Easy1Up Review: Is It A Pyramid Scheme or Legit Money Maker?

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There’s no worse feeling than losing money because of a scam. Believe me, I’ve been there. So I always make a point of doing my research before investing in any sort of online business. So Easy1Up claims you can smile all the way to the bank if you use their system to make money online as an affiliate. Well, if you’re anything like me, you would sift through several Easy1Up reviews to determine whether it is legit or not.

Well we did the research to determine if some of the Easy1up Review claims of easy money were actually true. Unfortunately what we uncovered isn't pretty. So I would highly recommend you read this Easy1Up review to know the truth about the company. 

What Is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up can be found online at Easy1Up.com. Easy 1Up is a training platform where you can learn the various strategies of making money online. But it is a also a business opportunity where you can profit from selling the same Easy1Up training resources to others for a commission. Easy 1Up was founded by internet marketing veteran Peter Wolfing and the platform has been around since 2016.

How Does Easy1Up Work?

So Easy1Up is both an educational platform as well as a network marketing program. When you join, you’ll first buy a digital product which includes training and resources on how to start and grow an online business. You can then sell the same digital product to other people for a commission. 

Once you join they’ll hook you up with an Easy 1Up subdomain within their platform, that includes all the training videos, resources and tools you’ll use to both learn and promote the system with. Your main income source will be their affiliate program, but they also assume you’re also using their affiliate marketing system and training for your own benefit. 

How Much Does Easy1Up Cost?

At the time of this review, Easy1Up has six tiers in their marketing system, priced as follows:

  • Elevation Basic – $25 – The level involves things such as networking your way to success and social media lead generation. 
  • Elevation Elite – $100 – Under Elevation elite, the course dives deeper into the video aspect of online marketing especially on social media, including Udemy and YouTube and how to drive sales. 
  • Vertex – $250 – The primary focus of the training in this level is affiliate marketing and how to harness the power of search engines and social media to boost your commission earning capabilities. 
  • Vertex Elite – $500 – Under Vertex Elite, Easy 1 Up teaches how to generate free traffic online, and all about how to make money online with the dropshipping business. 
  • Pro Connect – $1000 – Vertex Pro covers a variety of topics, but their primary area of focus is how to do Facebook advertising and its connection to lead generation, traffic and targeted internet marketing. 
  • Vertex Live – $2000 – This level basically offers over 18 hours of internet marketing and online marketing training. It covers a variety of topics and includes two tickets to one live event at a future date.

At the time of writing this Easy 1Up review, they also charge a one-time admin fee of between 10-25% on top of the cost of the product. 

But hey, if you’re not ready to invest in an online business just yet, you can make a little extra money doing what you already do online like reading emails, watching videos, playing games and more at sites like SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com. SurveyJunkie.com is another great option for surveys as well. 

Easy1Up Commission and Compensation Plan

So the Easy 1Up compensation plan is as follows. You’ll receive a 100% commission on your first sale, minus the admin fee. The second sales commission goes to the person who referred you. They call the system ”the pass up sale”. Every sale from your third person onwards goes to you in perpetuity, and you’ll be receiving the pass up sale from each of your referrals. It may be confusing at first, but you can go here to read more about their compensation plan. 

How Much Money Can I Make With Easy1Up?

Easy 1Up doesn't make any income claims, but there’s no cap to how much you make. It all depends on how successful you are at selling these digital products. However, remember you’ll only break even after your third sale. Your first sale is technically a refund of your initial investment and the second sale goes to the person who referred you. 

If you don’t like anything you’ve just read about Easy 1Up, you can check out My Best Work At Home Recommendationwhere you can also learn how to make money online promoting other physical and digital products, and you get to keep all the profits and not pass it to some upline. 

How and When Do I Get Paid? 

Easy 1Up says the person you refer will pay you via the payment processor you’ve both agreed upon. At the time of writing this review, credit card and PayPal are available as options.

How Do I Get Started With Easy1Up?

Apparently you need to be invited by someone to make money with Easy 1Up. You can’t join directly through the main website simply by hitting a sign up button. But these invite links are not that hard to find. There are thousands of people promoting Easy 1 UP affiliate marketing system around the web. In any case, once you’re in you can choose a package and make your payment. You can then fill out your Accounts Receivables profile. That's what you’ll be using to get paid by the people you refer.

Easy1Up Complaints

As much as we would want Easy1Up to be perfect, sadly no such thing exists. So read the complaints as laid out in this next section and determine for yourself whether they are deal breakers or not.

You’re never fully independent – Unlike most other marketing networks where you’ll basically make money online using your own website or independent platform. Easy 1Up gives you a subdomain hosted by them. While this may work purely to drive sales, this approach is not a good long-term strategy. You don’t own the domain, and your growth is limited. If you would instead prefer owning your own affiliate marketing business as your own boss, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation

Hidden Charges – Easy 1Up claims there are absolutely no hidden charges to expect. Well, Easy1Up conveniently left out the fact that the third party payment processor fee. However little they may be, it is misleading to claim that there are no hidden charges when indeed there are. 

Sounds like a pyramid scheme -The fact that you'll need to pay the person above you before earning your first profit sounds pyramid-ish. But to be fair they do have a product, so it's not a plain blank pyramid scheme. Some people have actually implied that it may be a pyramid scheme based on their experience with them.

Average BBB Rating – Their parent company, Multiplex Systems, Inc. has a C rating at the Better Business Bureau. So there may be some underlying complaints you may want to follow up on if you do consider a company’s reputation with the BBB. 

You need to purchase the product to promote it – You can only make money with the package you've bought. That means to earn anything with Easy 1Up, you’ll need to buy something. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But the fact that you’ll not be able to make money in any other way besides buying something to resell is discouraging. In addition, you’ll need to make at least three sales to make a profit. I’ll be damned!

Is Easy1Up A Scam?

Technically Easy1Up is not a scam. But quite honestly I don't think I would use the system whether it's a scam or not. There are some grave concerns that are too hard to ignore. The fact that you'll have to pay the person above you borders on the pyramid scheme. Again, you'll need to buy something to promote it, which is uncharacteristic of most affiliate program. The good news is, however, the system works and you’ll make money once you do what’s required. The 100% commission is also quite encouraging. However, Easy1Up is not a great long-term strategy to use if you want to be an affiliate marketer. You won’t end up being independent from it.

That being said, perhaps you’re not comfortable joining Easy 1Up given what you now know about the company and that’s totally fine. You can check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation and learn how to make money actively or passively with affiliate marketing. Best of all, it’s free to join.

Well, that’s my Easy1Up Review. Would consider taking up the opportunity? If not, do you have a better alternative? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. 

Until next time 

Eddy “with a Y”

8 thoughts on “Easy1Up Review: Is It A Pyramid Scheme or Legit Money Maker?”

  1. I greatly disagree with your cons. E1U has multiple pay out options and I have been paid instantly multiple times. All the fees such as admin fees per level are disclosed while any fees associated with any payment processor is determined by the pay out method you choose therefore E1U cannot state what those fees might be because AGAIN you choose your method of receiving pay.

    The paying for the products in order to promote is ethical due to the fact that the one promoting will have had actual real life experience using the products and can thus be in a better position to promote it if they choose.

    The training products are put together well and easy to access without the need of downloading everything unless you want to.

    Furthermore, you talk about E1U not being on your own website domain but this is the case with any business opportunity and the standard marketing practice is to direct prospects to your own web properties where you present the opportunity while at the same time build up your own unique audience.

    But even if you use the stand alone E1U affiliate links you can still be successful because of the automatic followups and other contact tracking features.

    • Sorry Peter. When it comes to this industry it’s good to be skeptical. So many of these opportunities promise the star and moon. But as someone that has been helping people find legit ways to make money for over a decade, I can share the following. Anything that will make you real money online will take hard work, time and patience. If someone claims it’s going to be easy and fast and you’ll make tons of money, they’re lying to you. Hopefully you’ll take the time to read more of my site and check out my YouTube channel to learn the truth and real ways to make money online. Visit https://www.Youtube.com/c/workathomenoscamss

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