Does Qmee Work?

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Qmee Scam or Legit?A while ago I wrote a Qmee Review. If you didn't read the review, Qmee is basically a company that pays you randomly for searches you do online on websites like Google. I've been using it for a bit now and just wanted to create a video walking you through me using the website and getting paid damn near instantly.

I haven't done a video in a while so I figured this is a perfect opportunity to get one out there. As many of you know I'm big on walking the walking and not just talking the talk. Although I get paid for recommending these legitimate opportunities to you, I also use them as well and like showing folks that. Too often you have people recommending opportunities and things they haven't actually made money with but that's not how I roll. So enjoy the video. By the way you can Sign Up for Qmee here if you want to make some extra money for something you already do unpaid. 😉

22 thoughts on “Does Qmee Work?”

  1. Ho eddy i been trying to use Qmee in my cell phone but it wont work ?! And i was wondering if you can inly use this app on computers ?!

  2. For awhile I kept trying to figure out why I never saw the sidebar, but I’ve come to realize it’s my VPN. I can’t use it if I want to search and see the sidebar in the results. So now I’m designating “No VPN” hours. I can’t use sites like Quick Rewards with a VPN. I won’t even get the page to load. I hate it for several reasons, but those same trackers I hate are what help me get paid. Sigh.

    • Hey Cassie,

      I’m happy you were able to troubleshoot why you weren’t seeing any ads. But you’re right most of these websites will use cookie tracking so they can credit and pay you. So anything that messes with that will affect the income you earn with these websites. So you have to trade something. In my experience tracking cookies aren’t a big deal. Sure it’s a little freaky when you see the same ad pop up all over the web when you surf. But in most cases, the ad allows you to turn off that particular ad which I’ve done many times.

      As long as my real private information isn’t accessible I don’t think it’s a big deal. But thanks for clearing that up!

  3. Hi Eddy, I tried it and as you said it does pay quick. Not a lot.. but if you search quite a bit it does add up well. This is a great money maker for researchers, like web/internet researchers. Thanks for the info Thumbs Up !!!!

    • Hey Maria,

      Glad you give it a shot and had success. It’s definitely not meant something to live off. But it all adds up and it’s something you would be doing unpaid anyway. So I always like getting paid for simple opportunities like that. Thanks for chiming in and giving it a shot!

  4. Hi there Eddy, thanks for the video. I haven’t been working the program long, it’s still new to me. I search via Chrome for Qmee. I’m finding Chrome to be user friendly anyway. 🙂

    • Hey Tammy,

      You’re welcome. I love chrome. I’ve been using it for years. I was a big fan of firefox for years but once I used chrome, I’ve never gone back. Chrome is a lot faster. And Internet Explorer isn’t even on my computer anymore. lol

  5. Hi Eddy,

    What I did was sign up on waiting list since they say that it is not available in my country. I live in Puerto Rico and it is really sad that many of these companies do not see Puerto Rico as part of the United States. They see it as an international country. When will they learn that we are US citizens. Well… I’ll just wait. Thanks for the recommendation,


    • Hey Doris,

      Unfortunately that’s a whole other political battle. My wife is Puerto Rican and we’ve discussed the many battles in puerto rico regarding independence vs being part of the United States. In situations like this PR does get the benefits or recognition of being part of the states. So I totally get your frustration. I believe paypal is accepted in PR so I don’t know what the big hurdle would be. Oh well, let’s hope it changes. There are other companies you may want to try here. Keep me posted either way.

  6. Eddy, this has got to be by far the simplest way of earning a few extra dollars. What a great and simple idea. Even teens can do this. I wonder if two computers can be linked to the same Qmee account?
    Thank you for sharing this one!

    • Glad you like it marylou. You should definitely visit their site and ask them about this. But I use it on all my computers and I get credit. So I don’t think it’s an issue.

  7. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for another money-making opportunity. As much searching I do, I truly plan to see some monetary benefit soon. I can remember a few years ago, you had recommended Swagbucks, and I signed up for it. I have been a member since 2011, and I have earned a decent amount of money from it. I’m hoping to do the same with Qmee. I like the fact that they don’t have a minimum cash-out amount. It would be interesting to see if Qmee works with the Swagbucks search since the latter company now uses Yahoo search, as does Qmee. But we’ll see!

    • You’re welcome Ruby. I use to love SB for searching but they’ve made that harder and focus on other ways to make money which are fine. But I loved the simplicity of searching and getting paid. So in that respect Qmee is very much how SB use to be. I never tried using Qmee with the SB search. How cool would that be to earn double money? I may have to try that. Good idea!

    • Just stumbled upon this article while searching to see if Qmee worked with Swagbucks- and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I actually forgot I had Qmee installed on Chrome because I’d been searching more on Swagbucks as my default. I guess I’ll have to switch back to Google (which gives way better results anyway IMO)!

    • Yeah it doesn’t work with swaybacks. But it does work with regular search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon and Ebay. Just remember it’s totally random but I find I get compensated more using it then swagbucks which was great for search back in the days.

  8. Hey Eddy … the Qmee vid sold me … ready to sign up lol. A couple of questions first please … 1) Would u say Chrome is the preferred browser for Qmee? 2) Once signed up and searching, can you roughly tell me about how long before I’ll actually see and be able to access the Qmee paid search results ads?

  9. Mormin’ Eddy. I have Norton and tried with Explorer AND Foxfire to download without Qmee without success. Norton states there are issues and blocks the download. I contacted the Qmee support team and was told that Norton does that. I have not had this issue before so tend to lean towards what I pay Norton to do…..protect me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Nedra,

      Unfortunately that’s the problem with computer protection software they can be overzealous. It doesn’t mean there is something inherently wrong with Qmee. But I understand if you don’t use it because what Norton tells you. But from my experience I haven’t had any issues.

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