Express My Cash Freebies Review: Legit or A Scam?

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is express my cash freebies a scamDuring my never ending quest trying to find ‘work-at-home' opportunities that are worth your time, I come across ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly'. Unfortunately, the bad & ugly by far outnumber the good. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a website that allows you to earn gifts and extra money by taking advantage of free give-aways. I decided to try it out and here is my Express My Cash Freebies Review.

What Is Express My Cash Freebies?

The website is part of the Freebies Network which promotes products and services of Fortune 500 companies. This network offers you the opportunity to earn cash or prizes by referring other people to complete special offers from Fortune 5 companies. Other notable websites of the Freebies Network are My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies.

How Does My Express Cash Freebies Work?

1) If you arrived at their site “referred”, meaning you clicked on an offer advertisement, your ‘referrer' places an order with the network for their free gift. Once you have completed your offer requirement, the system will issue an ‘affiliate link', and you will be able to send as many new members as your own referrals as you wish.

2) If you got to their site through a google search, or any other mean of ‘not referred', you will have to complete a few offer requirements on the site. You will not get paid for completing these offers.

In order to meet the requirements, you need to get ‘ONE or TWO' credits (it varies from site to site) by completing offers on their website. Advertising offers are broken down into ‘credit values‘. It can be .05, .12, .33. .5, etc. This means that you have to complete enough advertiser offers to reach ONE or TWO credits. Once you reach the requirement, you are eligible to send your own referrals to the site you have completed. You only have to do that ONCE on each site, then you are done completing offers yourself.

The image below shows you what their ‘Offer Page” looks like. There are about 140 different advertisements to choose from. When you hover over an offer, a little pop-up window will give you details about the offer.


How You Can Make Money With Express My Cash Freebies

Once you completed the offer from your referrer, or fulfilled the required credit offers, you must advertise the company offers to others in order to make money. For every person that completes the offer you will get paid $20 for the referral ($30 if you also signed up with Double My Cash Freebies). It's totally up to you how you advertise this opportunity. The more new referrals you send, the more money you make.

How You Get Paid

It's important to understand that Express My Cash Freebies does not pay you. You get paid by the company you referred a new customer to buy their product or service. The referral link identifies you as the referrer, and once an offer is completed, the company will send a verification email and payment to Express My Cash Freebies, which in turn will deposit your cash prize into your Paypal account.

Most of the ads on their website state that ‘Credits will be given INSTANTLY. Take this lightly, though; it may take a couple of hours, or even a full day, until the records on Express My Cash Freebies are updated. But let me insure you, once an offer is completed, you will get credit.

What Are The Express My Cash Freebies Complaints?

Either I'm slipping or there just aren't a lot of bad things being about this company. And that's always a great sign. That said, I managed to find a few that you may want to consider. Feel free to fill in any others that I may have missed.

Do you have any referrals?

This opportunity is really contingent on your ability to recruit other people. I know for many people that's a no no. It was something I was't really a big fan of until I learned how to have people come to me using the techniques I teach here and from what Wealthy Affiliate has taught me. So this doesn't have to be an issue if you get the proper training and guidance. But let's face it some people just aren't keep to making money like this.

Credit Card Charged

Some folks seem to be taken back that their credit card had been charged for an offer they had completed to be part of Express My Cash Freebies. Apparently these people didn't remember they ordered the product to complete the offer requirement. And they simply forgot to cancel in time, and got charged. Get paid to try offers just work like this and it's up to you to be organized and remember what you've ordered and when to cancel if at all.

No Pre-Paid Credit Cards!

Many offers from these Fortune 500 companies are trial offers. If the trial period expires and the offer has not been cancelled, the company must be able to charge the customer for the product. Pre-paid credit cards are not credit cards. If there is no money on the card, the company does not get paid, and even is in danger of not getting the product back. So from a business perspective I understand why they don't want people using pre-paid card. The business model is hedging on the fact that some people will become customers or quite honestly forget to cancel. It cuts in on their margins and makes it less profitable to pay for referrals if they can't make some of that money back.

So Does Express My Cash Freebies Work?

Yes it does work and so does this business model. There is nothing illegal about companies paying for referrals that result in a business transaction. Express My Cash Freebies pays their affiliates as soon as they receive confirmation of a completed order. However it's not a business model that a lot of people like because of the whole doing an offer and remembering to cancel if at all. So it's definitely not an opportunity for everyone.

I can't really see this as a way to to quit your job or replace your income totally. However, it is a feasible way to make some extra income on the side. I would just consider this opportunity as another stream of cash that you want to have in your Multiple Streams Of Income. Because you never want to have all your eggs in one basket because if that opportunity ends then so does your income. With that in mind you may want to check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation as well since it was another opportunity that has helped me to make a full time income from the comfort of my home.

That's all for today………I hope you liked my Express My Cash Freebies review and I would love to hear your opinion about it. Please, let us know what's on your mind and leave a comment in the box below.

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Eddy with a Y

14 thoughts on “Express My Cash Freebies Review: Legit or A Scam?”

  1. Thank you Eddy with a y. It does sound like a good company to warm up with as one learns the ropes. I’ll give it a good try
    tonight and get back to you if any doubt. No Eddy,I believe this world needs more concerned people like you looking to
    help those who really need it.

  2. Hey Eddy, have not seen much of your letters lately. Hope all is good. Just wanted to say hi and let you know you’re name gets around so keep up the good work and soon you may be world famous. see ya later

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t want to be famous. But I’ll take the rich part. lol
      I don’t send letters so I’m not sure what you mean. Every week I do send emails though. They may be getting lost in your spam folder. Unfortunately anything related to work at home usually ends up there. So check there and I’m sure you’ll find my emails there. Thanks again!

  3. I find you can refer just so many people before they start to hate you! As for trying products and canceling, I am just not with that as well. It is just my personal opinion, though, and if others are not bothered by the two things I mentioned, it looks like a viable way to make some $$.

    • Hey Sandy,

      Again I think that’s the problem. People depend too much on recruiting their family and friends who probably want no parts of this. Instead of getting people that want to learn stuff like this coming to you. And trust me that’s much easier and how I make my living. If I had to chase after people begging them to join what I promote, I’d probably be broke. Because i don’t like harassing people and my circle of contacts would quickly evaporate. Whereas when you’re doing it properly people come to you that want to learn what you’re offering.

      But I agree doing offers isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely a legitimate and viable way to make money if you’re into that stuff and can do it properly.

    • Hey Fran,

      I think people feel they aren’t good at referring people because it usually means you’re harassing your family and friends. And if thats the case I don’t know many people that are good at referring people like that including me. But I’m pretty good at getting people to come to me because of what I’ve been taught by WA and what I teach in my courses. So it’s something you’re learning as well Francesca in WA. It just takes time. But I don’t know if this is a program that I’d be personally referring to people. Thanks for chiming in either way.

  4. I always considered these things a little on the scammy side signing up for junk you don’t want and then cancelling. Not anything I want to be associated with.

    • Hey Theresa,

      Get paid to try offers is definitely a sore spot for some people. I personally don’t view them as a scam as long as you’re signing up for things you are actually interested in. After all everyone wins because the advertisers is hoping that after you try it you’ll stick with it and buy. And you as the consumer get to try out a product you may had an interest in and get paid for doing it. You start getting into areas of grey when you’re signing up for shady unknown companies who make it impossible to cancel or secretly sign you up for other crap. Or when you have users that really aren’t taking the proper time to evaluate the product and cancel immediately after they make their money. So that’s when it gets shady on both ends. But I’ve done get paid to try offers and it does actually work and pay. But after a while there weren’t a lot of quality companies to sign up for so I moved passed it. But I do know it does work if you’re with the right company.

      Either way, thanks for chiming in. I appreciate your thoughts.

  5. It seems like it is a good company but you have to refer a lot of people and if you don’t know that many people to refer than you don’t get paid I guess that is how it works. Not for me though


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