Field Agent App Review: Money Making App or Scam?

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When was the last time you visited a mall and returned home with more money? Chances are it's very rare. But apps like Field Agent claims to be able to change this. If you're wondering if there's any truth in this, you're probably go through several Field Agent reviews.

But let me save you some time. We have everything you need to know about the app, and unfortunately not everything about it is pretty. So I would strongly suggest that you read this Field Agent review keenly. Consider yourself warned!

What is Field Agent App?

Field Agent found online at is a mystery shopping and data collection app that claims to pay people like you and me to collect information and insights on products and services in retail stores. Field Agent was founded by Rick West, Henry Ho and Kelly Miller in 2010 with headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

How Does Field Agent Work?

Basically companies that either want to know how their products are doing in the market, or solve a certain problem in the sales process hire Field Agent to collect this information. Field Agent then designs a way to collect information from the public, by paying people (field agents) to collect this information.

That's where you come in. All you have to do to become a field agent is download the app and sign up. Once you become a field agent you'll basically be looking out for jobs in your area using the app.

You have the option of sorting jobs based on salary and proximity. You can also find jobs using the map feature on the app.

The next step would be to follow the instructions about the job accurately, mostly involving you going to a certain store and completing a task. Once you do what's required they'll review the results and if they're happy they'll pay you within a couple of hours.

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What Kind of Jobs Are Available on Field Agent?

Examples of tasks you can find include the following:

  • Going to stores and taking photos of products, display shelves, price tags etc
  • Comparing a competitor's product prices
  • Answering survey questions
  • Taking photos of certain products in your kitchen or bathroom storage cabinet
  • Trying out products sent to you
  • Mystery shopping and more

Each job has its own set of instructions and the payment amount.

Let's take a Walmart Scan Project that paid $5 for example. The task required a field agent to go to a specific retailer (in this case Sunmart Foods) and pick a print ad or circular. They will then be required to go to a Walmart store near them and scan the barcode of a list of products that are identical to those in the circular they had picked from Sunmart Foods. That's basically what comparing a competitor's product prices involves.

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What Is An Agent Score?

Field Agent uses a rating factor to identify the best agents from the jokers. Basically you're assigned an initial 85/100 score for every job. As you do more jobs the score either goes up or down depending on how good you are at being an agent. If you do well and your score goes up you'll stand better chances of getting better paying gigs.

How Much Money Can I Make with Field Agent App?

How much you make largely depends on how many jobs are available and how many you can successfully complete. Again, the availability of jobs depends on your location. It seems the closer you are to a big city where most of these stores are located, the better your chances of making money.

But most jobs pay $5 on average but based on what my team saw while writing this review, you'll expect to make anywhere between $1 and $12 per task. Most, of not all tasks take 2 hours to complete, and the countdown starts immediately you accept a job.

When & How Does Field Agent Pay You?

A while ago they used to pay agents via Either PayPal or Dwolla. But now it looks like they only pay via direct deposit to your bank account or a debit card. What you earn from a job should show up in your Field Agent account within 48 hours.

They also say direct deposits typically take 2-3 business to show up in your account. So in essence the whole cycle should take 5 business days maximum if what they say is true.

How Do I Get Started With Field Agent?

You don't need to pay anything to become a Field Agent. That said, to get started you'll first download the app on either Google's PlayStore or iOS App Store depending on your smartphone. To get signed up, just enter a valid email and then pick a password. Don't forget to confirm your email.

Once you're in they'll ask you a few profile questions including age, location, household setup, income and so forth. And that's basically it!

At the time of this review, Field Agent is available in the following countries

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Australia

So you can become a Field Agent if you live in either of these countries. If not, don't worry, I got you! Feel free to look for a work at home opportunity available in your country here.

Field Agent Complaints

Up to this point you may be thinking everything's sweet. But we all know the world doesn't work like that. So here are a few cons you may want to know about the Field Agent app. You decide for yourself whether it's worth it or a waste of time.

It's not a work at home opportunity

I think by now based on what you've read you already know you probably won't make money with the Field Agent app in your jammies. Most available jobs require you to be in a certain store. You may be lucky to find a few surveys to answer and get paid, but they are very rare, unlike what they have on a survey site like

Not for small-town folks

If you don't live anywhere near a large city where most of these stores are located, chances are field jobs will be rare. Remember, location determines how much money you can make with Field Agent. The app covers a 90 mile proximity while looking for jobs available to you. So if there are neither jobs within that distance nor those that you can do remotely, tough luck buddy!

But with My Best Work At Home Recommendation, you don't have to worry about where you live to make money online.

Where's the international love?

If you live nowhere near the countries we mentioned above then this opportunity is not for you. Well I bet the company has its own reasons for this, and maybe they'll continue casting their net further. Who knows?

Your job can easily get rejected

As we mentioned earlier your job has to go through a review process, so it's no guarantee that you'll get paid just because you did a task. Two of the most common reasons why your job may not go through according to what agents say are poor quality photos and not following instructions. So you may want to get your act together or you'll just be wasting time.

Field Agent Alternatives

There are several other mystery shopping apps like Mobee and Product Tube you can try out. But if you're looking for other ways of making money on the go, the mobile versions of, and enable you to make money doing what you already do online.

Is Field Agent Legit or A Scam?

Field Agent is as legit as they come. You can make money with the app on your next trip to the mall. But it's probably not for you if you're looking for ways of making money in your underwear.

With that said, there are other ways to make money without having to leave home. App versions of sites like, and pay you to do what you already do online like watching videos, reading emails, playing games and more. You can also make money taking surveys at

However, these opportunities are good for making passive income. You probably won't pay your bills consistently. If you feel the same and looking for an opportunity to make real money online, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's my Field Agent review. We would love to hear from you also. Don't be shy, feel free to leave your two cents about this or any other similar companies you may have had an experience with on the comments section below. If you still have questions about Field Agent, you can visit their FAQs page here.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

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