Click Intensity Review: Is It A Scam Or Not? Learn The Truth!

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Click IntensityIf you're anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time on social media. Initially it was just a fun place to hang out. You could get in contact with people you haven't seen in a long time. Or you could stalk their feed like I do. Don't judge me. But now social media has become a battle ground where it's littered with promotions and heated discussions about politics or religion. We won't discuss the latter. But you may have seen posts for Click Intensity. Is it really the next big thing or more hype? You may not like the truth but read on if you want it.

What is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity, located at, is an ad based company that uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. The company launched in March of 2016. It was started by owner Nick Johnson as a way to increase interest in online ads, games, and videos.

How to Make Money With Click Intensity

At the time of this review there appears to be a few ways to earn with this company.

1. Doing Online Tasks
Click Intensity offers a way to make money just by opening a Free account. You are allegedly able to earn to earn by watching videos, surfing through ads and even playing games. You also get paid to share and post ads and videos to social media. How much do you earn for this stuff? Damned if I know. The site conveniently fails to detail how much you can actually make by completing these tasks.

2. Purchase Ad Packs
Click Intensity members have the option to purchase ad packs to increase their profits. One ad pack costs $25. Click Intensity claims that with each ad pack you buy, you will make $30 after 30 days, that's a $5 profit for each ad pack. Their website once again lacks any real information as to what the ad packs actually are, and why it is important to buy them.

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3. Recruit New Members
According to the website, the best way to earn money is to recruit new members. The more people you bring in combined with the number of ad packs you purchase will determine which level you are. Each level earns a different percentage of the sales of ad packs.
– Level 1: 10% (of sales made from personally recruited members)
– Level 2: 1%
– Level 3-6: .5%
– Level 7: 2%
To move up in the ranks also keep in mind that you need to purchase specific numbers of your own ad packs to sell to others. If you are fine staying on level 1, you only need to have one ad pack. If you have your sights set on the top spot, you will need to own 4,000 ad packs.

Complaints Against Click Intensity

Like nearly every company I've reviewed on this blog, there are Click Intensity Complaints. I've listed some of the things that they may not want you to know.

Click Intensity is Suspiciously Elusive
This company pushes ad packs onto all of its consultants but never explains what they do or why they are necessary on their homepage. There is also very little information about how much you can make with a free account. Click Intensity pumps the benefits of recruiting new members and buying ad packs. But they tend to gloss over any other ways to make money. When a company focuses more on recruiting than they're actual products or services, that's a red flag. This brings me to our next complaint.

Smells Like a Pyramid Scheme
If you begin by doing some simple math, you can easily see that it does not add up. Click intensity seems to pay its members with the money they get from the ad packs. If each member is supposed to make a $5 profit on a 25$ ad pack, eventually there may not be enough money to pay everyone. This company seems to rely very heavily on new members coming in and buying new ad packs. If the stream of members ever stops, so will the payouts.

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You Cannot Make a Full-time Living
In order to make real money, you would need to basically live online and do nothing but recruit people onto your team. Reaching level 7 is not only unrealistic but for most, it may be impossible.

Not Compatible With PayPal
Most modern businesses that are based online will support PayPal. It is a safe and secure way to transfer money. This site uses other, less known programs like Payza and Payeer. Chances are it's because paypal recognizes this as a shady scam and wants no part to do with it.

Where's My Money?
There are many complaints from current members about missing credits and payouts that have been pending for weeks. When they tried to reach out for help they were either given the run around told to give it a few more days. Having your money tied up for no reason is a giant red flag in a company like this.

Is Click Intensity Legitimate, or a Scam?

From what I have read, there is no doubt in my mind that this company is a scam. Everything about it seems vague and borderline illegal. The whole purchasing of ad packs aspect just seems like a way to pay other members. It doesn't seem sustainable. There is nothing about their business model seems to be anything ground breaking that will generate legitimate revenue. So despite all the hype, I would avoid this company. I don't think they'll be around for long.

What's an Alternative To Click Intensity?

If you're looking for another option, I would encourage you to look into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. You'll be working with real companies you know and this business model has been proven to work for many years now. So give it a shot.

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Well that's enough from me. Let me know what you think of Click Intensity down below, good or bad. Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a y

14 thoughts on “Click Intensity Review: Is It A Scam Or Not? Learn The Truth!”

  1. I still not convinced its a scam unless you think your making money for nothing. I see it as an advertising company that promotes the use of flash cards as a front of mind add.
    It guarantees the advertiser that there add will be put before a number of people by way of creating tasks for them to do which forces them to view the add. No other advertising can guarantee to be read by this number of people. If you find advertisers to spend the money you can get some out…seems reasonable. Im still reviewing 🙂

  2. Definitely looks likes a fishy website. I would not go for it, to be honest. There are just too many uncertainties. If the ad-packs are not even helpful and they don’t disclose the reason why they’re there and what they are used for, then there is no product. Without the ad-pack, definitely looks like a pyramid scheme, where the only way to make money is by recruiting and making people pay when they join.

  3. Hi Eddy i just wanted to say thank you for all the great information, and the video how to look for a scam i also lost a lot of money on a website company goes by the name of , and i did not know much about how to research for that the attorney sent me a letter for a class action suit on them,but as of, yet no money back thanks to you i know how to look for scams now a little better.

  4. You’re pretty much right Eddy. Great review. This reminds me of basically every other MLM scheme ever. It doesn’t even try to hide it. The only way to get some use out of it is to recruit! That’s a green light to walk away.

    I’m pretty sure the ad packs are useless. I know. They’re probably there just so they have an actual product. Don’t you agree?

    • Makki, I agree. I think they just have them there to meet the legality of an MLM. Because without the so called ad-pack product it’s just a straight Pyramid Scheme. But we all know the ad packs are worthless. So it should be interesting to see how long this company lasts.

  5. Well I certainly smelt a scam on this one. I’ve read some of your other reviews and I must thank you for keeping us all away from these MLM marketing “opportunities.” They are time wasting and unethical ways to make people work for less than they are worth. There’s much better things people could do with their time.

    • Thanks Jerry. I’m not a big fan of MLMs. Some are okay and people make money with them. But I just don’t like the business model or success rate. So I agree with you.

  6. Hey Eddy,
    Click Intensity sounds very scam like to me. I don’t see how they are in business only to recruit new members to buy more ads. I mean businesses does that but they doing it in a different way I guess. Do you know what I mean? I thought a business main goal was to help people. Just can’t see myself doing this. Your recommendation sounds better! Thanks.

    • Unfortunately many MLMs are designed really just to make money by recruiting others. So I’m not surprised. Thanks for chiming in.

  7. Click Intensity is a scam. And probably will end up like Traffic Monsoon; in court for being a pyramid scheme. Unless CI has other revenue sources besides Ad Packs, they will have to use current and future Ad Pack revenues to pay off early members. The quality of the advertising sold is really poor. People join CI to make money off of the advertising not look or resond to ads.


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