Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam?

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deadbeat super affiliate reviewAccording to the Deadbeat Super Affiliate website: “Sleep Walk into your first $3,000 month… then sit back and watch as you start passively banking $11,461 a month or more… and once the money starts coming it's UNSTOPPABLE… even if you stay in bed all day and hardly touch your PC for weeks”.

If I had a single hair, it would stand up straight on the back of my neck reading nonsense like this. It gives me the willies and I shudder knowing that there are actually people who will believe this garbage.

They say “don't judge a book by its cover“, so I won't judge the ‘new' product by Dan Brock by its sales page. I took a close look at the inside of Deadbeat Super Affiliate, which is the topic of my review today.

What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate originally was launched in 2010, and supposedly was a #1 seller on Clickbank. The ‘reloaded' and revised version launched in May of 2015. It is a video based Internet marketing training program that allegedly teaches you how to generate a full-time income by promoting physical products.

Dan Brock claims that the methods he teaches allow you to effortlessly set up a few websites, add some content, get high rankings by the search engines, and tap into the multi-billion dollar pool of Amazon affiliate commissions. And just like him, you will make $10,000 or more every single month. The training is for beginners as well as the more experienced Internet marketers.

That sounds fantastic, and Dan, from the goodness of his heart, will let you in on his scoop for the meager sum of $17, + 2 upsells (OTO's) for $47 and $97 respectively.

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The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Sales Page and Video!

Before we explore what you get for your hard earned dough and how the whole thing is supposed to work, let me talk about the Deadbeat Super Affiliate sales page and video for just a bit.

deadbeat super affiliate video screenshot

I got a good laugh out of watching the 10-minute video. It's really funny seeing Dan walking out of his house in a checkered bathrobe, only socks on his feet, and using one of these stand-up electric scooters to get his mail from the mailbox.

However, the fun part ended when Dan started talking about his product. It turned into the usual sales pitch production we all are too familiar with. You hear about how easy it is to make consistently 10 grand a month, how little you have to work, and how much of the work was already done for you. Proof is provided by showing some sort of statements without verification, the log-on to an account you don't know who it belongs to, and the copies of a couple of checks made out to Deadbeat Inc.

Of course, Dan wouldn't forget to take you outside again to show off ‘his' Porsche 928 GT, holding up a key to make sure you believe it's really his. “The Porsche is fun“, Dan says, and was paid for ny just ONE of his Deadbeat Affiliate websites.

You'll get a bunch more of these typical marketing techniques when scrolling down to the long sales page. Dan even gives you some insight into the program with headlines like:

  • Products That Sell Themselves
  • Content That Creates Itself
  • Traffic That Drives Itself
  • Sales That Convert Themselves
  • Advanced Tactics Worth Staying Awake For

To be honest, whoever wrote the script for the video and the copy for the sales page is a genius. He does a pretty good job to ingrain the belief that if you ‘rinse & repeat' this blueprint as many times as you want, you can make Dan look like a total underachiever and can cash out much more than he did.

The overall tone of the video and sales page gives me the willies again. Dan tries real hard to tell you that he hardly works to make a lot of money, and gives you the impression that you will only have to work a couple hours per week to earn thousands of dollars.

What You Get For Your Money!

Surprise, surprise! Your $17 buys you a whopping 23 videos with a total of over 5 hours of material. Not only was I surprised by the quantity, the quality of the videos is even more surprising; they are way above average as far as production AND content is concerned! Here is what's included:

deadbeat super affiliate is legitimate1: Register For An Affiliate Network

2: Choosing a Market

3: More Niche Research

4: The 60 Second Competition Check

5: Register Your Hosting And Domain Name

6 a: Installing WordPress For “Deadbeats”

6 b: Addon Domain Setup

7: Basic WordPress Optimization

8: Installing “The Deadbeat Theme”

9: Adding an Article

10: Inserting Affiliate Links

11: “Stage 1” Link Building

12: Customizing “The Deadbeat Theme”

13: About Me

14: Adding More Articles

15: Advanced Link Building

16: Introduction to Video

17 a: Creating A Video With VideoMakerFX

b: Using A Voice Actor In Your Videos

c: Creating A Video Yourself

18: Uploading Your First Video

19: YouTube Channel Optimization

21: Distributing Your Video To Other Networks

22: Mass Link Blasting For Non-YouTube Video Sites

23: Final Thoughts

The basic idea for your business is:

Become an affiliate of Amazon (or any other affiliate network) selling physical products

  • Build your websites
  • Creating Videos
  • Ride the wave of YouTube traffic
  • Backlink your videos and your website

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What I like about Deadbeat Super Affiliate

The Course Material:

I already mentioned the high quality of the videos. Dan also provides a transcript of each video. The text material contains helpful images. So, if you prefer reading instead of watching, reading along while watching, or value written text for later references, Dan does deliver.

The structure of the course:

I like the logical order of the step-by-step instructions and the necessary actions the students have to take to build their business. This is important, especially for total beginners, to really understand the concept of affiliate marketing

Coverage of important topics:

What stands out compared to similar courses is the attention Dan gives to important aspects of affiliate marketing. He teaches in great detail market research to find the RIGHT products, and how to choose competition friendly niches. A lot of time is spent on the creation of additional content (over 46 minutes), and how to customize the Deadbeat WordPress Theme.

Outsourcing of certain tasks:

Many beginners may feel overwhelmed with certain tasks they have never performed before taking this course. These include article writing, creation of short videos, and voice overlays for videos. Dan recommends to outsource these tasks and recommends fiverr to keep the expenses low and affordable.

Member Forum and personal support by Dan:

My hats up to Dan for including a live member forum on his site. It's very important to have access to support whenever you need a helping hand, especially when you take a course online with nobody around to ask if you are stuck. Dan is actively involved in the daily proceedings and readily available to answer your questions.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Complaints

Well as far as I'm concerned this is the best parts of my reviews because I keep it real with you and highlight the things the reps may conveniently forget to mention to you. But it's important to know these things so you make an informed decisions. So with that said let's discuss the complaints against Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

UPDATE: Some of the complaints have been updated based on new information provided by Dan. Some of the information we had listed was incorrect and in some cases he has changed certain things. So we've updated this section to reflect this.

The Upsells (OTO):

For the most part I am not a fan of OTOs unless they provide some added value or extras that aren't necessary for the product to work but will make it easier. Now if the upsells are absolutely needed to make a product really work, they should be included in the initial sales price. So, sell the whole package for, let's say $49, and get it over with. So the upsells may turn you off.

Link Building through bookmarking sites:

This is an old technique that worked well in the past. But Dan is currently recommending creating backlinks using sites like Digg, Delicious and Fark. This tactic is no longer as effective or even recommended by most SEOs. Because it may get you Google slapped which means no traffic for you. In other words No Bueno my friends.

You cannot Sleep Walk into your first $3,000 month:

Throughout his sales video and sales page, Dan emphasizes the fact how simple and easy it is to make 10 grand a month ‘even if you hardly touch your computer for weeks‘. I know that this is a marketing technique to get you on the other side. However, if you listen carefully to the videos, you will notice a handful of occasions where Dan himself lets on that it can take months of hard work until you see success, if any at all.

Furthermore take a look at the Disclaimer at the bottom of his sales page. Not only is it extremely long, but here is the important excerpt I want you to see.

[sic] As a result, I'm not promising, predicting, implying or even hinting that you'll make a single penny. Any reference to, or income examples from, my businesses and/or the examples of others are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

The situation surrounding each example given is unique. Merely purchasing this information does not guarantee, imply, ensure, or otherwise suggest you will make money, nor does implementation of said information. Results generated in the examples come from…………

  • entering a good niche
  • entering at the right time,
  • intimate and unique knowledge of niche,
  • a compelling call to action
  • a truly unique selling proposition,
  • implementation of applicable parts of the information provided, and
  • repeated trial and effort.

If you are unwilling or unable to perform all of the above, do not purchase this product. Even if you perform all of the above, it is no guarantee of results of any kind.[sic]

So he pretty much contradicts himself. Anyone that has been in this business for any long period of time will tell you it's like any other business. It takes hard work and patience to see any results. And even then it's not guaranteed. Because if that was the case then everyone would be business owners. So it really annoys me when marketers like this misrepresent the real work involved in running a business. Because you're setting up the wrong expectation and people will ultimately fail because of it. Then worse still they'll just make the assumption this whole industry is a scam because the work involved is being misrepresented.

So Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Legitimate?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is surprisingly a solid Affiliate Marketing Training Course. Despite the list of my complaints against Deadbeat Super Affiliate, and my disdain for scammy marketing tactics, I think there is some value from the Deadbeat Super Affiliate course.

As good as the course is, it does have some shortcomings. It is only geared to get you going in affiliate marketing by selling physical products, mainly as an Amazon Affiliate. However, there is much more to affiliate marketing, and some of the important elements are missing.

That's where My Top Work At Home Recommendation really surpasses Dan's course because it fills in the gaps and teaches you long term success. In fact it basically taught me all the skills necessary that have helped me earn a full time income and it can help you as well if you're patient and willing to work hard. The fact you're on this site isn't by accident and it goes to show you how well what my recommendation teaches works. So it may be a better option for you you rather than the Deadbeat Super Affiliate course.

Now with that said my recommendation is only one of the many ways I earn my income, I actually teach you how to have multiple streams of income so you don't have all your eggs in one basket. So you may want to check out my Work At Home Courses as well as an additional source of income. I would also recommend looking into,, and for other ways to make money outside of affiliate marketing that are a bit easier.

Well that's it for today. I hope you liked my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review and would love to know your opinion. So feel free to drop some feedback in the comment box below. It's always great to hear from you.

Eddy with a y.

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