Is Checkout 51 A Scam Or Actually Legit?

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Is checkout 51 a scam or legit?Earlier in the year I wrote an Ibotta Review which was basically about a smartphone app that paid you for grocery shopping. Many of you seemed to like the idea. But for some people, this opportunity wasn't viable because you actually needed to live in modern times and have a smartphone to make money with that program. LOL Fortunately Checkout 51 feels your pain.

Well if you were one of those folks that had a “dumb” phone but wanted to take advantage of getting paid to shop for grocery, you'll love my Checkout 51 Review below. Fortunately they understand that some of you don't have or want a smartphone and prefer to use smoke signals and pigeons to communicate to others. (I kid, I kid. LOL)

What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a coupon website that has been around since 2012 that pays you cash back for grocery shopping without the annoying coupon cutting. They also offer an app that pays you for your grocery shopping as well but it's optional. Did you know sites like, and can pay you for downloading apps like checkout51? Now you do.

Either way with Checkout 51 you're earning cash back for certain grocery shopping that you do which is explained down below. But don't expect to make a lot of money. If you want to earn a real part-time or full-time income, you should check out my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation.

How Does Checkout 51 Work?

First sign up for Checkout 51 by clicking here. It's totally free.

How Checkout 51 Works

1. Every Thursday visit the Checkout 51 website or app to see what products you need to buy to earn cash back.

2. Head to any grocery store you choose and start your shopping.

3. When you get home use your phone or computer to upload your grocery shopping receipt.

4. Checkout 51 will process your receipt and tell you how much money you've made.

5. Once you've reached $20 and clicked the cash out button, we'll mail your check.

If you don't want to deal with receipts and still make money for shopping or doing other things online, you should “check out”,,, and Pun intended.

When do I get paid?

Checkout 51 mails you a check once you've reached $20.

What I Like About Checkout 51!

Smartphone not required!

Unlike Ibotta you don't need a smartphone to make money. As long as you have access to a computer and can scan or take a picture of your receipt and then upload it to the Checkout 51 website you can make money with this opportunity. So this literally opens this opportunity to a lot more people.

Shop at any store.

Unlike Ibotta that limited you to certain stores you can shop at any store you like and not just ones affiliated with Checkout 51. This is great for people that may do a lot of their grocery shopping in stores that may not be a big brand like your local bodega. Only some of you will understand that bodega reference. LOL

$500 Contest

Apparently if you spend at least $60 in groceries, you can win $500. This can be any type of groceries not just the items listed on the Checkout 51 website or app for cash back. All you need to do is upload any grocery receipt that is over $60 and you'll be entered to win!

Checkout 51 Complaints

Not International

Unfortunately Checkout 51 only works in the United States and Canada. Initially it was only in Canada but eventually opened up in the United States. So maybe as the company grows it will enter other markets. But for now my international brothers and sisters won't be able to take advantage of this opportunity. But you can visit my international work at home page for other options in your area.

Check please?

Sadly Checkout 51 doesn't seem to offer paypal as a payment option. You're limited to check payments only at this time. This means you have to wait until they mail the check, then you have to trek out to the bank to deposit the check. Then you'll need to wait until it clears. That's just too many unnecessary steps in this day and age. They should have direct deposit or a paypal option. Fortunately,,,, and all offer multiple of ways to get paid that are fast.

Sharing is not caring…

As a trained affiliate marketer, I love any opportunity that allows me to get paid to share other great companies or ways to make money. It's usually a win win for everyone. Unfortunately Checkout 51 doesn't seem to have a referral program like Ibotta offers. This is unfortunate because it can really help the company spread the word and it would have been added way to make money for their members.

Limited income potential.

I'm a huge fan of multiple streams of income even if it's a little income at a time. I feel it all adds up. But for those people that are looking for opportunities that can pay some major bills or allow you to work at home full time, then Checkout 51 isn't going to be the answer for you. You'll only be able to earn some extra income with this company.

If you're looking to make some “real” income, I would suggest checking out one my top suggestions:

My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation

So is Checkout 51 legit?

Yes it's definitely a legitimate company and people are earning extra money with this opportunity. It's perfect for people that want to get paid for something they already do and for anyone that liked Ibotta but didn't have a smartphone. So I feel confident in recommending Checkout 51 to you guys.

Again you won't be able to support yourself or family with this company, you'll need to check out my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation for that. Or you may also want to give ShopKick a shot as well since it also pays you for grocery shopping. Either way Checkout 51 is still worth adding to your mix of multiple streams of income. If you want to learn about other apps that pay you, check out this article.

I hope you enjoyed my Checkout 51 review, if you want to read more reviews like this you should follow the lead of many other great work at home seekers and become a subscriber by clicking here. You can also follow me on social networks like, Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

Feel free to chime in below in the comment box. I would love to hear about your experience or feelings on Checkout 51.

Talk to you soon.

Eddy with a Y!

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