Is Earn4Share A Scam?

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Is Earn4Share A Scam or Legit?Chances are you've run into people posting links on Facebook and other social networks for I was wondering why I was receiving so many people spamming my fanpage with this which is already a bad sign. But I've decided to dig further and write this Earn4Share Review to see if it's really an easy way to make money online with social networks.

What is Earn4Share? claims they offer you a “job” position where you can earn $500 today for doing some tasks which are different in type and number? They go on to say that “you will earn $1500 in your first week by simple task of 5 – 10 minute”. Oh really?

Apparently you also get a $25 sign up bonus.

Is actually legit?

No is not. Let's dig into what's really happening. Earn4Share is using work at home seekers to recruit other people with the promise of fast and easy money for just sharing your Earn4Share link. That's why you keep seeing these links on Facebook.

But here's the thing, once you're ready to cash out all that ridiculous money they claim they'll give you, you're required to fill out a “survey”. The survey is basically an affiliate offer where they get paid when you complete it. That's perfectly fine since affiliate marketing is a legitimate business when done responsibly and not misrepresented.

The problem is Earn4Share never actually pays you the money that is owed to you even though you've just helped them make money by completing that survey offer. So while Earn4Share makes all this money from everyone that completes the survey, everyone else is left with nothing and they continue to get free advertising as unsuspecting work at home seekers continue to post links sharing this shady opportunity.

This is bad on all fronts. This gives paid surveys another black eye, even though there are some companies like that pay you for every survey. It also gives affiliate marketing a bad name because people are being tricked into it. Why these scammers feel the need to trick people into a business that companies like Amazon & Google use is beyond me?

Either way, now you know the real deal!

Copy Cats

Because this scam has worked so well, the company has multiple names that are basically slight variations of what I've covered above but pretty much end up screwing you avoid them like they have the cooties. So if the opportunity sounds like what I've described above and you're seeing a lot of people posting on social networks like Facebook, just avoid it. Con artists are pretty lazy and will just repeat themselves. But once you've seen one example, you can pretty much spot the other clone versions.


Earn4Share is a scam to be avoided and so should anything else you run across that looks and smells like it. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Don't let desperation get the best of you! Anything that is going to make you large sums of money online will require a lot of hard work and effort on your part. Just because the internet is blazing fast nowadays doesn't mean that money to be made on it will be as well. Always ask yourself, if it were that easy, wouldn't everyone else do it? When you do that, you'll avoid a lot of this garbage.

If you are looking for legitimate ways to make some real money and are willing to work and put in the time, I have some trusted recommendations that I have personally tried and made money with. As such that's why I can recommend them to you because they did work for me and it's not just because these opportunities also pay me. If you've read my body of work, you know I'm always about steering you in the right direction as I've done in this article.

So with that said, take a look at the following trusted real ways to make money online:

Paparazzi Accessories

Wealthy Affiliate

Both opportunities actually compliment each other because what I've learned from Wealthy Affiliate I've already applied to Paparazzi Accessories with some success. So either way you're in good hands.

In any event, let me know your thoughts about Earn4Share. Have you run into other versions of it, if so please share in the comments below. I'm sure we'll get some comments from people that are still trying to promote this scam so that should be interesting.

Either way, I would love to hear from you down below.

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