Don’t I owe you money?

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Sorry for the delay but I was still recovering from our BBQ this past Memorial day weekend and just enjoying some quality time with my family. But that's no excuse for not paying you your money! About 2 weeks ago, I asked you, my loyal subscribers to tell me what's really ticking you off about trying to find work at home jobs and the response was overwhelming to say the least. Reading what you had to say just reinforced why we work so hard to provide you with various opportunities to make money at home now rather than waiting on a work at home job. What I've gathered from your responses is that the search process seems to be a losing battle financially and emotionally.

So with that said, let's cheer some of you folks up by giving you free money for all that crap you've been going through. Lord knows you guys deserve it. Our 3 winners who will receive $50 each are as follows: Tiffany, Denise and Regine. We've gone ahead and emailed you guys so that we can send you your money!

Congratulations to these loyal subscribers. For everyone else, don't worry if you didn't win this time around. We have many more contests coming up that will be available to loyal subscribers only. So as long as you stay on this list, you'll have many more opportunities to actually make money at home with our site. Sadly I had picked a few winners before the ones listed above but because I couldn't verify that they were subscribers they missed out on $50. Don't let that happen to you. As many of you know, it's rare when you have someone that is actually willing to pay you money at home instead of asking for it. So it's in your best interest to take advantage of it.

How To Stop The Bleeding…

So let's talk about your frustration and see if we can help alleviate it. Most of you expressed that you hated the fact that money was often requested by various companies to work at home. I hear ya on that one! It was one of the most frustrating things for me as well. Like many of you I just started assuming the whole work at home industry was a scam or fantasy. But with some experience and knowledge, I learned how to avoid the money trap. I recently wrote an article about some common money traps that many of you have probably explored or even invested in. Either way you should go read the article right now. I guarantee it will alleviate the whole "Gimme money to work at home" nonsense that you've been running into. Now with that said, I think I should cover the rare instances when spending money for work related situations is valid and legitimate. So next time if you run into anyone asking you for money and it doesn't fit into one of the situations listed below, save yourself the frustration and headaches and just walk away.

Don't Give Up Your Money Unless…

1. It's A Legit Home Based Business:

There is this common misconception that anytime a company asks for money it's a scam. My question to you is, Can you start a McDonald's without money? The answer is obviously No! Otherwise wouldn't we all own a McDonald's and be rich? Well like any regular business, 99.9% of home based business you would join need money to get you started. Why? The same reasons it would take to start a McDonald's. You need supplies, advertising, etc. So paying for a home based business is fine when you do your research. Many times you are running into home based businesses opportunities and not actual jobs. They are easy to confuse especially when people recruiting you aren't being honest about this. So just keep that in mind when applying to "jobs" that are a bit ambiguous or don't discuss a set salary. Usually it's a home based business and the recruiters are afraid to tell you this because chances are you wouldn't give it a shot.

2. It's for Career Training:

Why do you think most people go to college or get any form of higher education? I'll tell you why, it's because we all knew that it would open up doors (for the most part) that were closed to people without this level of education. No one is their right mind is going to spend $15,000-$100,000 per year for the fun of learning. You invest in yourself because you're betting on the fact that you'll come out with a career that is going to cover the cost of your education and help you lead a comfy lifestyle. So paying for training is fine. I've paid for college and it definitely opened doors for me. But honestly the best education I ever received was about learning affiliate marketing. It was something that I was able to use right away and make significantly more money with than any job I've ever had. So if I would do it all over again, I would invest in affiliate marketing training sooner rather than my college education. I probably would've been a millionaire by now and it wouldn't have taken me so long to finally work at home full time. For those of you that are more concerned with getting a job like typing or data entry then investing in medical transcription training would be better than buying one of those misleading data entry or typing ads you see everywhere.

3. It's for Career Tools:

I'm all for giving people every advantage especially when trying to find a work at home job. So one of the things I always preach to job seekers is to get their resumes professionally written. Then have your resume sent to all the major job sites so that employers can find you even when they aren't posting jobs. It's one of the most over looked steps job seekers can take to give them an edge over all the other job seekers that aren't willing to do the same. Another investment I think is worth it's weight in gold is getting a membership with a legitimate work at home database such as Membership job sites are great because most work at home seekers won't pay to get in which means more job leads for you that aren't readily available on the free work at home websites. In fact one of my loyal subscribers Colleen recently posted a comment where she confirmed this because she was able to secure a work at home job using

So these are the only situations where I think it makes sense to spend money if you planned on doing so with some "so-called work at home job or system". Other than that, you never really need to. We provide you with a list of companies that hire work at home seekers here. We provide you a free job search database that is updated daily here. We also provided you with a list of the top free work at home websites which was listed here. Worried about getting scammed? You shouldn't be because we've provided you with a resource here. And finally we've given you a ton of free work at home opportunities that can be stared right now such as: Message Board "Typist", Survey Taker , Focus Group Participants , At Home Product Testers

All of these free resources were designed to address many of the frustrations many of you have expressed. It's just a matter of taking action on them. I'm confident if you do, you'll be in a better place. You probably won't lose anymore money and more importantly you may actually find a number of ways to start making money now. But you have to be willing to make a change and take action. You know how the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't force them to drink. How thirsty are you?

6 thoughts on “Don’t I owe you money?”

  1. Hey Eddy!
    I was shocked to find that I won $50 when I opened my email today! I have been looking for work from home for a little while now. I have not landed a position just yet. I am certain that I will land the right one very soon! I am inspired by the advice and helpful information you provide on your website. You are truly a blessing!!!

    Best Regards,

    Congrats to Colleen! YOU GO GIRL!!

  2. Hi Eddy,

    Thank you again for your support. It’s been more than ten years where I haven ‘t earn anything.I did it to myself but it was for a good reason which were my children. But now my children are old enough. I’m still a job hunter. It’s a great relief to know that it’s possible to work from home. Yes It’s kind of hard and to make it worse I’m living in a country with very few opportunities unlike in the USA.
    I’m taking an internet marketing course, I hope that something good will come out of it. Thank you Eddy, you are a gift given to us total strangers.


  3. Hi Eddy. Thank you for the good news about winning the $50. It’s about time I hear good news instead of bad and it’s nice to know I’m receiving money for a change instead of receiving a bill notice. I love your website and it is filled with so much advice and helpful techniques. Although I haven’t found a work at home job yet, your site is making the search a lot easier. I appreciate all the time, effort, and hard work that you put into it. Again, thank you!!!


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