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Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! claims to offer a data entry job in the comfort of your own home. ‘Enter data online and earn $200 – $500 every day working from your home computer. Data entry workers needed immediately!' goes on to state that ‘This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a legitimate way to earn money from home'. Now why would we think it's a ‘get-rich-quick' scheme when they are presenting a job offer? Makes you wonder why they're being so defensive. Hmmm… In any event, allegedly you'll get paid to fill out forms for companies. In theory that sounds pretty simple. But it begs the question, Why isn't everyone else working for them? Well if you believe their site, it's because there are only 4 positions available! Really Data Entry Bucks? Really? I don't know about you but this is starting to smell like a typical scarcity marketing tactic to me.

The Truth about

Well, wouldn't you know it, I'm right. Apparently in order to work for, I need pay $39.95 to secure this position. Excuse you! I knew I smelled B.S.! Why do I have to pay for a job? Last I checked it was the other way around. In an offline job search I wouldn't pay a company to work for them, so I'm definitely not paying That being said, I did some research and have listed some common complaints against this company.

1. As stated above, You're paying for a so called "job". It's one thing to pay for education, training, resume writing services, a newspaper or internet service to help you land a job. But paying a company to work for them is nonsense. That's also fine if you're investing in a home based business but it's never cool to pay someone to work for them. So that's a huge strike. Most scams exhibit this people. Don't let desperation cloud your judgment. You wouldn't put up with that crap offline so don't do it online either!

2. The job isn't really a job. This is yet another example of a work at home company that is misrepresenting affiliate marketing. Just like the Google profit/ money nonsense out there, they aren't being honest and letting you know that they're actually selling you is training and not a real job. It's this type of crap that makes me have a better appreciation for a company like Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate marketing isn't a freaking dirty word but these companies sure make it feel that way. In fact, I'm getting the heebie geebies just talking about them. Hold up, I have to go get me some hand sanitizer. Oh screw it, I'm getting the soap and water. …… Okay I'm back. Sorry about that.

3. The other compliant I found was that may not necessarily honor their refund policies consistently. Allegedly a former 'employee' paid his fee. Later he decided it wasn't for him when he couldn't get into the members area. After emailing the company repeatedly requesting a refund, he finally got a response stating they didn't know who he was. Therefore they couldn't refund him any money! So he sent them his receipt from click bank and they still denied him. Now ain't that about a B? Imagine if our court system worked like that. A lawyer would present the evidence proving someone's innocence and a judge was like: ‘Nah, You're guilty!' What a scary world that would be. (Oh wait that does happen sometimes. lol) Apparently that's what you're dealing with Not surprisingly, no longer uses for their payment processing. My guess is that had received massive refund request and complaints so they dropped them like its hot.

Fight The Power!

You know I don't like leaving you without solutions. So if you feel like you've been scammed by these guys, Call them, write them, email them and fax them. Do what ever it takes to get your money back. I would contact my credit card company first and get that charge reversed. Explain to your credit card company there was a fraudulent charge on your account. In any event when I tried to look up's contact information using a whois search, it yielded the following:

Registration Service Provided By: Contact: Visit:

Domain name: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732 Westchester, CA 90045 US

Administrative Contact: WhoisGuard WhoisGuard Protected ( ) +1.6613102107 Fax: +1.6613102107 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732 Westchester, CA 90045 US

Name Servers:

What this means in plain English is that they hide some of their important contact information using a guard service. Some companies use this for privacy reasons because you can easily get spammed. However it wouldn't surprise me if they're using it to hide from their "employees" not the spammers. Whatever the reason may be, It doesn't matter. Because you can just holla at your credit card company and they should be able to help you.


At the end of the day I would stay away from The fact of the matter is no job is going to charge you to work for them. So that's the first red flag. Secondly, what they are really selling is a crash course in affiliate marketing. I don't know about you, but I don't want to learn this from someone trying to trick me into it. Next you should ask yourself, when have you known a REAL data entry job to pay you anywhere near ‘several hundred dollars per day'? NOT NEVER! The final thing for me that is a dead give away is's claims that they only have 4 spots available. The truth is they always have 4 spots available. It's a stupid script programed to trick you into feeling pressured into buying their nonsense right away. This way you avoid doing your research and stumbling on an article like the one you're reading. At the end of the day, this is why doing your homework is so important and why you're on this page. But even if I didn't write this article, all you need to do is follow the easy steps in my scams video. Trust me it'll be worth the 5 minutes. I promise!

Look, I know times are rough and you're frustrated from searching for a data entry job. But the fact of the matter is these jobs aren't in great demand and scam artist know that. Being successful at working at home means being able to be real with yourself and make the appropriate adjustments. The folks that I know who have made money at home relatively quickly are the ones that left their comfort zone and ventured into work at home jobs that were in demand or non-traditional work at home opportunities. I'm not saying it's impossible to find a data entry job, I'm just saying it's like winning the lotto. Some folks have had success with companies like Amazon and using my work at home companies page. So you can give those a shot. But I would encourage you explore ALL your possibilities while trying to land that elusive traditional data entry job. After all, wouldn't you want to make some money than what you're making now spending countless hours searching for data entry? What's the worst that can happen if you try something a little different?

Before I sign off, I just want to make it clear that although many of these shady companies try to misrepresent affiliate marketing for something it's not, please don't let that taint your view of it. People twist things that were meant for good all the time (Religion, Politics, Nuclear Power, etc). So keep that in mind as you run into so called job opportunities or magic systems claiming you'll be making a lot of easy money. Chances are it's usually a ploy to get you into their shady affiliate marketing course. Don't invest a dime in anyone trying to trick you. If it's something that does spark your interest, be sure it's a company that is honest and doesn't exaggerate claims of income or success. Anything online that will make you decent money will require time, energy, effort, persistence and guidance. It's definitely not a matter of slapping down some money and your financial woes will be solved.

By the way as I have said many times over, these scams repeat themselves. So if the company you're looking at has the name of data entry, typing, easy money, instant, Google something or another in the address, then chances are it's a company that should probably be avoided. If you're questioning it's legitimacy, then that's called your instincts. That's God's little gift to you that helps you out of bad situations. Don't ignore it because you're desperate or frustrated. I promise you, you'll pay more if you don't listen to it,.

Take care & Good luck.

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