Commission Cartel Review: Is It A Scam or The Real Deal?

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Commission Cartel ScamLately I've been binging of the Netflix series Narcos. It's a great show about the columbian drug cartels. At the end of the day the folks depicted in the show are ruthless criminals. But my entrepreneurial side can't help admire their business savvy. This probably explains why I decided to look into the Commission Cartel program despite their shady name.

Should You Buy It?

If you were wondering if it was worth buying, you need to read my Comission Cartel Review below. But if you have a short attention span, my short answer is HELL NO! Don't belive the fake Comission Cartel reviews you've seen online. You'll see why I came to decision if you take the time to read down below. If not, you've been warned!

What is Commission Cartel?

Commission Cartel, which is available at, is a product that was introduced by internet marketer Michael Cheney in 2016. Cheney claims to put together one of the best ways that he has found to make money online in his 10 years of experience. Commission Cartel claims that you will make loads of cash with affiliate marketing by using the so-called secrets that they have discovered.

How Does Commission Cartel Work?

Cheney claims that he is making upwards of $1,442 per day. Allegedly you could easily be making $500 or more within your first month using the techniques he teaches in Commission Cartel. The secret that Cheney has claimed to have perfected is a system where the idea is to build an email list of prospective buyers. Then it's a matter of pushing those customers through a proper sales funnel in order to make money off of their purchases.

How much does Commission Cartel cost?

Commission Cartel has numerous payment options and upsells. We've listed them below.

Basic Commission Cartel Package

  • This package will cost a one time fee of $16.95.
  • Included in this price is a Commission Cartel dossier, video, audio, blueprints, and additional “insider training”.

Unlike my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation, there is no Free trial option for the Commission Cartel program. So if you are not raking in the cash after taking Cheney's course, then you'll just need to suck that up.

The Godfather Package

  • This package has a one time fee of $27.
  • Gives you access to “never before released” done-for-you-commission-creating campaigns.
  • Includes promotional materials, discount coupons, and special VIP access.

The “Secret Weapons” Package

  • There is a one time fee of $47 for this package.
  • Includes ready to use money-making promo templates.
  • Additional bonuses, such as the “How to turn emails into money program”.

Commission Cartel Complaints

I am sure you are wondering where the catch is in all of this. After all, spending just over $15 in order to learn how to make $500 per month or more sounds too good to be true, right? If you answered “yes” then you are correct. The list of complaints against the Commission Cartel program are seemingly endless, so I will do my best to sum up the main points.

There is no refund offered

As mentioned earlier, the Commission Cartel does not seem to offer any publicized refund option. So if you're not happy with it, then tough cookies. You may better off pumping that $16 into a slot machine and hoping it pays off, then you are spending it on Commission Cartel.

The information is vague or conflicting.

They tell you from the start that you will not need to have a website or an email list to get started. But when you actually dive in, it is clear that you will have to build a list to take advantage of this system. They claim that they have a bunch of “secret weapons” that will revolutionize the way money can be made online, and these must be well kept secrets. So well kept, in fact, that they do not release them even after you purchase the product, so you are left wondering whether these “secret weapons” really exist at all.

It doesn't add up!

Does it really make sense that this Michael Cheney is supposedly making $1500 per day and he is willing to show you how for only $16.95? The answer is no it doesn't make any damn sense. Cheney says that he learned this technique from his “affiliate mafia” friends after finally being inducted into their ranks. But this product is as big of a joke as the idea that there is an “affiliate mafia”.

Who you gonna call?

Who do you call when you have questions about Commissions Cartel? That is a good question, and one without an answer. Allegedly you can contact the creator Mr. Cheney himself via email. But judging by the complaints of others, he does not respond very quickly if at all. The lack of a quick response does make some sense. He is probably bombarded with tons of complaints about this product.

So Is Commission Cartel Legitimate?

If the ideas presented by Commissions Cartel were innovative, and the directions more specific, then there might be something to it. However, they have created a system that leaves you with more questions than answers. So I personally wouldn't recommend this product. Obviously you're going to have many people pushing this product because they have a great commission. But I just wouldn't feel confident recommending this to my audience. I have no problems earning commissions for promoting quality products but this doesn't feel like one.

What is a Free Alternative?

Honestly there are better ways to make money online. In fact, check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. These options provide you with the opportunity to make money via Multiple Streams of Income. It my experience that is key to being a successful online entrepreneur. But you're a grown ass adult so that's for you to decide.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this program. So feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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