Is A Scam?

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If you've read my review regarding Mechanical Turk work at home program the following review will seem like deja vu.

What is

It's very much like a freelance site except without the bidding. An employer or company hires to complete a project. breaks this project down into smaller easier tasks. They post these tasks on their site and assign a fee to them. Work at home seekers can log in to their cloudcrowd account to see what projects are available and select the ones of interest to them and get started on them. Once they're completed the tasks they're paid instantly the following day. Pretty cool, huh?

What type of work is on CloudCrowd?

The projects vary. You can get paid for tagging images or videos with descriptive keywords. You can get paid for finding information online. You can get paid for writing or editing paragraphs, articles, etc. Basically whatever someone is willing to pay you for that involves online work, it will probably show up on provided it's not illegal or gross.

What are the requirements to work with

1. Paypal account – It's free and used to pay you.
2. Facebook account – It's free. uses a facebook application to post new jobs and manage their workers.
3. Internet Access – All your work is done online, so web access is sort of important.

How much can you get paid?

This all varies on the complexity of the tasks. It can range anywhere from .01 cents and up. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'm not doing anything for .01 cent. Like I said it varies. But at the end of the day like Mturk it all adds up when you're doing multiple projects. There are many of you that can attest to this that have tried MTurk.

And besides you'll probably get paid more than you do now for your online activities. I'm guessing if you calculate all the hours you spend online searching for jobs, goofing off on facebook or surfing porn you'll discover you've earned nothing for the trouble. So earning a few cents or dollars should be welcomed instead of looked down on.

How do you get paid?

CloudCrowd pays via paypal. You can transfer the money from your paypal account to your bank account or you can use their paypal debit card to have access to your money.

When do you get paid?

After you complete a project, you get paid the next day via PayPal.

Is this opportunity available to people outside the US?

Yes it is. As long as your country is supported by paypal then you're eligible to work with

Is there a referral program?

Of course there is. Haven't I told you most companies have an affiliate / referral program? In any event, here's what I know about their program:

– It's obviously free to join and participate.
– "When you invite someone to join CloudCrowd and they join, they become part of your Personal Crowd, and you get a commission on all the work they do. The people they invite also become part of your Personal Crowd, at the 2nd level. The invitees of your 2nd level Personal Crowd become your 3rd level Personal Crowd. Each time any of these individuals does work that is paid for, you get a commission.

Referral rates are currently:

– Rates are subject to change on a quarterly basis.

– Best of all, Commissions are paid daily! Joy!!!

So is A Scam?

My initial research hasn't shown a lot of evidence to suggest that is a scam. They don't charge you a fee which is always a good look. There are reports of people getting paid. So at the time of this review, it seems safe to say that is legitimate

Now with that said, they're still in beta so things can change drastically for better or worst either way. But for now you might as well test it out and make some money. Add this opportunity to your arsenal of non traditional work at home opportunities that can make you money now.

The Cons

Although I do recommend trying, please keep the following negatives in mind:

1. You can't support your family with this type of opportunity. It's not a "real" work at home job. But you already know I'm all for multiple streams of income regardless of how small it may be. In this industry making some money is always better than making none. If you don't feel that way yet, it means you haven't been at this long enough and your attitude will change soon enough.

2. Some folks hate paypal with a passion. I've heard the horror stories but I've been using them for years and have never had an issue. But since doesn't offer a check option, this may turn off some people.

3. You need to have a Facebook account. Personally I found this to be annoying. Let's assume you're an anti-social bastard like myself that doesn't want to be found or contacted. lol This requirement sort of puts you in a tough position. Hopefully in time they'll have more of a traditional account process that doesn't require Facebook.

4. There aren't a lot of projects right now. But I suspect it's one of those things where you need to check in several times a day to see if anything new popped up. Furthermore the company is in beta so I imagine as they get more publicity and are out of that phase, it will grow like Amazon MTurk program did.


In any event, that pretty much sums it up. If you've tried this company, I would love to hear your feedback. I'll probably do a follow up post with a video if I've made some money with the company. You know I'm big on talking the talk and walking the walk. But I figured that I should get this out here as soon as possible to help you folks out. Lord knows my schedule can be wacky which may delay the creation of a video or post. Furthermore the referral money would be nice, so help a brother out. lol

Enjoy either way and let me know what you think.

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