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Getting paid to upload documents may sound familiar if you're a long time subscriber of this blog. It should be, because we did cover a similar company called: a while ago. So if you've read that, then this opportunity is pretty much the same deal.

What is DocCash?

In nutshell, DocCash pays you for uploading various documents. Ain't really much more to say. lol

How You Make Money With DocCash?

Millions of people visit (the parent company of doc cash) every month to find the documents they need because they advertise their site via SEO, internet marketing etc. When people come to their site looking for documents, they display documents by folks like you that are relevant to their search. (This should be familiar since Google does this with websites.) When someone views your documents, related ads are automatically displayed via Google's Adsense program which DocCash is an affiliate of. If people click on these ads, DocCash gets paid a certain amount of money. This can vary greatly depending on the content of the documents. Later they split 50% of what they earn from these ads with you.

Getting Paid:

Google pays you each month via check or direct deposit assuming you reach the minimum amount which I believe is $100 now.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words:

Just in case I'm doing an awful job of explaining this opportunity to you, please watch the following video below.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit and click on the ‘Sign Up For DocCash'. If you already have an Google AdSense account, you can associate your current account with your Docstoc profile. If you don't yet have an Google AdSense account, you can sign up by simply submitting your email. New accounts typically get approved by Google within 2-3 days.

Is DocCash A Scam?

Not from what I can tell. Their business model is sound and pretty much how most websites make their money. You produce content of value and monetize it with advertisers like Google. I do it all the time with my sites. Furthermore, there is absolutely no cost to joining DocCash. It's free to set up an Google AdSense account with Google, and it's free to enroll in DocCash.


If you have more questions about DocCash click here to visit the FAQ page.

The Negatives of DocCash

Any smart affiliate marketer will argue, cut the middle man out by creating your own site with a free site like (Owned by Google). Write or upload content on that blog. Work with Google directly by joining Adsense (Which is free) and skip sharing 50% of the profit with DocCash. I agree and that's why you won't catch me writing content on other sites or uploading documents on these sites. But the difference is I'm a trained affiliate. I know how to get my own traffic to my content. How do you think you got here? lol

But for people who aren't trained affiliate marketers this may be a better option because DocCash reaches millions of people. The hope is that they'll be able to find your documents. But that's assuming you're writing good content with descriptive title and tags. And even then that doesn't guarantee your documents will be viewed a lot. So you're still pretty much left to promote your documents which they make easy with a number of free tools.

But ultimately you're giving up 50% of your money and you probably still need to be actively promoting your content so people can view it and click on the ads listed there. For that amount of work, it would just seem to make more sense to go it alone and learn some affiliate marketing techniques and keep all the profits to yourself.

My Final Word?

It's definitely worth a shot if you can come up with the type of documents they're asking for. You might have some lying around from your old job or can produce them. Some of you are excel experts that can come up with some templates that may be very useful to others. But ultimately to succeed with you should be willing to promote some of your documents so others know they're out there. So it's definitely worth exploring. As you already know I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of smaller income. At the end of the day, for the right person this opportunity may prove financially beneficially as you try to land that elusive work at home job or if you're training to be an affiliate.

Hope this helps either way. As always you're feedback is appreciated regarding this opportunity so feel free to chime in below.

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