Clickworker Review: Make Money Completing Online Tasks or Scam?

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It feels like computers are taking over everything that humans used to do. You have machines to check out your groceries, collect tolls and even perform certain surgeries. It's a gift and curse. People lose their jobs but life is more convenient. Fortunately there are certain jobs that still require real humans to perform. Companies like Clickworker know this and claim to pay people to complete tasks that still require a human brain to do. If you're here, you are probably reading a lot of Clickworker reviews to see if they're the real deal.

Well, we have everything you need to know including the good, the bad and the straight out ugly, and we've laid them all out in this Clickworker review. So, let's dive in, shall we?

What Is Clickworker?

Clickworker found at is a German-based crowdsourcing company that pays people to do online short tasks or little jobs for individuals and companies. We'll discuss what type of jobs a little later. Anyway, says Alexander Linden founded Clickworker in 2005 and the company is currently headquartered in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

How Does Clickworker Work?

Companies and individuals have small tasks like data entry, surveys, web research and information verification that need to be done from time to time. So they are willing to hire remote or work at home based workers to perform these jobs. So Clickworker provides a platform where remote workers like you and I can take up these tasks, complete them and earn money.

Remember Amazon Mechanical Turk? It more or less follows the same concept. But let's take a closer look at how you make money with Clickworker.

How Do I Make Money With Clickworker?

Once you sign up for worker account you can log in and start taking jobs that you can do. Here's what they offer.

Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) training –

This is perhaps mostly used by tech start-ups and software developers. You may be asked to create voice recordings, take photos of facial expressions or even write texts that companies use text, voice and facial recognition.

Surveys –

This is nothing new but you may have to take a pre-qualifier test as most of these surveys target a specific demographic. You can make money taking surveys on sites like and as well.

Translation –

If you're good in more than one language, there are translation jobs you can take up

Web Research and Product Categorization –

This is for companies that want to do market research for certain products and services. You'll basically be scouring the internet for information about a store's opening hours, catalogs, physical addresses, events and potential customers.

Product Data Management –

This concerns companies or individuals who want to create a digital database of their products or services. You may be asked to create a pamphlet for a company's products in PDF, picture or Excel format.

Text Creation and Copywriting –

This is basically writing web content or articles. It could be a blog post, “About us” page or landing pages for websites.

Once you complete the gig and if the client is happy, Clickworker pays you. We'll discuss payment options later on.

If none of these tasks appeal to you, did you know you can make money online other ways on sites like and You'll basically be earning cash doing what you already do online like watching videos, taking surveys, watching videos and much more. So it may be an alternative or additional option to try as well.

What is Required To Be A Clickworker?

With most of Clickworker tasks, you may have to pass a pre-qualifier test to judge whether you qualify to do the job.

How Much Can I Make With Clickworker?

Clickworker says payment varies with the complexity of the job and estimated completion time. So it may range from a few cents to a couple of dollars. But actual workers say they make $9 an hour on average.

However, that amount can be higher or lower based on how many tasks you qualify for and the availability of these tasks.

If these rates aren't wowing you, that's fine. You may want to try My Top Work At Home Recommendation where you can make a full or part time income in time. Whereas clickworker is designed to help you earn a few extra bucks.

How Do I Join Clickworker?

You only need an email account and to create a password to sign up. Once you fill out the form that includes details on your location and age, they'll send you a confirmation email with an activation link.

Once you click on the link you can log in to the jobs-board and pick a task. That's pretty much it. At the time of this review, you can apply from anywhere in the world. However, it seems you'll have to go through the application process to know whether they accept an application from your country at the time.

How Does Clickworker Pay You?

Clickworker pays workers via PayPal. If you live outside the United States and can't access PayPal, you'll need a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) to get your money. The company being German, they pay in Euros, so you'll have to do the conversion yourself.

They claim that they either pay every week on Wednesday via PayPal (minimum 5 euro) or once every month (minimum 10 euro) to your bank account if you don't have PayPal.

What We Like About Clickworker

PayPal Payments

If you work remotely, PayPal is perhaps the best way to get paid, so it's good that Clickworker pays via PayPal. But hey, that's just me.

They employ worldwide

As mentioned earlier, they do accept applications from anywhere in the world. But just keep in mind you'll have to check whether your country is eligible while signing up. Just select your country from the drop-down menu to find out.

Clickworker Complaints

This is part of the review you'll have to read if you want to know if Clickworker is legit. We've done some digging and here are some of the common complaints agains Clickworker to consider. Ultimately you decide if they are deal breakers or not.

Some clients take forever to approve tasks

Sometimes it takes days, even weeks to know whether the task you did was up to snuff or not. So, that means your weekly payday is up to them. Some workers claim they had to wait for days only for the client to request a revision. Others just reject your task with no reasonable explanation.

Don't quit your day job

It seems there are more workers on Clickworker than there are tasks. And even if you can find tasks you still need to qualify to work them. And if you do qualify they may take days or weeks to approve or flat out reject your work. So if you're like most people with household bills that need to be paid in a timely fashion, you can't have the type of uncertainty that comes with working with this company.

So I recommend you have multiple streams of income to offset this unknown. Fortunately you can earn money taking surveys at You can even make money off what you already do online with sites like

And if you're looking to make a living online working part time or full time, you may want to consider My Best Work At Home Recommendation. So you have options in addition to clickworker.

No BBB Rating

At the time of this review, the Better Business Bureau is yet to rate Clickworker's BBB profile. They give an awesome account of hand-screened remote jobs you can check out within your area.

Is Clickworker A Scam?

Clickworker doesn't appear to be a scam. However you may not make enough money to consistently pay your bills. But you may be able to earn some cash for a few cold ones in your local watering hole! That said, I think it's always a good idea to have multiple streams of income.

So you may want to earn money taking surveys at or doing what you basically do online like visiting sites and watching videos on sites like But if you are really serious about making real money online, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's my Clickworker review. Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the comments section below. If you still have questions about the company, you can read their FAQ section here.

Until next time

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    • You have to take an assessment first, and if you score a 94 or above they will give you task if you passed, you can make between $0.01 to $84 dollars, from what I’ve see, you could probably higher for each task you do.

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