Foap Smartphone App Review: Can You Really Make Money Selling Your Photos?

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Foap ReviewIf you're anything like me, you probably don't lug around a separate camera anymore. Nowadays I just whip out my iPhone and I can literally take pictures or videos of any moment. But I'm just doing it for fun or to capture precious moments of my annoying kids. But imagine you could get paid for taking pictures with your smartphone. If you've read some of the Foap reviews out there, you've learned that this is totally possible. However, do you really know the full story? Read my review below to learn about some of the complaints folks have before you jump into this!

What is the Foap Smartphone App? was founded in 2012. They created a smartphone app that allows you to get paid for uploading and selling your photos. Companies can also purchase photos from them as well. They have corporate locations in Sweden, Poland, and New York.

How Does Foap Work?

To get started, simply download the free smartphone app from the Itunes Store or Google Play. Did you know that Swagbucks will pay you for downloading apps like Foap? Well, now you do! Once you've downloaded the app, you need to create an account with either an email or Facebook account. After filling out your profile information, you will then be required to rate five photos with one to five stars before you can upload any of your own photos. Once you upload a photo and create relevant tags, license, and description, other Foap users will rate your photo. All photos, even below 2.5 star rating are now available in the Foap Marketplace for sale.

How Much Does Foap Pay?

Foap sells your photos for $10 each and pays you $5. The good news is that you can sell photos over and over again as many time as you would like. Foap pays users only by PayPal for sold photos at the end of the month. Users will need to cash out their earnings before the 15th of the month to receive payment at month's end or they will have to wait another month. Foap also has contests and missions where users submit certain photos matching the requested criteria. Winners can earn over $100.

If you find the pay to be low, there are other ways to make money that may end up paying you more such as sites like,, or a survey company like The companies will pay you things that you already do online like visiting websites, watching videos or more.

The Features:

On-the go instant app access: Since the Foap Smartphone App is available on both Android and Apple devices, you can upload photos right after taking them. Companies like Swagbucks will pay you for downloading apps like Foap.

Large fanbase at your fingertips: There are thousands of users in the Foap community which makes it easier to build a following for your photos. You can make new friends and get ideas for future photo opportunities.

Missions and contests: High-profile corporate brands and other businesses offer specific contests looking for the perfect photo. Winners can make out with $100 or more if their photo is chosen. Each mission has a certain set of criteria that must be met so make sure to read these carefully before submitting. However, you might be better off checking out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation if you really want to make some serious cash.

What I Love About It:

Instant eyeballs on your pics: Foap has a large community of users that give immediate feedback to your photos. You'll know right away if they suck. You can create a large following for your photos and learn what kind of photos actually sell.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Foap has some great contest missions from many well-known brands. If you meet all the listed criteria and win, you can earn $100 or more for your work. There is no limit on the number of photos you can submit for a particular contest.

Foap App Complaints:

You need a smartphone: Obviously, given the nature of this opportunity, a smartphone is needed. And some people don't have them because they think they're expensive. But you can find cheap quality affordable smartphones with no contract on

Don't count on a high roller bankroll: It's hard to find anyone online earning anything significant from trying to sell their photos on the app. Acceptance in the marketplace is not an easy task. If you would like to be able to truly earn a substantial income, check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Only one way to get cash, boo! Foap only pays users through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you will have to set one up and go through the process of attaching and verifying your bank account information with PayPal. Transferring money from PayPal to your bank account takes 1-3 days, which means you will have to wait even longer to get access to your cash.

The silence is deafening with BBB customer feedback: The company has no rating with the Better Business Bureau. There's no way to tell how well the company handles complaints or if they will even respond back to you if you have an issue with their app.

If the lack of a BBB rating turns you off you may want to check out other make money companies with a positive BBB rating like, and They pay you for things you already do online like watching videos, playing games and more. is also has positive listings on the BBB and they pay you to take surveys.

So, Is Foap Legit or A Big Scam?

While Foap is a legitimate smartphone app for selling digital photos online, it's tough making serious money using it. Since Foap only pays users $5 per sold photo, you can be sure it won't pay your bills. But if you are looking for something more steady long-term, then read my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

You can also look into sites like,,, and as another way to make money online. Your earning won't be limited by how many photos you sell but by the simple tasks you complete such as reading emails, completing polls, visiting sites, and much more.

That's all for me to say now on the Foap Smartphone App. I'll leave the decision for using the app up to you. I appreciate you taking the time to read this review. I'd love it if you'd share what you think about the app below as well as your experience with it. Feel free to check out the rest of my reviews on similar products just like this!

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

27 thoughts on “Foap Smartphone App Review: Can You Really Make Money Selling Your Photos?”

  1. Hi ,
    I’m a newbie with Foap…Can anyone from Foap tell me why when I first uploaded my photos, I noticed that they got star rated & also whom from but soon after that I couldn’t get the same info anymore even till now.None are rated and no followers.Also I find that there’s difficulty when you want to delete a photo halfway through and instead everything that you’ve uploaded at the same time gets deleted too…so you have to start all over again…Has anyone else had this problem?
    Assistance please…🧐Tq

  2. Just started using Foap, in search for something to help audiences accumulate enough cash to cover a first year hosting and plugin expenses for WordPress. After which, I can take them to the next level with Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. From what I can see, Foap looks like an excellent addition to my idea.

    Through experience and online engagement, that is the ONE thing deterring newbie Bloggers. The cost involved to be able to compete at a Professional Blogging Level. If you don’t, then a substantial online income may still be just another dream.

  3. If you upload a photo on FOAP are you allowed to post it in other plataforms and social media? I’d like to be 100% about that.

  4. So messed up.. I downloaded this app, downloaded tons of photos, it seemed cool and legit. Then today I opened it to a giant picture of someone’s penis! I tried leaving a review to alert potential users and they deleted my comment. Disgusting, and I was so hopeful…

  5. Great app, downloaded the app recently and will start uploading some pics of my travel. I’ve also been recording 3 min videos of walking in the new cities if there is beautiful geography.

    Is there anywhere to sell these videos? I have been giving them to my DJ friend who uses the video as background to his dubstep music.

  6. Foap is a nice hobby but any claims that a person can make any kind of income are completely baseless and false advertising.

    • So I gather you never had any success selling photos on this platform? I’m just curious about where you’re basing this observation from.
      Don’t get me wrong, I agree it would be hard to make any real money with this opportunity. But to claim that no one can make money with it seems to be an overgeneraliztaion.
      But maybe you have more insight that you can share.

  7. I have used the Foap as well off and on. I occasionally take pictures but not really a photographer. I uploaded photos and have gotten some good reviews. Most people take great pictures with just their cell phones so don’t get discouraged. There have been movies made with just a cell phone! I haven’t made money yet, but I won’t give up. This is one of many income streams and it’s pretty fun also.

  8. Why is that I have never heard of someone saying that they have made a couple of bucks with foap? I already searched anywhere in the net. Please give a link if someone tells his testimony in earning from foap. Thank you.

  9. I use the Foap app pretty regularly. it is easy to use, so even though I havent made any money, it doesn’t really matter to me so much. I DO follow people who HAVE sold pics and am trying to learn.. I did notice they use pro cameras and I have a cell phone, (a REAL nice one, but a cell phone none the less) I still think buyers look at what you use and if it says the name of your cell, they shy away.. Also, one thing not mentioned anywhere is: IF your photo is to small, they will reject it, I submitted a few older pics and they rejected them for size… So my thoughts, like yours, not a scam, but not a way to say bye bye to your boss

  10. Eddy with a Y,
    I have the Foap app on my phone. I have uploaded several pics from my phone over the several months that I have had it. Never sold one pic yet, this may be the quality or features of some of the pics that I uploaded. I am glad it does not cost anything to upload and try to sell pics, just that the Foap app gets half of what the pics sell for. This is just a small way to make money online, none in my case.

    • Hey John, thanks for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it. You sort of confirm my assertion this isn’t a consistent way to make money. But if it does earn you something, then it’s great.

  11. A good opportunity for someone who loves photography and wants to have a part time income. Me personally, I love photograhy, so I think it may not be a bad idea to turn my hobby into something which can generate any sort of income.
    A very well written article man!

  12. The foap smartphone app is pretty legit. I like that we can sell our photos online. So basically, all I have to do is take photos and upload them, and if they sell, they give me $5? I wouldn’t really count on the sweepstakes for $100. I’d rather put in the hard work then leave my success up to luck. Will I make money online if I take your courses?

    • I agree I wouldn’t really count on the sweepstakes either. And yes you’ve pretty much laid out how this works. In terms of my course you might make money depending on how you apply it. It’s up to you. I just teach you the methods and it’s up to you to make money.

  13. I had no idea such app existed. I have heard of sites that allow you to sell your pics online but didn’t know this was available through an app.. I think it’s quite interesting how we have evolved with all the different apps that’s available. Do you know if this a free app? Either way, thanks for sharing.

    • Yes there are a lot of smartphone apps that make you money nowadays. Foap is one of many I have covered and yes it’s a free as mentioned above.

  14. Thanks for sharing about this Eddy. I’ve never heard of foap smartphone app. But I thought that was a pretty smart idea.
    The problem is, you don’t know if your picture can be sold. Like you said, they only pay $5 for a picture. It’s going to be hard to earn money steadily doing that.

    • Hey Kien,

      You’re welcome. Yes unfortunately you can’t control how much you make or if your pictures will be purchased or not. But there is a chance it may be. So it can go either way.

  15. Hi! Thanks for the feature and we appreciate your feedback! We’re glad you use our app. I just wanted to correct some information mentioned in the article as we are constantly improving the app:
    – All photos, even below 2.5 star rating are now available in the Market
    – You can upload multiple photos at once.
    I hope you will find this info helpful 🙂


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