Decluttr Review: Can It Turn Your Old Electronics & Junk Into Cash?

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Get Paid For Your Old Electronics Using DecluttrWe all have stuff laying around the house we should get rid of. One of the toughest things to get rid of is old electronics that are no longer useful. Many places won't let you throw them away in the trash, so what do you do? You can turn to apps like Decluttr to sell items like this you no longer need and make a little cash at the same time. You have probably read many other Declutter reviews online looking for the real deal on what the app has to offer. But if you want the total scoop on the app including any complaints, then you will want to continue reading this review.

What is Decluttr? is an online website where you can buy and sell a variety of items. These items include electronics such as Apple and other computer products, video game systems, cell phones, CDs, DVDS, games, and books. Declutter began in 2014 and is located in Kennesaw, Georgia.

How Does Decluttr Work?

You can go directly to the company's website at no cost and choose the type of item you want to sell. The company also has a mobile app that can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices as well. Did you know sites like FusionCash & will pay you for downloading apps like this? Now you do!

Ok, back to declutter. If you type in the name of the item you're trying to sell, you can receive a quote on what the site is willing to pay. For CDs, DVDs, and books, you will need to enter the barcode number located on its packaging. If you are happy with what the company is willing to pay you, pack up the item in a box and attach the prepaid shipping label. There is no cost for shipping.

How Does Decluttr Pay You?

How much the company pays for items highly depends on the shape it's in. Declutter pays by direct deposit, PayPal, or check. Payments are issued the next day after the company receives the item. Direct deposits take up to three days and checks can take up to 10 business days depending where you live.

Decluttr Hacks or Tips

You can search online for discount codes to receive a $10 bonus on your first order. You can also get $10 every time you refer a friend through a referral code. When they create a free account and start selling, you will receive that bonus immediately in your account. The company may not accept items that don't meet their Terms and Conditions so you may want to read these carefully. If want to make more money then from selling old electronics and other stuff, then you might want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Decluttr Complaints

So this all sounds good, in theory. But if you have a nagging feeling that there must be a catch, there isn't per se. But there are things about this company that may turn you off to this opportunity. So we've listed the complaints against Decluttr below so you can make the best decision for yourself.

$15 Minimum Sale Amount: You need to have at least $15 worth of sellable items before the company will give you a prepaid shipping label. If you are selling old CDs and the company gives you a quarter for them, you will need quite a few items in order to get any money.

Company Doesn't Take Everything: CDs, DVDs, and video games must not have any damage and be in their original cases with all inserts. If these do not have a barcode, the company won't take them. If the company doesn't take an item, you can have them ship it back to you or let them keep it.

Don't Quit Your Day Job: You won't be making a lot of money selling your stuff. The website pays less than if you were to sell your items on or If you are looking to make serious money from home, you may want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Poor BBB Rating: At the time of this review, the company has an F rating and no accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Customers say they never received payments or were given less than what they were quoted. Whereas sites like FusionCash & have positive BBB ratings.

So Is Decluttr Safe or a Scam?

Decluttr is a legitimate website for selling things you no longer need. You can get rid of old electronics, video games, books, and more that you can't sell anywhere else and make some cash. The process is simple to use and includes free shipping. You need at least $15 worth of stuff to sell in order to receive payment from the company. That said, there are times that the company doesn't pay as quoted and you may not receive as much as if you tried selling the item elsewhere online.

Now that you have read all the other Decluttr reviews as well as mine, you should have a complete understanding of how the website works and what it has to offer. There are better choices for multiple streams of income available online other than Decluttr. If you want to make some serious cash, I suggest you check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation, FusionCash, and my Work At Home Courses. If you have any experiences with this company, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Please leave your comments down below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

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19 thoughts on “Decluttr Review: Can It Turn Your Old Electronics & Junk Into Cash?”

  1. Please do not send your stuff to Decluttr – it’s a complete scam if you’re selling something over $30. They have had my ipad for almost a month with no update or payment. I have inquired about it 5 times and they continue to tell me they are looking into it. This website should be shut down. Please please do not trust these reviews. Many people on other websites have the same issue and many people give them one star.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully they actually do the right thing by you.

      But I want to address your statement about the reviews. Not everyone writing reviews are purposely trying to mislead people. Sometimes companies change after a review was written. So running around telling people to don’t trust reviews like this is misguided. I get your upset.

  2. Decluttr might be a legit website but they’re also a legit scam. I sent in a combination of 24 blu-rays and audio cds after having the site recommended. When they finally paid out my trade in (weeks later via Paypal, don’t believe their ‘fast payment’ hype), it was a fraction of what they claimed. The order page on my account said a third of my invoice was “not sent”, which is an outright lie. More suspiciously, all 8 of the items claimed as not included were the most valuable of all my trades. So they outright stole 8 items, claimed they were never there, and only paid for the cheapest two-thirds of the shipment. Support won’t do a damn thing about it as they simply repeat what’s been ‘entered in their system’. Either some employee at Decluttr made off with free stuff or Decluttr is going to turn around and sell those items at 100% profit for themselves.

    Stay far, far away from Decluttr.

    • Damn Vic. That sucks. I’m sorry to hear about your personal experience. If this type of behavior is widespread, I doubt they can get away with it long. I guess time will tell if this is a regular practice or not. Either way that sucks.

  3. I ordered from Decluttr a Google Pixel XL – Decluttr sent a Google Pixel.
    Decluttr wrote that the phone is in “Very Good” condition – the phone has huge bump.
    I contacted Decluttr with Amazon’s “Different from what I ordered > Ask for a replacement” – no response from Decluttr.
    I contacted Amazon customer service who contacted Decluttr – no response from Decluttr.

    Stay away from Decluttr, don’t be tempted.

    (Amazon order 113-5508364-7770651 from 18 October 2017)

  4. After reading the reviews before downloading the app, you will get a better understanding of how awful Decluttr is. I believe the BBB rating is justified after having a completely awful experience with this company. I would not promote nor recommend Decluttr to anyone.

  5. I recently started to rent a storage unit near my home in order to house the “clutter” that has been created by my family or hoarders!

    If I could find a way to get rid of some of this junk and make money at the same time, I would jump at the chance.

    I note that your suggested services are based in the USA. Do you know if there is anything in the UK?

  6. See, I’ve always been put off trying to sell things I’m done with due to the extra amount of work you need to put in for a sell. Fair enough, they are taking stuff that is probably obsolete, so why not just take them, y’know?

    Luckily where I live, everything is taken at the recycling centres – from books and magazines, to furniture, to electronics. Yes, no money, but honestly, if I’m getting rid, I’m getting rid, not looking for a check. Donating useable stuff you’re done with is good too, I prefer the gratitude, plus it’s taken fast. Beats the expectation of $15 that you spend so much time for, and if items get rejected, nothing.

    Yeah donate it, and do affiliate marketing with your time, for sure!

  7. Thanks for this review on delcuttr. I have some old electronics that I don’t know what to do with so I was hoping that this was a good option. The F rating with the BBB really concerns me though.

    Have you used Deluttr and if so what was your experience with them personally?

  8. Hi Eddy,

    This is an interesting (but not novel) concept.
    However, having a Poor BBB Rating is a turn off for me.
    I would like to check it out when it gets a better rating.

    One question: Does it work worldwide, or I need to live in specific countries in order to be able to take advantage of what this site offers?

  9. I love your website and I’m going to add it to my favorites. Giving an unbiased opinion is so important. I like that you have both the pros and the cons. I want to try this declutttr website. I have so many electronics that I know nobody wants to buy from me. But I don’t want to throw them away either. I feel like that is a waste of money and a waste to not at least just donate them since they are still in good condition. Now that I know I can still get a little gas money out of them, I will be checking up on this.

    • Thanks for the kind words Ryan. I’m glad I could give you an option to consider for your old electronics.

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