past, you might want to reconsider this month! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get another deal like this for you. Good luck, either way.

What Do You Think?

Let me know what you think of this little way to make extra money. Are you planning to take advantage of it? Do you have any tips you want to share? Chime in below.

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6 thoughts on “Update: Make MORE Money With Used Books! ( Cash4Books )”

  1. I went through stacks of books and Cash4books was only interested in buying one of them for $1.79. I have current books they’re not interested in buying. So I believe you need to be aware that Cash4books chooses what it will buy. They are very upfront about this. Just don’t think this is an easy way to unload all recent books that you have.

  2. I have a load of books from when I was in college and I was going to post them on Craigslist but think I’ll try this first – thank you!


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