Crazy Cash Club: Online Scam or Instant Wealth?

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“This is Your once in a lifetime opportunity to literally change your whole life over night!”………..

say Martin and Roger. “$16,000.00 or more Your First Day“, “$120,000.00 Your First Year” and “Never pay a dime out of pocket”!

Really Martin? Really? I already smell BS, don't you? Of course, they are talking about their “product” Crazy Cash Club and how it will make you rich beyond your dreams, apparently to the tune of 1.2 million dollars in the second year! Sounds to good to be true, if you ask me.

I am curious what's behind all of that and I am sure you are as well. So let's take a closer look at this company in my Crazy Cash Club Review, shall we?

What Is Crazy Cash Club?

In all honesty, no one really can tell at this point. All we know is that you can sign up (for free?) to “secure your spot” so you can make a bundle come January 26th.

The owners of Crazy Cash Club identify themselves simply as Martin and Roger, no surnames given. Maybe they think they are famous like “Laurel & Hardy” or “Cheech and Chong“. Who knows?

However, Martin & Roger make no bones about it that Crazy Cash Club will not be a big Pyramid Scheme. Of course, they will say “that ain't so” because they are a “network marketing” organization (MLM) which comes with products and “forced matrix” compensation plan, like all the others.

The Claims of The Crazy Cash Club

When you log on to their website, you are greeted by a rather ugly image and a MULTI COLORED Flyer below it. Take a look.

what is crazy cash club

This makes it abundantly clear, at least to me, that the folks behind the Crazy Cash Club are totally nuts. Do they really believe that we all are gullible enough to believe that the Crazy Cash Club is our gateway to instant millions, even without ever “paying a dime out of pocket“?

Anyways, let's pretend for a moment that you are, you need someone to give you a reality check. Here are some facts you need to know.

In every Pyramid Scheme, no matter if they call themselves an MLM, a Network Marketing Business or another fancy name, only very few people at the top of the pyramid making almost all of the money (that's the “position yourself early BS“, remember?). The Crazy Cash Club will not be the exception.

Only about 1% of all participants will be making a bundle, another 1 % will make some decent amounts. Want to know about the rest? About 8% can be happy to make about $1,000 bucks a month as long as the charade lasts, and all of the other poor suckers will be happy to just brake even. Many will lose substantial amounts of their hard earned money.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at the official earnings statement of the biggest online pyramid scheme ever….Empower Network.

The Crazy Cash Club Compensation Plan

Once you are done taking everything in that's presented on the first page, including the “teaser” video, you are just too ready to join and “secure your spot, FOR FREE” of course. Come on, click on the big Join Free Now button, it wont hurt.

Bummer. Now you are supposed to fill out a form asking for a lot of personal info; down to your home address, phone numbers,etc; the whole 9 yards. I was not ready for that, yet. Luckily, I spot a menu tab ‘Learn More”. Always eager to learn, I give it a try.

THERE! (Barry Scheck, O.J. Simpson lawyer 1995)……another video. This one is about 15 minutes and some guy tries to explain the whole thing and he does spend a lot of time on the subject “Compensation Plan”.

is crazy cash club legity

You find out that there is a 6 x 3 Forced Matrix which is supposedly to be a good thing. They explain that when anyone under you signs up, they still fall under you even if you didn't sign them up. Here is the “get in early BS” again, and it's still free.

See the $17,200 amount there? Seems to be very significant and I tried to figure out where this number comes from. I watched this video 5 times and, unfortunately, was not able to really grasp the math behind what the guy tried to tell us. But I'll be the first to admit that I suck at math so that could be part of the problem. Well, here is what I gathered from this video:

If you make $17,200 your first month (for some reason, this specific figure is repeatedly mentioned, as an expected earning for both the first day and the first month), but you also recruit Jan, Ted, and Sue who earn a total of $66,900, then you actually earn $84,100 a month!

Thanks to the geniuses behind Crazy Cash, you are a guaranteed a 100% matching bonus for everyone you recruit!

Uhh, what now? If you're still confused welcome to the club. Any time you need a long ass video to explain how you make money, it's a bad sign!

How Is The Crazy Cash Club Supposed To Work

Well, you sign up for free and “position yourself”; now you have to wait a couple of weeks until this thing takes off. As soon as that happens, you will be in for a little surprise.

Although you positioned yourself “for free”, you find out it's not THAT FREE at all. Now you are required to either purchase one off the “products” out of the offerings, or throw in the towel, quit and leave to try something else.

Why, you want to know? Because it's time for dollars to start flowing. In a pyramid scheme, the dough flows UPWARD. Those that joined UNDER you will have to pay YOU, and you, on the other hand, have to pay the folk ABOVE you.

And in order for you to make your $17,200 (or whatever) the first day, real dollars have to flow. Pushing FREE upwards would do NO GOOD for your bank account, now would it?

This is where the real work begins, if you decided to hang in there. You will promoting products to your family members, all your friends, people you like or dislike, your enemies and every member of every social network you are a member off.

You will be doing that until your family members stop returning your calls, you lost all your friends and the social network buddies put you on their blacklist.

The Products of The Crazy Cash Club

Like most bad MLMs (and not all are bad) there isn't a focus on the products which is a huge sign of a scam. The products are hard to find on their website. You will see a menu tab labelled “Your Cart is empty”. Click on that and then on “continue shopping”; that will finally take you to a page that displays four products.

  • 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors Price: $54.00 discounted: $17.00
  • 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors Price: $154.00 discounted: $54.00
  • CrazySplash Click Thru Pages Price: $157.00 discounted: $97.00
  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System + Guaranteed Top Position! Price: $277.00 discounted: $157.00

I have not purchased any of the products but it's clear that the first three are aiming at “Website Traffic Generation”. Then there is the Monster Cash Webinar System.

Crazy Cash Club Cons:

Well it shouldn't be a surprise given what you've read so far this opportunity has a lot of red flags that make me uncomfortable. But let me try to lay out some of the big ones for me.

Crazy Cash Club is NOT FREE!

Granted, you can join Crazy Cash Club for free during the pre-launch period. However, in order to participate and try to make money, you will have to purchase at least ONE of the products from Monster Cash, owned by………..Martin Morse & Roger McEntyre. Isn't it funny how FREE turns into a money making machine for Martin & Roger?

Owners Have No History!

I literally had to stumble upon info on the owners after navigating through the site looking for something else. You would think folks as successful as these guys would have a prominent bio. But instead I literally had to hunt and accidentally find a short BIO for each of the mysterious Crazy Cash Club owners.

Martin & roger, owners of crazy cash club

I never heard of these guys and could not find any other information on the web either. I am not sure if I would trust this duo to make me a millionaire! Oh well, the future will tell if they are the “good” or the “bad guys”.

Pyramids of Egypt!

One thing is for sure: The Crazy Cash Club pyramid will not be as pretty as the originals in Egypt. Their whole business appears to be based on a pyramid scheme rather than a real business. The fact that they encourage you to try to dupe your family and friends into this is a typical tactic of pyramid schemes. The other issue is you seem to be making money just from recruiting and not the actual sales of their products which is another big sign of a pyramid and why this whole opportunity is suspect.

Based out of where?

what is crazy cash clubDigging around on their badly designed website, I found something disturbing. Their contact address is a postal box in Grass Valley, 101 W. McKnight Wy. STE B, Grass Valley CA, located between the Afternoon Deli and the Royal Dragon restaurant. I am not making this up; I found the spot on Google Maps.

Do you really believe you are going to make millions of dollars from an anonymous group which doesn't even have an actual office?

So Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam?

I truly cannot tell you if Crazy Cash Club is a scam just yet. From what I see and the way it is presented, it damn near smells like a pyramid scheme to me. Yes, they try to disguise it with “selling products”, but are these really tangible products that people WANT to buy and USE? I doubt it seriously. We will see how it all plays out after the big launch on January 26, 2015….

Personally, I will stay away from Crazy Cash Club and recommend you do the same.

I hope you enjoyed my Crazy Cash Club Review. We may revisit this company but given what I've seen, I think the writing is already on the wall. Either way I would love to hear your opinion, so don't be shy and leave a comment below. It will help me to chose my next topics to write about and continue to make money online.

Crazy Cash Club Alternative

Obviously if you're reading this review chances are you want to make money online but you want to do it the right way as I have. If that's the case then check out my My Top FREE Work At Home Recommendation! I can't sit here and tell you it's right for everyone. That's for you to determine. But at the very least you can find out for yourself since there isn't any real barrier of entry. So definitely check it out.

That's all for today, folks. Again, I am really interested what you have on your mind, so chime in below.

Thanks for stopping by

Eddy with a y.

37 thoughts on “Crazy Cash Club: Online Scam or Instant Wealth?”

  1. Isn’t it ironic when these so called review people do a write up about a company and don’t know all the facts. As it was stated before CCC is not a program but a club. It’s members by using it’s sheer numbers get placed into other legit MLM programs so they can create spill over by using their leverage in numbers. That was the whole concept of creating CCC. There will be another 4 programs in 2016 that all it’s members will be placed. Their signature program that Martin and Roger have created will be launched next month Business Blasters which is an advertising program that all people who operate or are associated with can use to grow their business. Most of the times these reviewers like yourself have their own program they want to sell or most of the time get payed from other MLM programs to have people click on their link and get kick backs. The majority of these people who have had a bad program go belly up you would find that they were new to mlm themselves and didn’t know how to go about it the right way. Of course people got burnt but you would find they wanted to do the right thing but they still get labelled as scam artist. They keep on trying till they get it right and find the right vehicle to help everyone earn.

    • Hey Rino,

      The great thing about my blog is I always welcome comments so people can chime in and clarify anything I get wrong. The fact is a lot of things change after a review may have been written. That said you haven’t really addressed the cons of this so called opportunity which is really the ironic thing here. You’re too focused on trying to discredit me even though I have a history of helping people avoid scams and find legit opportunities for a decade. Even the media has recognized this. So my legitimacy or intentions aren’t in question here. In terms of giving people other options, yes that’s my job here. I’m not running a charity here. If a company does have redeeming qualities I’m fair and mention this. But I’m always going to give other options that I believe in and have been successful with. I don’t just promote things to make money. If that were the case my recommendations would be programs that pay me way more.

      But yes I do recommend things that pay me but also provide value to my users. I make no apologies for it nor do I hide it. So you’re not revealing a dirty secret that my users don’t know. This blog is about making money. That means I help people make money and I make money in the process. So it’s a win win situation.

      In any event, thanks for chiming in. It’s always great to hear a different perspective. But trying to discredit me isn’t helping your point.

  2. Ok, Sure there are ripoffs out there, but lets have an open mind about businesses and new ideas.
    1. It is free to join, or do not join period
    2. You could leave it at that, and just be an observer
    3. If it does become popular, you may join later
    4. Be Smart
    This is 2015, and we never know what new ideas will be successful as we move forward, and we fall and we get back up.

    • Ed,

      I totally agree we should have an open mind when it comes to making online. Too often people pigeon hold themselves which is why most won’t succeed. That said I would prefer to be open minded about things that are proven and don’t resort to making unrealistic claims or using a lot of hype. And as I pointed out in the review yes it’s free but to actually make money with this company it’s not. So what’s the point especially because you’re made to jump some hoops.

      So being smart is to go with things that are proven have a history and are upfront about what they’re offering. And this isn’t that in my mind. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Hopefully you have success with this company.

  3. As Marie stated,
    This is a club. Not a business.

    Whats wrong with like minded individuals who want to join a business?
    Its no different from any facebook group joining a business as 1 organization. Are all of them scams?

    I am also a member of a car club that sells car washes, does that make them a scam?

    Eddy Soloman, what makes you an expert in your reviews when it is apparent that you have not fully investigated the facts.

    The numbers aren’t really all that ludicris considering there are over 6 billion people on the planet and more and more people are turning to network marketing every day.
    Besides, they dont guarantee that everyone will make that amount of money.
    Its impossible to predict how much anyone will earn.

    Just as with anything, you get out what you put in.
    It is no different than any other mlm.
    Just like a snowball effect, If people join under you, how can you not make money.

    As far as pyramid schemes go, Just about everything is based on them.

    You go to work each day. You have a boss. He has a boss. They have a boss, all the way up the line.
    Do you make more money than them? Of course not.

    Even our democracy is based on a pyramid. From the president on down.

    So before bashing Crazy Cash Club, I suggest you get all the facts straight.

    You are simply stating an opinionated guess as to what the club is about.
    But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    • Hey Ricky,

      You make some valid points about corporate america being one of the biggest pyramid schemes out there. I agree with you to a certain degree. That said there are useful and tangible products and services being produced in corporate america. So it’s not exactly the same but there are definitely some similarities in that you have people at the bottom that do a lot of the heavy lifting while CEOs and executives make the bulk of the income.

      It’s because of that I became a business owner and why I’m always making the recommendation that others should do the same if they don’t feel they’re actually getting what they’re worth from a job. I truly believe in my Top Free Recommendation because the principles they have taught me has actually allowed me to make a full time income online. So unlike most reps of clubs, MLMs or any other names of these various programs, I actually walk the walk and talk the talk. I’m not just promoting this stuff because it makes me money which I don’t hide or apologize for because anyone visiting this site is here to learn how to make money without being scammed. I actually implement and make money with what I’m preaching. So there is a big difference in my mind.

      That said I can appreciate your defense of this program because you are a rep of it. And that’s fine. But let’s keep it real. This site you’re promoting does make unrealistic claims about the income that can be earned as if it’s the norm and likely to happen. We both know that’s not the case. It’s irresponsible and misleading to throw out numbers like that on a sales page because the creators know that’s what people are going to fixate on.

      I have nothing against useful clubs. I’m a member of Netflix and love it because it provides useful content and isn’t making ridiculous claims about their service. I doubt that the traffic products being offered are of high quality. It sounds like they’ll be reselling the usual traffic bot nonsense. And if they are selling some quality products it’s hard to believe given all the other exaggerated claims made by this company. That said, I didn’t say they were a flat out scam. I just stated that given what I’ve seen I wouldn’t touch it. It’s my opinion.

      And to answer your question about who I am, unlike the owners, my rep speaks for itself as I’ve been doing this since 1998. You can go ahead and read up on media mentions and such here: I’m not a new kid on the block. I’ve literally helped hundreds and thousands of people avoid scams or make money. So you can try to put my name in question but it’s not going to hold much weight given my years of exp actually helping people. But feel free to attack me if you think it helps your cause. It won’t be the first time or last that others have tried. But I can tell you from experience it rarely sways people into somehow wanting to now join whatever you’re promoting.

      Thanks for chiming in. I do agree with you there are many social aspects that do resemble a pyramid scheme. But it’s not exactly the same and it doesn’t justify the existences of those that are just designed to screw people over.

  4. I did do some further research about Martin Morse and Club Colossal and another opportunity he supposedly was involved in. As I have stated I joined for free just to do some due diligence. After this last minute research I probably will pass on this one. Thanks for all the comments.

    • Hey Cary, I’m glad you decided to dig deeper and thus follow our advice and pass on this. I think it was the right call. Give my recommendation a go. It may be a better option for you if you don’t mind a little hard work, have patience and want to build something for the long term as I have.

  5. I have been exploring network marketing opportunities for sometime. I happen to know that if you have an online business and no “buying customers” you will not make a dime.
    Crazy Cash Club is providing an opportunity, which is very do-able, for people to join the club instead of having to build a list of buying customers. The intent is, as part of the club, you follow the club into whatever business it joins. Some will make a lot and some will make not so much, but everyone in the club will profit, if they follow the system.
    I do not know what will happen down the road, but the concept is brilliant and gives average struggling marketers an opportunity to make money online.
    If all goes well, as stated on CCC webinars, will you be laughing or saying “I should have”, that is the question.

    • It’s always great to hear from affiliates of the program. I do agree with you that any business needs buying customers. I think that’s a given. That said the unrealistic income claims that this company is making is not helping anyone believe that anything they’ll be teaching is legitimate or feasible. Obviously you have an interest in making sure people do consider this opportunity given you’re part of it. So I understand your motivation but I’m sorry given what I’ve laid out above, it’s not something I think people should try. But I wish you the best Ang. Thanks for chiming in though.

  6. Eddy, as usual it’s a joy to read one of your articles! Thank you for your usual hard work in find these things out for the rest of us!

  7. Hey Eddy this Martin Morse guy used to run a scam like this called Club Colossal. I remember reading about this on the Ripoff Report site.

  8. Yeah, time will tell. Unfortunately, someone will probably get hurt while it’s doing that. I get the feeling we’ll be seeing these guys on American Greed. Maybe not, but it smells bad. I make it a rule not to commit to anything without knowing what it is, for instance, signing on for a sales gig without knowing what it is I’d be selling.

  9. Thanks, Eddy! I was in an MLM for a couple years. All it did was cost me alot of money that my family couldn’t really afford. At my level, I had to buy $150 of product every month. I’m sure somebody was getting rich, but it wasn’t me!

  10. Thanks John but you do not have to point anything out to me. I am not hoping to make 17 grand my first day. I do not even need this opportunity. I am just checking it out. I know the pitfalls in this arena for I have been around it for years. My whole point was to just share what I know which is only fair. BTW I am a he. 🙂

  11. Hello Eddy, I feel the need to point something important out to Cary who joined already for free and hopes to make $17,200 the first day (or there about).

    Cary needs 258 paying recruits (according to the comp plan) in her down line on launch day to get this 17 Grand. That accounts to about $67 for each of the 258.

    Lets assume there are ONLY 1,000 free members signed up. In order for each one to receive $17,000 there must be 258,000 paying members. Correct?

    Of course, each of the 258,000 wants to make 17 big ones, eventually. Are you still with me?

    Good. How many NEW folks does it take to get there? Roughly 66 1/2 MILLION

    And that’s why this thing never will work out.

  12. What they market is advertising to other Network Marketers and Home based business owners. Even brick and mortar they are saying. One can be just a customer if they so choose. They talk about the potential income and the products via their webinars. One is required to attend some webinars to learn all the details. Not everyone of course will make the kind of money they state in headline. I guess it is possible for the so called heavy hitters. This thing has yet to launch but from what I have heard they seem pretty up front. I do not know for I have been fooled before but one can join for free and work their way up from there. They have different pay levels depending on ones budget but the lowest level is reasonable. I am just doing my due diligence at this point with eyes wide open. Thanks for all you do. You are appreciated so much!!

    • The fact they have to hide this information in a webinar rather than just saying flat out in their website what this is and have the videos there is questionable. Every company always talks about the potential money you make, there is also potential money you can make in the lottery. But it doesn’t mean it’s a viable or scalable business to build on. Again to each their own.

  13. Cute, Eddy, cute! I really enjoyed your comments. I have never been fond of MLM schemes. I think that many of them are a joke, just like this one. Thanks Eddy

  14. I joined this for free of course. Joined pretty early as well. These guys do webinars twice a week and reveal more details. It could be you are not informed enough and again maybe you are right but I personally cannot label it a scam at this time. All I know is they do reveal more and they are not hiding.

    • Cary,
      Thanks for sharing your views. Honestly if they didn’t make such ridiculous income claims on their sales page I’d be less likely to be skeptical. The fact they are so allusive about what’s being offered isn’t helping matters. And as I said above the push for recruiting more people rather than pushing the actual product isn’t a good sign either. That said, this doesn’t give me a good feeling. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Given what I’ve seen initially it’s not something that makes me want to pursue this further. But I guess time will tell about this opportunity.

    • Really! Is a pyramid not something where those at the top make all the big bucks and the rest what’s left over?
      CCC offers equal opportunity to all. It is not a business but a CLUB. The products are Advertising products which anyone can use to advertise their products except for the ones specifically for CCC.
      The purpose of the Club is to join lucrative businesses, it could be yours, if you have a sound profitable business. You could join as a free member and share your business model with the Club. If they feel it is lucrative, they will join your business.
      Would you not like that?
      Many businesses have weekly webinars and they are highly recommended for 2015.
      Now, as I said previously, anything could happen, but the concept is perfectly legit.
      I did not put my website because I am not asking anyone to join, I just wanted to clarify what I know about CCC.

    • Marie,

      There are tons of ways to promote a business that don’t require you to join a club or deal with upsells and ridiculous income claims. The promotion products that are being sold aren’t necessarily high quality targeted traffic. That said I wish you the best with this opportunity. But it’s definitely not something I would try given other alternatives. But to each their own. Everyone will need to make their own decisions.

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