Is A Scam?

Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! claims to show you a variety of ways to make money online by writing. Allegedly you get access to job listings that you can view by paying a monthly membership fee of $47. However they give you a 7 day trial period for $2.95. But you need to cancel it or you'll be charged $47 per month. I appreciate the fact that they're upfront about this on their website. So you're not surprised like so many of those Google Money Scams that are betting you'll forget so they can make easy money off you.

According to ‘Thousands of smart people just like you are already bringing in an easy $1,000, $2,000…even as much as $5,000 every single week just by doing this easy writing in their spare time…and now it's your turn!' So the fee basically covers all the easy article writing job leads you'll get. Then like magic you'll be able to make all this money by writing a few paragraphs here and there. goes on to say it doesn't matter how good you are at writing either, ‘The writing tasks you'll be doing will be so easy an 8 year old child could do them…'

Oh Really?

Something smells fishy…

Okay now I know something ain't right with these people. If an 8 year old can make all this money by writing a few articles then how come everyone and their mother isn't doing this? Why leave your house to go to that 9-5 job when you can just write all day and make up to $5,000 a week? It just doesn't make any type of sense.

How Freelance Article Writing Usually works.

1. An employer posts a writing job on a freelance site such as:,, etc.
2. Usually the employer states how much they're willing to pay.
3. You browse for freelance writing jobs.
4. If you're interested in bidding on one of the many jobs listed there, you register to be a freelancer which usually requires a small fee.
5. Then you make your job offer.
6. Other freelancers do the same.
7. The employer then compares the freelancers offers (How much you've offered to do the job for), profile (Sort of like a resume) and feedback (sort of like references from other people that have hired you on the site)

That's the process folks. At the end of the day, it's still up to you to bid on a job, meet the qualifications, and negotiate the pay in the field of freelance writing.

Math isn't adding up…

So keeping in mind the freelance writing process, I'm extremely skeptical as to how can validate their outrageous income claims. The problem with freelance websites especially for Americans is that you're competing against people all over the world that can afford to do the work you do cheaper. This isn't because they're trying to under cut Americans. It's because their cost of living is cheaper than you. Now, can they write English as well as you? In most cases, no they can't. Well they may be able to write better than me since I'm notorious for bad grammar and spelling mistakes, but I digress. In any event, like everything in life there are exceptions to the rule. But I would venture to say when it comes to English freelance writing, you might have a slight advantage. However easily making up to $5000 per week is just not feasible especially not at the freelance job sites. Personally I would be more inclined to see what they have to offer if they gave realistic numbers such as earning $50-$100 per week. That is totally feasible from my experience. But the claims of $5000 a week just writing articles at freelance sites is just unrealistic. This is feasible as a work at home affiliate. But trust me there is a lot more to it then just writing articles. So knowing this I already know that this company is misleading folks or misrepresenting the legitimate career of affiliate marketing.

So what are the complaints against

Well the one that seems worth mentioning and most important is that when you try to contact the site, you are unable to get in touch with anyone who can refund your money. When you authorize your account to be debited for the $2.95 trial, an additional $49.95 fee is deducted as well. In some cases people were charged $97.00 exactly on the seventh day. I can't tell you how many complaints I came across on people canceling before the trial period was up and them being charged anyway. There have been so many people that have tried get a refund. Some have been successful but sadly most weren't. So that begs the question, if is such a great company that you can easily make money with, then why are there so many refund request? And worst still, why aren't they being honored? Well if you haven't figured it out, it's because you can't easily earn $5000 week writing articles! Period.

Fight Back!!

So If you or someone you know has fallen victim to, feel free to harass them through email Some people were able to get there money back by being persistent with sending them emails. You may also want to hit them up by telephone 1-800-750-7660, select option 3 and you will get a person. Now if that doesn't work because so many people are calling them, then I would suggest calling your credit card company and inform them that this was a fraudulent transaction and have them reverse the charges. At the end of the day, you want these guys to be on record with tons of complaints because they may lose their merchant accounts which is needed to process payments. If they can't process payments they can't operate.


If you haven't figured it out, I would recommend that you avoid this company in my humble opinion. Like so many of the work at home products, they are guilty of misleading people. If you're interested in writing for a living, I would encourage you to skip these middlemen & head straight to various freelance sites such as,,, etc. As always just do your research especially when money is involved or outrageous claims of income are being made. Work At Home Scams are pretty easy to figure out when you do your research and just use your common sense.

As always if you're looking for a real traditional work at home job visit our work at home companies page. Keep in mind with traditional work at home jobs, the competition is very fierce and it's almost like trying to hit a jackpot. However you can make money right now with some non-traditional opportunities like the ones listed on my recommendations page. Good luck to you either way and avoid paying for these nonsense work at home products that are making crazy claims that just don't sound right. We all have natural instincts that protect us. If you're going through an opportunity and start getting this funny feeling as you're reading the material that this just seems to good to be true, that's your instincts telling you this is BS. Follow it and you'll avoid a lot of heart ache. It's that simple.

2 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Eddy, I got an email ad from this morning and its clearly misleading. 5,000 a week? If you’re a 20-year experienced copywriter, MAYBE you can earn that, but definitely not as an 8-year old level writer. I’m actually ashamed for companies that run punch lines like these, and afraid for all those people that are desperate for a job, any job, and become prey to these scam artists. I’ve too been scammed before, so I learned to read beyond the fine print: if it’s too flashy, too gorgeous and the nunbers are high and easy: BEWARE.
    Last month I did what you reccomended: I joined Guru and Elance. 10 days later I got my first small project. 3 days after that I landed the second one, which is permanent, demands about 7 hours weekly and pays my phone and eletrical bills.
    Freelance writing online does work, but remember that you have to start small like any other career and build on from that. Nothing comes for free, especially 5k a week!
    Great job Eddy, as always 🙂

    cheers from Rio de Janeiro!

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for chiming in. Congrats on your freelance writing efforts. Hopefully this serves as an inspiration for others that with usual hard work and persistence you can eventually work at home. But like you said you need to start somewhere. Too often people just want to fast fwd to the big money and that’s not realistic. Anything that pays you really great money requires a lot of time, effort and experience.

      Thanks again! By the way I’m so jealous of you. I’ve traveled to many places and Brasil is definitely on my list of places to go. You’re very blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

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