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There has been a few times where I've received emails from my web users where they expressed some issues with a given page they are viewing. They try their best to explain it to me but it's just not registering. I really just wish I could see their computer screens. Well there is software that does allow for this such as: WebEx & Remote PC

They're both pieces of software that are good and thankfully offer you a free trial. But then you have to pony up some minor monthly fees after the free ride is over.

For me that's not a big deal because I can always write off the expense. But I know work at home seekers may not have the same luxury. So what is one to do? Try It's totally free! (For Now!)

Here are some practical uses for this remote desktop sharing tool:

    • Help fix your mom's computer from the comfort of your dorm room.
    • Set up meetings with your boss to get some training or assistance on a project.
    • Go on vacation somewhere and pretend to still be working by accessing your work PC (Courtesy of the methods in the "4 Hour Work Week").

So give a try. If you're currently a WebEx or Remote PC user, conduct online meetings, or attend a lot of web meetings this may be a better solution for you or your company.


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  1. In addition to CrossLoop, you may also have a look at R-HUB web conferencing server for all your desktop sharing and web conferencing needs.

  2. Thanks for this great recommendation on CrossLoop.
    Just wanted to clarify that the product, as is, will ALWAYS be free 🙂
    Please feel free to email me if you or your readers have any questions


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