DietBet Review: Is it a real way to get paid to lose weight?

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I'm one of those people that is cursed or gifted with a fast metabolism. So gaining weight has always been an issue for me. Whereas most people around me were trying to lose weight, I wanted to gain it. Fortunately my weight eventually caught up with me. But I'm still slender for my height. But I can sympathize with those of you on the other side. So I was excited to discover DietBet and wrote a review on it below. If you're looking to lose weight and make money in the process, you'll want to read my DietBet Review.

What is DietBet?

DietBet located at is a website that allows it users to earn cash for losing weight. There is also an android and iOS Dietbet app as well. The company is owned and operated by A Way Better Company which was founded in 2010 by Jamie Rosen and is based in New York. Other terminology associated with this company includes The WayBetter Way and WayBetter, Inc. They're all related.

How Did DietBet Get Started?

Rosen started WayBetter after seeing friends compete in an office weight-loss contest. According to him, “people who rarely exercised were suddenly jogging at lunch, spontaneously doing push-ups, leaving chocolates on each other's desks, and laughing a lot. It was like someone had spiked the water.” So he decided to recreate this healthy energy on a larger scale, using social media to allow people to motivate each other to get into shape so that trying to lose weight would not feel like work. Great idea if you ask me because weight loss is one of the toughest challenges that some people face.

So in a nutshell, DietBet is WayBetter, Inc's first weight loss online social dieting game that uses friendly competition and money to motivate people to lose weight in four-week contests. They've got some other life-changing games in the pipeline, but for now our focus is DieBet.

How Does DietBet Work?

It's actually pretty simple. You join the game and bet on yourself to lose weight. Once you reach your weight loss goal within the allotted time frame, you split the jackpot with the other winners. Now a bet can range from $10 to $100 and up and the game could run for one month or more, it all depends on your goal. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, you've got different program options such as:

The Kickstarter – if you want to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks.

The Transformer – if you want to lose 10% in 6 months

The Maintainer – If you want to keep the weight off for 12 months.

So if you exercised the Kickstarter option, and the bet was $25, then your total bet on yourself would be $100 ($25 for 4 months).

Now there are quite a number of games to choose from. So all you need to do is select the game that you think is most appropriate for you. Each game has start and end dates, the bet amount, how many players are in the game and the pledge amount thus far. If the game is about to get started, you'll see the jackpot amount.

How to make money with DietBet?

Play in more than one game at once

We already discussed the main way above. But DietBet also allows you to play in up to 3 Kickstarters and 3 Transformer weight loss challenges at a time! Hey, if you think it's going to be more motivating for you, then why not? The more games you play, the more money you can make. But here are some other ways to earn:

Become the Most Valuable Player (MVP)

If you've got friends and family who might be interested, invite them to join. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) is the player who gets the most people to join the game. Depending on the game, you can get additional prizes for being the MVP.

Submit a Token Weigh-In

Tokens allow you the option of submitting official, verified weigh-ins at any time. Submitting a Token Weigh-In automatically enters you in a drawing to win that week's Surprize! FitBits, Withings scales, and Polar Heart Rate Monitors are just a few of the items included in the Surprizes. Drawings for these Surprizes happen every Thursday starting in week two of the game and winners are randomly selected from everyone who submitted a Token Weigh-In that week.

Become a DietBet Coach

As a DietBet coach you can host games and make extra money for each game you host. The more players you recruit, the more money you earn!

How much money can be made with Dietbet?

Apart from the prizes, you can win on average 1.5 – 2x your bet in the Kickstarter program. As a Transformer winner, DietBet suggests that you can make at least $325 for winning all 6 rounds, or $175 for winning just the final round. Of course playing more games would allow you to make more money. Added to that, as a DietBet coach you make an extra 5-10% of the gross pot for each game you host.

If this doesn't appeal to you, you may want to consider other ways of making money online like taking surveys at You can also make money doing what you already do online like watching videos and visiting websites at, and But if you really want to start making real money online working part time or full time, you may want to check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

How Does DietBet Pay?

That's easy. Once the game is finalized, your winnings appear in your Dietbet account as points. You can request your points via a PayPal payout or a check. Your payout becomes available within 48 hours of being requested. If you opt to be paid by check, that slow payment method will cost you $5 of your money which I'm assuming is a “processing fee”.

How to get started with DietBet?

Just visit and choose the game that you're interested in from the ones that are starting soon. Or if you feel like it, you can create your own challenge. Once you've found the game you want to participate in, click on “Join,” and complete the simple registration form to create your DietBet Account. Then all you do is simply follow the instructions to place your bet, do your weigh in and start playing the game once it starts.

How to Weigh in

You'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight two days before the game begins. You can do this by submitting two photos; one of you on a scale in airport security attire and another of the scale's readout with your weigh-in word.

Here's what you'll need to complete this process:

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo

Who can join in the fun?

Dietbetting is actually a worldwide movement with over 400,000 players in 90 countries. So you know what that means? Yes! Anyone can join, even if you live outside the U.S. But if Dietbetting is not your thing but your looking for a way to shed some debt as opposed to pounds, read this article and learn how to find legit international work at home jobs.

DietBet Hacks and Tips

Be a part of the game activity feed

This is where the social media part comes in. The game activity feed is where you'll find support, encouragement and motivation to help keep you going. You can also post selfies of yourself in action, share tips and workouts, and even get recipes and inspiration from others, especially when you feel the frustration coming on.

You can get a refund

Unlike HealtyWage, DietBet allows you the opportunity to get a refund. It varies with the game types, but DietBet is open to making exceptions for refunds even after the refund window has ended and a player needs to drop out for medical reasons.

Submit your weigh in on time

Players who don't submit their weigh in on time can be disqualified. If you are disqualified for any reason, you will not get a refund of your bet.

DietBet Complaints and Concerns

Now in all honesty I have not seen any complaints related to DietBet. They must be doing something right, as 96% of DietBet players lose weight. But even so here are a few things that might be of some concern to you.

Token Weigh In

While the use of tokens is a nice idea, they need to be purchased up front. This could be an extra cost you most likely did not account for. In addition to which, there is no guarantee that you will win any Surpirze once you submit your Token Weigh-in.

Jackpot payout

The jackpot you see is not the total amount that would be paid to the winners, since DietBet takes a percentage as a fee and the coaches also get 5-10% of the jackpot. That's understandable because they've got expenses and coaches have invested their time and all that. But keep in mind that what you see as a jackpot, is not the net amount that's shared among the winners.

Limited income opportunity

As a money making opportunity, this can only go so far. You have to share the jackpot and once you've lost the weight you intended to lose, that's it. Your income opportunity is over unless you become a DietBet coach.

Fortunately there are other ways you can make money at home. You can make money taking surveys at or what you already do online like watching videos, playing games and much more at sites like, or And if you prefer earning a full time online, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Surprizes are limited to U.S. players only

Okay so don't get you knickers in a twist just yet, because depending on how you look at this, it's not all bad. But if you're outside of the U.S and you had your heart set on winning a Fitbit, then you'll be a little disappointed. Surprizes aren't shipped internationally but if you win a Surprize, you'll get it's worth in cash. See, told yuh it wasn't all bad.

Is DietBet Legitimate or a Scam?

DietBet is definitely legit! Like HealthyWage, DietBet uses social support and money to motivate you to lose weight. You can always check out my HealthyWage review to see some of the pros and cons related to an opportunity like this. As DietBet sees it, it's not really about the betting but a means of holding you accountable and you believing in yourself. The money is your investment in your health and a way to get you to stick to your weight loss commitment.

But like I said before, if weight loss is not your thing, there are other ways to invest in yourself and increase your finances. You can make money sharing your opinion at You can also make money doing what you already do online on sites like, and But if you really want to kick that income up a notch then look into my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation! You have lots of options either way.

Well you've been fed quite a mouthful with this review so that's it form me. As always, I wanna hear from you so feel free to let me know what you think about all of this.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

16 thoughts on “DietBet Review: Is it a real way to get paid to lose weight?”

  1. This is the first diet bet I have done, however I have done step bet. I’m getting all my power steps in, and for the most part eating right. Carbs get me from time to time. Even if I don’t make money. I am confident I will lose weight. I love all the support from both games!

  2. I’m currently participating in a half dozen DietBet challenges. I noticed something very odd about some fellow participants. In their Profiles, their weight loss patterns followed a trend of losing weight while on DietBet competitions, followed by immediate gaining weight between competitions. IMO, these individuals were gaming the system – they were intentionally gaining weight so that they could lose the same weight during the following competition.

    I notified the DietBet company and received a reassuring response that DietBet has rules in place to preempt cheating and every weigh in is reviewed by one of its official monitors before being approved. So, I went back and checked on a few more participants. Just about every other person had such seesaw weight patterns – a steady loss of weight during competition, followed by a gain of weight in the interim.

    And that leads me to the following observation: It is in DietBet’s corporate interests to encourage as much participation in its games as possible. The larger the pot, the larger its share of the winnings. Provided there are enough losers to compensate for the number of cheaters, there is no financial incentive for DietBet to vigorously pursue cheaters.

    HealthyWage (a competing weight loss website) has a Yo-Yo Rule where a player must start his Healthy Wage at or below the weight that he ended the last challenge. I suggested this idea of controlling cheating to DietBet. You can guess what their response was.

    I won’t be participating in any more DietBet competitions. I don’t condone their business model.

  3. I lost the weight. I paid the fees. Now, though, at weigh out, the app and the interface don’t work. I have had to go through support to get my weight verified AND they’ve only done it for some of the games. I ONLY knew of this “flaw” because the same thing happened last week so I lost my money. IF you’re willing to contact support every time you need something and IF you can manage to find their email, then it’s worth it. I WILL NOT ever be associated with this again as they make it impossible to collect when you win. I WILL get my money because I refuse to be a victim a 2nd time, but unless you’re willing to cause a scene, you won’t see your money back.

  4. Dietbet is a bunch of crooks. I joined a charity event dietbet. I researched out their site which said there is a no lose guarantee that ensured you’d at least get your initial investment back. I won the dietbet and got less than my investment back. Upon bringing it up to customer service, they changed their website so that they didn’t have to give me my money back and tried to act like the change was there the whole time. What a bunch of crooks, and all over a few bucks. They have policies in place, but the second you try to use them, they change it up so that they don’t have to fork up the money. Never use these guys!

  5. Hey Eddy,
    Getting cash to lose weight makes the journey even more fun and exciting, I’m in! I’ve been waiting so long to find some sort of a sign to start losing weight but I guess you’re my sign man.

    One question though, how will everyone know if we’re cheating or not? Do we just upload our numbers for them to see? That can be forged :/

    • I guess anything can be cheated. I had the same concern but I’m not really sure how they fight this. You may want to visit their site and ask how they handle this.

  6. Hello Eddy with a “Y” I had no clue that there were games out there like DietBet! I think it is a really great idea if you are struggling with weight loss. It’s sorta like the larger company’s that are paying their employee’s that are overweight and to join into the office competition of weight loss. It’s a really good read and I learned alot! But the real reason I came to your site was to see if there was really anything useful as far as information on how to make money at home? I have just recently lost my job and I am looking for something legit to do at home so I can bring some really needed income in! I have really researched you and your site and what I have come up with is– you are the go to source to make money from home the legit way, so I am signing up for your training and I am really excited that you would share this information with me! Let’s Do This! Thanks again! Debra

    • You’re right it is like the competition sponsored by bigger companies. Obviously it works. I appreciate your kind words about my expertice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my courses. But as a member of WA you’ll be building a long term income that is legitimate. So I would definitely recommend putting in the energy towards that as well. Since quite frankly what they teach is how I make a lot of my money.

  7. Hi Eddy,

    Oh my! I wish I came across your website earlier on! I have managed to drop 18kg over the past 9 months and I am sustaining my weight pretty well! This would have been an added benefit on the side with all the monetary incentives that are listed.

    Hope I’m not too late to join the game! Thanks for the great review!

    • Congrats on your weight loss. It doesn’t sound like you needed this financialmotivation. Lol

  8. Wow this is one of the coolest ways to earn money I’ve seen in a while. I’ve seen an app that’s similar before but I’m not sure if it was the same one.

    Technically by joining this program aren’t we killing 2 birds with on stone? Make money and lose weight wow. I do have a question though, what happens if we fail to lose weight? Do we lose our bets? But I guess it is somewhat of a motivation if money is involved.

    • There are other companies like this which I will review soon. But yes the whole point is to motivate you to lose weight so adding the finanical element is suppose to help this. And as mentioned above if you don’t meet the goals you lose the money.

  9. Hi Eddy, since I have battled weight issues since my early twenties, this review of dietbet looked like something I may want to try. It doesn’t seem like I would be out too much money at the beginning, and maybe even make some. I am always looking to drop fat, and this seems kind of fun! I know this isn’t a way to make a living, but it might just help me lose a bit of girth ha ha! Great review, this should help some people out. Thanks!

    • Hey Eric,

      I’m glad you liked it. If you do try it, let me know how it worked out for you.

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