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ethercomThere is this common misconception that being expert is limited to people that have some fancy degree or have written a book. That may be true in certain industries but it's not the case for all situations. Whether you know it or not, you are an expert at something. An expert basically means that you've acquired more knowledge than the norm in a given area. This can be achieved with schooling or with your own life experiences.

For instance, if you've always fixed cars for fun, you're probably an expert at car repair. I've been involved in the work at home industry since I was high school either searching for work at home or being scammed. That experience has given me a vast of amount of knowledge where some would label me an expert.

Then there are some of us that have become experts by default because of years at our job or schooling we've taken. So when you think about it, we're all experts at something.

But none of us are experts at everything. As a result, we all head to different people based on the advice we need and pay accordingly. For instance, If you need financial advice you may go to an accountant. If you're sick, you would go to a doctor. If you have legal problems you would go to a lawyer, etc. etc.

We're all accustomed to paying experts for their advice. But have you ever considered selling your expertise to others? Well you should! Chances are you've given tons of expert advice in your life but you've probably never earned a dime for it!

Well no more freebies! You can now easily make money with your expert advice via

How To Make Money Giving Advice!

So what is It's basically a website that pays you for sharing your knowledge via telephone. Here's how it works according to their website:

1. Get your free Ether Phone Number
Get your free Ether Phone Number Sign up for your Ether Phone Number: 1-888-MY-ETHER with an 8-digit extension that is unique to YOU. Set it to forward calls to your actual phone number – your cell, home, work, or any other number. It takes 2 minutes to set up and it's free.

2. Set your rate
Set your rate How much is your time worth? $75 an hour? $15 for 15 minutes? $30 per call? Whatever you like. People will only be able to call you when they've prepaid your rate.

3. Take calls only when you want to
Take calls only when you want to Your phone will never ring when you don't want it to. Just set the hours when you want to take calls by adjusting the automatic schedule – currently set so you don't get calls at night. Or, turn your Ether Phone Number on or off with the click of a mouse or by using your phone.

4. Market yourself
Market yourself Put your Ether Phone Number on your business card, website, blog or wherever people can find you. Your actual phone number is kept private. Market yourself Click to Call. You can also get an Ether Button for your blog or website that lets customers know whether you're available to take calls. Clicking on your button guides them through the payment process with a simple web form.

5. Phone me the money
Your phone only rings when people prepay your rate. Ether bills their credit or debit cards and sends you your money via direct deposit or check. Ether ‘s commission is 15%, with no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no connection fees.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.


If you have questions about this opportunity, please click here. If you want to sign up, please click here.

Is A Scam?

As always I did my research using the techniques in our work at home scam video. But I couldn't really find any complaints about the company. This could be because the company is fairly new or it just doesn't have any. But that's rare because even legitimate companies have people complaining about them. So taking all this into consideration I don't think is a scam.

Now with that said, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point out some of the negative aspects of this opportunity. The one thing that most of you will dislike is step 4 which is marketing yourself.

This is very ironic because we all market ourselves all the time at interviews, to our spouses, our kids, friends, etc. You just don't realize you're doing it. But every time you try to convince someone to do something, that's marketing yourself. So this shouldn't really concern you because you're probably an expert at it already.

However if it does, let me give you some ideas. Print up business cards, Post fliers, use free online classifieds, use message boards, blogs, etc. If you go to your local book store or library you can read some books on marketing a home based business and get a wealth of information for free on how to get people to call your hot line.

Ultimately, you really have nothing to lose with this particular work at home opportunity because there is no financial investment on your end. only takes their 15% commission if you get a paid call. So with that said I think it's worth a shot if you're willing to put in the effort to market yourself and your services. This is one of the few work at home opportunities where you could actually earn some decent money because you get to set your rate. Unlike many sales based opportunities, at least you'll be offering a service and product that you believe in which is yourself. And if you can't market yourself for this opportunity, you might have the same problem doing it in a traditional job interview.

For those of you that have no interest in this type of opportunity, feel free to visit our work at home jobs page or our trusted partner where you can find traditional work at home jobs. Good Luck!

30 thoughts on “Get Paid To Share Your Knowledge –”

  1. how is this different than being an at-home tutor? do yoi still think this is a good opportunity. by the way, i love your site!

  2. Weird thing I found about this site.   They seem to have billed me a buck to sign up…and didn’t see anywhere where it mentioned a charge, but my bank account has incurred a $1 charge from the co., anyone else get this?   Now I’m  slightly leary about this one.   Just wanted to give my two cents!   Still workin’ hard on slicethepie and some others!   Thanks Eddy!

    • Jay,

      That is weird. Keep us posted. We reviewed this company a long time ago so it’s totally possible something changed. Glad to hear you’re taking action on other things.

    • Right now:   instantcashsweepstakes, surveyhead, slicethepie, beezag, and minuteworkers are adding up into some legit income.   I’m doing as well as I did at certain crapper minimum wage jobs I’ve worked.   I had to take a job at Radioshack once, because the gas station I worked at decided to give the boots to all of us, who were making more money than the newbies they were brining in at a cheaper wage.   I was lucky to get 6 hrs a week sometimes at the Shack…always promised more hours…and my manager would kindly try to run behind the register and ring up my sales, and TAKE MY COMMISSION!   So this site has been a blessing since being laid-off in April from a different job due to the store closing.   Still not all the way there yet on this work at home thang, but it’s payin’ off, and I’ve been reading up on your affiliate stuff, and trying to apply for some of the permanent work at homers.   Like I said…I’m not all the way there, but you got me rolling!   Thanks man!

    • Jay,
      That makes me feel real good hearing this! I’m very proud of you. A lot of times when I introduce these little opportunities to certain people, they just snicker or turn their nose up. But then there are folks like you that understand the value of every penny and dollar and how it adds up. You’re the folk that end up succeeding in this industry. You guys start off small and then work your way up. So I applaud you for having the right attitude and taking action on this stuff. You’re not where you may want to be yet but I’m confident you will be because you have the right attitude and more importantly you take action! So keep at it my friend. Thanks for sharing this with me. It never gets tiring hearing from people like you!

  3. Eddy,
    OMG I love this site. I tried working from home about 6 yrs ago. Busted and frustrated! I was over it. The times have changed. Companies save money by using at home workers and we save as well. You have really opened my eyes to new opportunities. I filled out an app at the gas station around the corner just yesterday. They had over 600 applicants. Only 2 positions. Reality really set in then. I really appreciate all you’ve done here and all the hard work you put into this. It’s great. Thank you. Now all I have to do is decide my options and run with it.

    I saw this and I thought about a site I was on a few months back. My husband’s hobby is cars. We needed some information on a water pump for a Siebring. This site wanted us to pay to ask someone. I thought it was ridiculous..our buddies at the parts store would let us “view” the manual right off the But I didn’t know it was a real job! Amazing! shed new light on this and many other “annoying” things on the internet.

    Keep up the GREAT work.

  4. Eddie dude! I have been floating around on your site for a month now and you have inspired me! ESPECIALLY THIS POST! I just had the most fantastic idea and now I’m doing to run with it! Now all I gotta do is figure out how much is my advise worth! I think I’m going to start off small for now and see who it goes 😉

    • Falen,
      Man, I’m happy that something on my site finally clicked with you and you’re taking action. We give you a lot of options because we know not one size fits all. So it’s great this opportunity resonates with you. Good luck with it! By the way it’s Eddy not eddie. You should know that by now being here a month. lol 😉

  5. @ Eddie and Elaina
    Either, actually lets you do the email thing as well as calls. It says so on the link that you posted above for questions. Hope this helps someone.

  6. I was wondering if you knew any advice services where you get paided to give people advice by email instead of the phone. Although im confedent in my advice giving I always feel odd talking over the phone to people I dont know.

  7. I’ve been with Ether for two years you can trust it! Your money goes into your account within the first five days at the beginning of the month. Ether has been a life saver at times.

  8. Hi~~I am Mrs. Skeptical! You can put in front of me what seems credible, and yet, I am so reticent to fully embrace. Now, I am semi-home-bound due to medical issues; I haven’t worked in 2 years. I’ve been racking my brain about what I could do to bring in a modest supplement to my husband’s wages. I got it into my head that perhaps I could type college papers. I googled and one of the websites it listed was yours. I am well acquainted with rudimentary, necessary skills, but I trust I will need to acquire even more satisfactory skills, such as footnoting, adding graphs, diagrams, photos, and so much more, I’m sure. I’m willing to do my homework and develop these skills. However, I was quite surprised to find other means of “legit” jobs on your website. You offer a free guidebook and I would like to have a hard copy, if that is possible. My intention is to research, study, cultivate more neccessary skill, and begin to formally making myself available for serious at-home-employment.
    One question off the top of my head is how does qualify “experts?” For example, I home schooled my 2 children from pre-K – 12th. I have plenty to say on the subject, and I can offer subjective opinions, but who’s to say I am an “expert?” And, how does one handle receiving calls out of their sphere of experience and knowledge? I genuinely want to acquire viable at-home work, but I need to be fully persuaded that there are indeed legitimate sources. Thanks for letting me get all of this off my chest! I wouldn’t mind a response in return, please.

    • Hi Moxie,

      In this industry you should be skeptical considering the scam ratio that exist. That being said you’ve made some good points and asked some great questions about ether. As stated in the article above, the best thing to do is contact the source. I provided a link to their question section for that exact reason which is as follows:

      So feel free to visit them and ask the questions you had regarding their opportunity.
      In regards to my work at home guide it’s only available on the site. I know some people prefer to read stuff offline. So you can just print some of the text only pages. But the real value of many of the articles includes the videos. So honestly you’ll get more value out of it if you put aside a little time every day to read the material one article at a time. Trust me you’ll be better off for it when trying to maneuver this industry. Good luck.

  9. Ether is a legit site. I have used it for my own needs as i found many educated sellers on the site for just about anything you can think of. I myself am also a seller. I do counseling through Ether. I have made decent money , although sometimes i cannot take every call. i have been rated one of the best featured sellers and so i do get many calls, some which i have to pass up. BUT i do call back every caller & find plenty of time to help in matters of relationships, pregnancy, natural birth, anxiety, agoraphobia & other phobias as well as just about any issue that has been brought up. Any questions or help call me at 1888-MY ETHER ext. 03349813
    ~Tristian =)

    • Thanks for chiming in on Ether. Good to hear from people that are actually using it and making money with it.
      I like the “subtle” self promotion as well. lol 😉

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