eBesucher Review: Is It A An Autosurf Scam or Easy Passive Income?

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eBesucher ScamA passive income stream is something we all dream of. Who wouldn't want to wake up after a good night's sleep, to learn that you had made money while you were drooling in your pillow? Sorry for the visual but you get what I'm saying. There are many websites that claim that they can help you create nearly passive income and one of these sites is eBesucher. But before you start dreaming of making loads of cash from a few simple clicks, remember that things are not always as they seem. We will give you the rundown on eBesucher and determine whether the site is worth your time.

What is eBesucher?

Located at ebesucher.com, eBesucher is an autosurf and mail exchange program that will pay you to surf the web, read emails, and refer customers. They claim that with these methods you will be able to earn a passive income. eBesucher was founded in 2002, but has gained in popularity over the past few years. Like many traffic exchange companies, eBesucher claims that users can earn a passive income with little effort on their end.

How Does eBesucher Work?

As mentioned earlier eBesucher is an autosurf website. So it's main purpose is to drive traffic to websites of companies that have paid them for visitors. In return, eBsucher will pay people like you and I to visit these websites. eBsucher has simplified this system by creating a “surf now” button, which will open a new tab in your browser. This new browser tab is able to keep track of the websites you have visited. You then earn points for each website visit, and those points can be exchanged for real money. In addition to getting paid to surf the web, eBesucher will pay you for various other activities which I've laid out below.

Visiting websites

  • Earn money by viewing websites
  • Can be done totally passively leaving your browser open.
  • You can make up to $10 per month

Reading emails

  • You can earn by reading emails
  • Pays better than viewing websites
  • Not as passive as web surfing


  • Refer friends, family and others to increase earnings
  • They pay 8% for all direct referrals
  • There is a 5% pay for indirect (advertising) referrals

How do you join eBesucher?

eBesucher is easy to join and, best of all, it is FREE. Click the signup link on their website, fill out their registration form, and you will be ready to start earning money. With the free membership you will have access to all of the resources provided by eBesucher to help you become successful. eBesucher also offers compatibility with several different languages, including French, English, and German.

eBesucher Complaints

If you're anything like me you already know that the idea of passive income isn't as easy as people claim. So if you're skeptical of eBesucher because of this, you would be right. When we dug a little deeper we came to some shocking conclusions that may give you pause.

Don't quit your day job

Sure you can earn passive income with this opportunity. But when you see the grand total at the end of the month, you will be left to wonder whether it will even cover the cost of your morning coffee. I don't know about you but the thought of making $10 per month doesn't exactly get my heart racing. That's assuming you can make that amount. Either way you won't be paying any real bills with this. You'll need my Top Free Work at Home Recommendation for that.

Earnings are based on points

When you are earning cash online, you want to be able to watch those dollars accrue. It's part of the game. It is what keeps you going. Sadly eBesucher pays their users with points, not cash. Now keep in mind the points are redeemable for cash. But you have no idea the true value of the points before you sign up. So you could end up very disappointed in what the points are equivalent to in the form of actual cash.

You need referrals to make real money

As I mentioned numerous times autosurfing websites on your own isn't going to pay any major bills. To make any real money you'll probably have to refer the program to others. After all, there is a payout of 8% on each referral and that could add up to significant income. That's all good and dandy if you are good at referring people. But most people will resort to recruiting their family and friends to join. Let's face it most of them won't and even if they do it probably won't be enough to earn you any real money.

So Is eBesucher Actually Legitimate?

There is no doubt that eBesucher is a legitimate company. There is plenty of evidence online of earnings postings, that show that the system does work and the company does pay. Unfortunately, legitimacy does not equate to riches, and in this case you can expect very little money in return for your effort.

While it is possible to make money with eBsucher, there are better ways to make a living from home. You should check out my Top Free Work at Home Recommendation and Work at Home Courses. These will teach you how to make money at home utilizing Multiple Streams of Income, which will increase you chances of being successful.

13 thoughts on “eBesucher Review: Is It A An Autosurf Scam or Easy Passive Income?”

  1. Hey there Eddy. I agree with most of your review, but the way to make money with eBesucher is not by referring new members or by surfing by yourself. Unlinke other traffic exchanges, eBesucher offers you the opportunity to let other people surf for you. You simply have to hand them the link to your surfbar. It works like a charm and you can easily tenfold your earnings. The eBesucher API even allows you to implement the surfbar into your own project and to let your members surf for you.

  2. Eddy
    I could not reply directly to your last comment because I kept getting an error message that my comment was blocked due to spam.

    To answer your question, no I do not do any more writing. It’s too time consuming for the pay I get. All I could find were content mills, which pay too low.

    • Hi Karin,
      That’s weird. I’ll look into that. But thanks for getting back to me. If the content mill is more of the issue then you should try to work with people or companies that want to hire you directly and take the middle man out. I know I’ve had this relationship with writers before and it’s worked well for both of us. 😉

  3. eBesucher may be legitimate but as others said, being lucky to make $10 a month – no, not worth it. I went through something similar when I wrote for TextBroker. It’s like a “sweatshop” of the digital age. The pay is insulting for the work I do.

    • Hey Karin,
      I totally hear ya. Everyone has to find options that meet their financial needs and tolerance. For some ebesucher may just fine but for others it’s not. So I agree with you. Do you still do freelance writing?

  4. Hello Eddy, I had never heard of eBesucher but I am certain that I will not join even if it is legit. Too much efforts for too little money, $10 per month ain’t going to cut it. I like your idea of thinking long term and earning with multiple streams of income and by the way, I love your video on ‘Where can I find Legit Multiple Streams of Income’. Great work!

    • I totally feel you Nathalie. Some things are worth the effort and others aren’t. Clearly this isn’t for you and that’s fine. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

  5. Hi Eddy
    No doubt in my mind, I would love to have a passive income stream. To me though, a passive income would mean earning a recurring income that is ‘decent’ enough to depend upon.

    $10, is NOT in any way decent enough for me. So, sorry I will pass up ebesucher and probably not ever look at it again.

    Thanks for saving me the time. I rather take a look at your recommendation.

    Thanks once again for a really helpful article.

    Much appreciated

    • Agreed. Who doesn’t want passive income. My business provides that to me now. But it took a lot of work to get it to that point and now the passive income is actually decent. But if I were looking for another source of it, this wouldn’t be it for me either. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Hello Eddy,

    I remember I came across an online platform which involves with surveys but cannot remember what the name was. About this, although there is an income, size wise, it’s not worth it simply because the most you can earn per month is merely 60 cents. Well, compared to eBesucher, $10 is still more than acceptable in comparison to the survey I talked about. I can’t remember what it was. I think this can be an additional activity to our main core online business such as blogging and affiliate marketing.

    • Hey Tar, I’m surprised you see EBesucher as something viable to make money online. But everyone has different views on making money. So you have to go with whatever you thinks makes sense. I’m not a big fan of surveys because it’s not consistent. So I’m sure what survey company you’re talking about fits this as well. I appreciate your comment.

  7. Hi, Eddy. A Very interesting review you have there on eBesucher. I’ve been looking for an online income opportunity for some time and I came across eBesucher a little while back. I was contemplating joining but after reading this, I dont think its worth it. I mean $10 is a joke considering the amount of work I need to put in.

    Thanks for the great review Eddy.

    • I’m glad you liked the review Leonard. I agree given the amount of work required to make money here, there are definitely better ways. But everyone’s different. Thanks for chiming in.

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