Empowr Review: Is it Legitimate or a Scam?

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Chances are you've posted funny memes or pictures on Facebook. Now imagine if you were able to get paid for that nonsense. Well that's what Empowr claims to do for you. I know what you're thinking. This sounds too good to be true. I felt the same way. So that's why my team and I decided to take a deeper look into Empowr and their claims. Read on to learn the shocking truth about Empowr.com.

What is Empowr?

Empower, which can be found at Empowr.com, is an alleged social networking site that pays members to perform online tasks. The company was co-founded by Brandi, Mike, Mohit, Scott, though, no last names are given. The actual Empowr site has only been around since 2015, but the business was started over 15 years ago. It began as a site known as SMS.a cin 2000. In 2007 it became FanBox, which laid the groundwork for the company it is today. Their mission statement claims that their purpose is to make everyone around the world able to earn at least$25 per day compared to the $2 per day that it is now. That's not a bad goal for a social media site.

How to Make Money With Empowr?

Once you join Empowr you are referred to as a citizen. There are many others just like you that are out to improve their income. After becoming a full-fledged citizen, there are four ways you can make money.

1. Content Roles
If you simply want to do the same tasks that you would perform on other social media sites, then this role should suit you well. Post pictures and videos, share music and articles and make friends. According to Empowr, as long as you are familiar with social media, you are able to rake in the cash.

2. Marketing Roles
Many people are familiar with marketing on Facebook. Companies pay Facebook a fee and are then able to promote themselves or their product to the Facebook users on Facebook.com. Empower has a similar concept. Empowr will pay their citizens to post and share ads with others on the site.

3. Educator Roles
They will pay you to teach others how to use their site. Every citizen is entitled to a “success coach”. These “coaches” are there to give advice and answer questions. Once you have become familiar enough with Empowr and their rules you may be able to make extra money by educating others.

4. Developer Roles
If you have programming skills, Empowr is always looking for ways to improve their business. Because of a large number of members, Empowr needs to work hard to stay current. Their instructional video lets citizens know that helping with the development process can boost earnings.

At first glance there appears to be a lot of different ways to earn with empowr. That would be great if you had any idea how much they paid. This is exactly why I like My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation instead because they work with known companies that tell you exactly how much money to expect.

How Do You Join Empowr?

To join, you must first create an account. This account is free to start, although make sure to read the fine print carefully, hidden charges may apply depending on what you do with the site. You are required to have a PayPal account or to provide credit card information in order to receive your earnings.

Complaints Against Empowr

So by now you're probably thinking to yourself, what's the catch? Well like all companies this one has some complaints or areas of concerns you should be aware of. So there is no use in hiding in them. Let's just dive right in.

Their Payment System is Confusing
The total earnings you see in your account is not the amount you are actually entitled to. There are numerous hidden fees and charges that will drastically decrease the amount of money you bring in. There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason to the payments and deductions so you never really know what to expect.

Empowr Has a Shady Past
As mentioned earlier, Empowr has evolved from a few other names. SMS.ac and FanBox were very similar to Empowr but had so many problems that the company has to re-work their systems every few years. If you look closely, Empowr runs on the same structure with only a few minor changes. If you were to Google FanBox or SMS.ac, a ton of complaints and warnings will come up, second only to their actual websites. Empowr may be just a new name to this company's same old scam.

If that turns you off, you may want to check into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Fake Ass Testimonials
It is a huge red flag when you find fake testimonials about a company on their website. Empowr uses stock photos of people saying wonderful things about their experiences. If the site was as great as it claims to be, there would be plenty of real quotes they could use.

Payouts Take Too Long
The money you earn has to sit in your Empowr account for 90 days before you can cash it out. They don't really explain why this is neccessary.

“Success Coaches” are Not Helpful
When you have a question about tasks or earnings you are directed to your success coach. Sadly, these coaches do not know much more than you do. If the system is confusing for you, it is probably just as confusing for them.

Administrative Support it Nonexistent
If you have a concern that cannot be addressed by your success coach, it would make sense to reach out to those who manage the site. According to many users, that is next to impossible. Finding someone who actually knows what they are doing is not an option.

Is Empowr Legit or Not?

In theory what Empowr seeks to do sounds great. But if it were feasible and sustainable, I think more established networks like Facebook would be all over it. I'm also not comfortable with some of the complaints I've read about this company. So with that said I would probably pass on Empowr.com.

What's A Better Alternative to Empowr?

If what you read above gives you the heebie jeebies too, don't fret! There are other proven and legitimate options you can check out! If you like the idea of working online then you may want to consider My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation! It's helped me earned a part-time and full-time income. It can help you as well if you're willing to work hard and have patience. So check it out here!

Well that's all from me. Let me know your thoughts on this company by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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