Don’t Be A Stalker!

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Recently I received an email from someone that went something like this.


I applied to a job listed on your site. I'm so perfect for this job! So I sent in my resume 3 times. But I haven't heard from them. Is there another way to get in contact with this company?


"Too Damn Persistent".

Look I can totally understand their excitement and persistence. They found an opportunity that they felt was totally meant for them. You can't really knock a person for this. But what I can knock is their stalker behavior and tendencies.

Employers receive tons of emails and resumes on a regularly basis. It's very overwhelming! Unfortunately they don't have the time, energy or resources to get back to everyone! That's part of life. The sooner you accept that, the better. Don't take it personal. Treat it like you would dating or sales. You keep it moving until someone good bites.

Don't be that guy…

Do you like it when telemarketers keep calling your house over and over again? If you're sane, your response is probably hell no. Well Employers are like you. Constantly emailing or calling them won't help your cause in most cases.

If anything, it may actually be like shooting yourself in the foot because the employer may feel you're being annoying. The thought process is that if you're like that during the hiring process, you're likely to be even more of a pain in the ass as an employee.

Unless an email bounced back, just assume it went through. If they like what they see, they'll eventually get back to you. If not, you won't hear from them and that's fine. It just means there is a better opportunity out there for you. Don't become or stalker or take it personal!

What do you guys think? Have you had success being a stalker… I mean persistent? LOL Chime in below and let me know your thoughts or experience.

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