Email Domination: List Building With Anthony Morrison?

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email domination reviewGrowing up I've seen a lot of changes in technology. I'm going to age myself but I remember things like an 8 track, beta max, VHS, Cassette tapes and floppy disks. I recall when the only way to get on the internet was dialing up on AOL on that slow ass telephone line. So much has changed since then. I've also seen it with marketing, you have text messages, re-targeting and social media. And when it comes to marketing, folks like to gravitate to what's shiny and new and abandon older things even if they still work. A perfect example of this is email marketing. Once social media became the hot girl a lot of people stopped focusing on email.

But last I checked we all still have email addresses and check our emails probably more than anything else we do. It's still an effective way to communicate with people and to do business. The fact you're reading this article is probably because of an email I sent you. So it's still a powerful tool. And when used properly it can help you make money. This brings me to today's topic which is my Email Domination Review. I'll dive in to see if this is really a solid course that helps you make money online or it's it another piece of crap you should avoid. Either way sit back and let's go through it together.

What Is Email Domination?

Email Domination is an online video course produced by Anthony Morrison, a well known Internet Marketing “Guru” who created and launched several ‘make money online' products over the last 6 years.

Anthony claims to make over 1 Million dollars per year, attributing his success to an email marketing system & list building method, he created and uses on a daily basis. He doesn't call it a ‘secret', which comes as a surprise, and his sales presentation for his course is refreshingly low-key, without the usual hype associated with his product launches.

In his course, Anthony will teach you the exact system & method he uses, and reveals why email marketing is so important for your success.

What You Will Get With Email Domination!

The package consists of 2 Course Modules, 5 Case Studies, and 1 piece of Software.

email domination course lessonsModule 1: Email Domination Training For Beginners:

  1. How to properly Build a List
  2. Intro to Auto Responder Services
  3. Learning the Email Lingo

Module 2: Email Domination – Advanced Training

  1. Inbox Optimization: How to increase email openings, how to reduce unsubscribes, and how to get your emails in the inbox
  2. Copy Writing Optimization: How to write emails that convert
  3. Profit Optimization: How to make MORE money from the emails you send

Anthony's Case Studies:

  1. Anthony's One Million Dollars in ONE Day
  2. Anthony's $100,000 CPA Mailing
  3. Anthony's $89,000 Click Selling
  4. Anthony's $168,000 “They Didn't Buy
  5. Anthony's $2,000 T-Shirt Selling Campaign

Anthony's Personal “Inbox Multiplier Software”

Anthony absolutely guarantees that your emails will hit hit the inbox at an insanely high rate, instead ending in the Spam folder!

How Much Does Email Domination Cost?

The initial package costs you a flat cost of $67. But of course there are some optional upsells on the back end. They are as follows:

#1: Done For You Email Domination

Option 1: 7 Campaigns with 540 emails: $197

Option 2: 4 Campaigns with 360 emails: $ 97

#2: CPA (Cost per Action) Mastery Mailing: $99

Anthony learned about a ‘Secret” to find the right CPA offer that doesn't require anyone to make even a single purchase. The person teaching Anthony this method makes, supposedly, $500,000 per month

#3: Inbox Mastermind 3 X: $47

You will get access to ‘3 insane details' about email marketing from 3 different guys making ‘insanely amounts of money each month', to the tune of $250,000 per month

Email Domination Complaints

I know this is the part many of you are looking for. No online product is perfect, and I like to point out what's amiss, just in case it escaped your attention.

Are The Upsells Really Necessary And Useful?

I am not a big fan of upsells because most of the time they are usually are nothing more than a ‘money grab‘ by the owners of the program. Anthony is throwing 3 OTO's at you and it's difficult to evaluate their usefulness.

OTO #1, $197 or $97 is for ‘Done For You' email campaigns. My main concern here is were the email address for these campaigns are coming from. Let's assume you are a beginner and have no quality emails, meaning opt-ins from any of your own collecting activities. Is Anthony able to provide you with quality email addresses of potential customers with your target group for the campaigns?

OTO #3, $47 is an OTO that looks more a money grab than anything of real value. OK, there are ‘3 guys' willing to share their recipe of success with you. One, supposedly, makes $250,000 a month, the second is the student of that guy, and the third ‘owns a mailing platform'. Is it worth another $47, particularly since I smell another hidden upsell coming?

No Mention Of ‘How Long It Takes To Build A List'!

Throughout the course I was waiting for Antony to give us a time frame it takes to build a list of, lets say 10,000 addresses. Not a single word, to my surprise. Anthony is in business for over 7 years now, and I am sure he built several lists of more than 100,000 addresses each. But I also am sure, that he did not build these lists in a month or two, but ever so slowly over all these years. And by the way, email marketing is NOT as simple as he makes it out to be.

There Is No Live Support With Email Domination!

Anthony tells you in the sale video how great the support system at Email Domination is, and some of his affiliates make it a big point that the ‘Master himself steps in to help you along‘, there is absolutely NO members forum or live support. Instead, you are forced to open a support ticket, which is answered by ““, confirming your request, and promising a respond within 24 hours. You also learn that they are available Mon. through Fri. from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you need help over the weekend, too bad; nobody home, wait 'til Monday. I believe that Anthony could have easily afforded to add a real live member forum to his membership site.

Is Email Domination A Scam or Legitimate?

I can't even front, the course is solid and legit. The price of $67 is absolutely in range with similar products. Anthony's reputation may not be the best, due to some shady offerings in the past. But hey, people do grow up and change……..maybe that's the beginning of a new Anthony Morrison era.

We are looking at a great training course to master the art of email marketing. However, if you are a total newbie to Internet Marketing, or you just got your feet wet taking the course will not do any good. You first need to build the foundation of your business, create a website that will rank and get some traffic.

I was in the same situation when I started out many moons ago, and I learned all about Internet Marketing at My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. If you are serious about making it in the online marketing world, I strongly suggest you take look how I got started, and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve your goal.

But I never like to depend on one source of income, so I tend to take a multiple streams of income philosophy. And you should too since it gives you a lot more options. So with that said, be sure you check out my work at home courses as well.

Well it's time to raise up out of here. Do me a favor and let me know what you think of my Email Domination Review by leaving a comment in the box below. It's always great to hear from you guys. So don't by shy. I promise not bite your head off. lol

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