Endless Expressions: What Is It? A Scam or Not?

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Endless expressions scamIf you are like me, the idea of not waking up before dawn, heading to a job you don't like, sounds great. Unfortunately, we all have to eat and pay bills. So we have to find ways to generate an income. For most people that means a dreaded job. Fortunately because of the internet there are way more options. So today in my Endless Expressions Review we'll look at generating an income with an MLM business. Is this just another scam? Or is Endless Expressions the good MLM unicorn. Let's find out together.

What is Endless Expressions?

In short, Endless Expressions is another a network marketing company. In other words it is creative way of saying multi-level marketing. Their business focuses on promoting women's jewelry, accessories and clothing. The company is a relatively new startup. But the founder Kristine has been in the direct marketing arena for more than 20 years.

What Are The Products?

To get a sneak peak at Endless Expressions, visit www.endlessexpressions.com, where you can take a look at their product line and pricing. They seem to have nice jewelry pieces, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that start at $4.00 and go up from there. They also offer clothes, tote bags and more. The prices for those items range from around $12.00 and up.

What Is The Compensation Plan?

Like most MLMs a person that becomes a endless expressions consultant can make money by selling the products that are offered through the company. Once a person signs up, they will be provided their own unique website link. They can promote this link as they wish to sell the products. But they can also make money by recruiting others under them to sell as well. But let's break down the actual numbers. Endless Expressions Consultants earn 30 percent commission on personal sales that are completed on their personal website, as well as direct personal sales, home parties and any type of event that may be scheduled.

The consultant can also earn five percent of the earnings of the first level recruits they bring in, and three percent of the earnings of their second level recruits. Surprisingly this is a pretty straight forward compensation plan for an MLM. Usually you need a PH.D to decipher them. So that's refreshing to see.

Endless Expressions Complaints

Every company dealing with making money usually has some complaints. But MLMs tend to have the highest complaints in this industry. So is Endless Expressions any different? Well read the complaints below and decide for yourself.

Limited Training & Support!

One of the most common complaints that we were able to uncover is about inadequate training and support. While network marketing can be a very lucrative industry, it is also very competitive. So simply believing that having a website will result in sales is a recipe for failure. Sorry, but you are going to have to master online marketing to win here. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like Endless Expressions provides a lot of the training to master this. Without the right support system, it can be extremely difficult to earn decent money. And trying to win the MLM battle is hard enough. So without the proper training it just makes it an uphill battle.

The start up cost

Endless Expressions is offering individual the ability to start their own business. So it's not a job. But often time people are rubbed the wrong way with the idea of investing in a business. Even if you're not big on the idea of a start up fee, they try to appeal to everyone with their different start up costs. You can start for as little as $10. But the reality is a person really needs to purchase the mid-kit or full kit. They are priced at $49 and $99 respectively. I think that is pretty reasonable to start a business. But there are some people who have complained that these prices are too high.

Shady Consultants.

Renegade consultants are always a concern when it comes MLM and network marketing opportunities. So another complaint has to do with the way that some consultants are recruiting. Because most of these programs actually pay better for bringing in recruits than they do for actually selling the product, consultants can become extremely creative and deceptive in their recruiting practices, choosing the by-any-means necessary approach. It seems that Endless Expressions has not been able to successfully avoid this pothole on the road to building their empire.

Endless Expressions Review Conclusion

While Endless Expressions presents a number of challenges for new recruits, from an ethical and operational perspective, the business seems to be legit. But it does not necessarily mean it as a good business opportunity for everyone. At the end of the day this business involves sales in some capacity. I imagine a lot of it will have to be done face to face or hopefully via social media. But given the training is weak for the online training aspect, it's going to be hard to succeed online only.

I'm also not convinced the product line has a unique selling proposition that will entice people to buy. Many of the products they're offering can be found at local stores in some capacity or another. So with that said I personally wouldn't give this a shot. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. However if it doesn't float your boat there are other options.

I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income. Depending on one company is too much of a financial risk in my mind. You should have various ways to make money. So if one source dries up you still have others coming in. That's why you may want to consider exploring my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. It's a business I prefer since customers come to me. I'm not really the type of person to chase people down or sell them. So this #1 Work At Home Recommendation works better for me. So you may want to consider it as well. Another option to explore is my Work At Home Courses which has helped hundreds of other work at home seekers make money as well.

As you can see you have a lot of options you can consider. Pick the ones that are best for you. Either way I'd love to hear your thoughts on this company. So post a comment down below.

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