Fusion Cash Review: Is It A Get Paid Scam Or Legit?

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Chances are you've been searching the web for Fusion Cash Reviews because you have some doubts. This is hard to believe, given that it's been around for nearly a decade. People have flocked to the program, sign up and get started. But then something funny happens, some don't do as well with the given program as others and the next thing you know it's being called a scam! I've also noticed that a company is called a scam if it has some flaws or people don't agree with given policies. Last I checked no company or person is perfect. Do we run around calling them scams? So you have to take these scam claims with a grain of salt, especially when they're directed at legitimate companies that have a proven record of paying people.

The internet makes it very easy to label anything a scam so keep that in mind. With that said, let's get into this Fusion Cash review to see if some of the good and bad claims are merited.

What is Fusion Cash?

FusionCash.com is a get paid to try offer (GPT )site. In a nutshell advertisers pay sites like FC to get people to sign up for their products or services also known as offers. In turn FC shares with you the advertiser money they earn for referring you to these offers. It's a win win for everyone. Instead of spending millions of dollars on commercials or other form of advertising that people usually ignore, they get a captive audience that is more inclined to their products because they're getting paid to use them. You as a consumer get to try products you probably already had an interest in but now have a financial incentive for doing so. Personally, I think it's a genius for both parties.

What Type of Get Paid Offers Are Available?

So let's discuss some of these offers. You earn money for completing various styles of offers. They basically boil down to free offers & risk free trial offers.

Freebies – These offers are pretty straightforward and what most newbies start with. All they tend to require is that you enter your e-mail address, home address and/or full name. Now, depending on what type of person you are, you might be getting some hair brain idea of submitting false information on tons of these freebie offers to increase you pay. Shame on you. Lol Well, it's not going to happen captain. The GPT sites like Fusion Cash only get paid if the information is valid. This is why they make you wait at least 30 days to cash out your money to prevent shady people from gaming the system. If the advertisers come back and tell them the information was crap, guess what? You don't get paid. So it's in your best interest to play by the rules with these freebie offers or any of them for that matter. Sites like FusionCash have mechanisms in place to fight this fraud.

In any event most freebie offers tend to be short and sweet. They tend to be surveys, newsletters, signing up as a member for a new site, etc. Either way, the good thing about them is they are quick to do because it's usually a one page registration form that you need to fill. Now there is a flip side to this type of offer. Since the barrier is so low you don't really get paid that much for them. You can expect anywhere from $0.05 – $5.00 per completed offer. But doing many of them will add up like any multiple stream of income. By the way, the reason advertisers are willing to pay you for filling out these freebie information forms, is that it's a great way for them to get new direct members to their website! It's also a way to build up their list so they can contact you about their related products, services, etc. This is why they will only pay for valid information. At the end of the day, freebies tend to be the easiest way for newbies to make money with GPT sites like fusion cash. Since they don't require credit card information, most people feel very comfortable doing them. So initially these are the type of offers I suggest newbies start with.

“Risk Free” Trial Offers – These offers tend to be the most profitable way to make money in the GPT industry. But they also are the cause of a lot of the scam complaints against sites like Fusion Cash and the GPT industry. But we'll address that later in the review. Let's discuss what trial offers are and why you want to work your way up to them after you've had your fill of freebie offers. Have you ever seen the Netflix offers on TV or the web where you're allowed to try Netflix for free for 30 days? Well, after the 30 days are up, they will charge your credit card to stay a member if you don't cancel. Well, that's pretty much what trial offers are. The great thing about them is that you actually get paid for trying cool products. But in order to get paid you need to be willing to submit your credit card to the advertiser. This may make some people feel very uncomfortable. But to help ease you through that you're often paid a hefty commission for doing trial offers. Your pay per offer may range from $5 – $100+ just for doing one offer! For those pressed for time or want to make big money faster, this may be more appealing than doing a 100 freebie offers that pay .50 cents each.

However, you need to be very organized with these offers in terms of knowing how and when to cancel if you decide this product isn't for you. Reading the terms and conditions at the bottom of the advertisers pages and sticking with legitimate companies is vital to your success here. Otherwise, you may end up losing more than what you earned if you fail to cancel at the right time, assuming you ended up not liking the product or service. This brings me to my next point. Please keep in mind the advertisers sincerely want you to give their product or service a fair evaluation. That's why you're being paid! So don't think of just signing up for a trial offer today and canceling it tomorrow or even after a couple of hours. This type of action can get you banned or not paid for the offer. In general, you should really give the offer a fair amount of time. I tend to base my evaluation period on the amount of time the advertisers gives me to try the offer. If they give me 30 days, I'll evaluate the product for at least half that time to see if I like it. If I do, then I won't cancel. If I don't I'll cancel it. But canceling it 15 days later won't be viewed as me gaming the system and I'll still get paid by a company like Fusion Cash. So you have to use your best judgement with trial offers. Try to stick with offers you actually really have an interest in and give it a fair amount of time to evaluate.

I've also created a video about how this all works below. It includes some great tips to help you succeed with sites like Fusion Cash. So be sure to watch it as well.

That's pretty much the type of offers, you'll be doing. Most offers fall under those categories. Many GPT sites label them differently, but at the end of the day what's described above are the type offers, you'll be doing in one shape or form. The great thing is you decide the type you're willing to do. I started with free offers and worked my way up to trial offers. I tend to do a combination of both to make some decent money.

However, if this doesn't appeal to you at all, you can still make money with Fusioncash by just taking surveys. Learn how by clicking here.

Does Fusion Cash Actually Work?

Hell yeah. Here's a screenshot of my own payment for you naysayers. I've actually been paid several times by fusion cash for completing offers before I decided to move on to their publisher program. So I know it does work.

How Much Money Can You Make With Fusion Cash?

As I mentioned above, your pay per offer will depend on the type of offer you do. But it can range anywhere from $.05 – $100+. This is one of those opportunities where you can control what you make!

How Does Fusion Cash Pay?

Fusion Cash currently offers payments through: PayPal (US & CA), Direct Deposit (US Only), and Check (US Only). No matter which method you choose, there are no fees or costs.

Like most non-traditional make money opportunity there is a threshold or cash out amount you need to reach to receive your money. The minimum balance for cashing out is $25. At least $15 of your balance must come from completing offers.

FusionCash.com distributes payment on or before the 20th of the month after you cash out. That is, if you cash out any time this month (For example November), your payment will be disbursed on or around the 20th of the following month (For example December). You must allow 1-5 business days for electronic payment methods to post, and 2-10 business days for check delivery via USPS First Class Mail.


I think I was pretty detailed in this review. But even I can't cover it all. So I'm sure you probably have more questions. As always, the best people to ask questions about a given opportunity are the folks that own the site. So visit their FAQs page here.

What I Like About Fusion Cash!

Free – In an industry where making you pay to earn money is a norm. Fusion Cash is a totally free opportunity to join and make money with. You're not required to do trial offers to make money. You can totally stick to the free offers if you want.

Pays – The most important thing about any work at home opportunity besides being legitimate is that they actually pay. You'll find a lot of folks out there recommending opportunities just so they can make their money. But the question is have they made money with said opportunity themselves? If so where's the proof. As I've said, I have personally worked with fusion cash for several months now and I can attest they pay as shown by my screenshot of my own payment .

External Validation – Let's face it, People can be paid to say good things about a company or create fake screenshots. Although I'm an affiliate of fusion cash and have helped thousands of job seekers avoid scams and been interviewed by various new agencies, that may be worth as much as a squirrel fart too you if you don't know me. Fair enough. But apparently the Better Business Bureau (BBB) agrees and has given them an A+ rating at the time of this review. So that's something to consider for you folks that put a lot of weight on the BBB's opinion.

Multiple Streams of Income – Aside from doing offers, FusionCash.com has tons of other ways to make money for free which include, reading email ads, clicking on links, participating in forums, contests, downloading ring tones, doing mturk like tasks, watching videos. If you're a member you can see some of these opportunities here:





So no matter what your disposition is, you should find a way to make money on this site. How much you make really all depends on how open minded you are to try different opportunities.

Fusion Cash Complaints!

Okay, now that we got all the sweet stuff out of the way, let's talk about the bad. Every opportunity has negative points. It doesn't mean it's a scam! It's just things that you should be aware of so you can either avoid the same issues or avoid the opportunity all together if any of the cons concern you. Either way, knowing them helps you make an informed decision. So let's get into them.

Limited Availability – Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available to people in the US. & Canada. So if you're not in any of these two countries, you're pretty much screwed out of a great opportunity to make some money. Unfortunately, that's how many of these opportunities are. Speaking to some of the owners of these sites, the biggest reasons seem to be fraud and administrative. It's unfortunate, but that's just the way it is. But don't fret, my international folks are encouraged to visit my international page for options in your area. See Eddy still got love for ya'll too.

Attention to Detail Required – All GPT sites, including Fusion Cash require some organization on your part to keep track of all those offers you'll be doing. Or as I mentioned above, you can end up losing money on trial offers. So you need to read the fine print on these offers to avoid some nasty surprises. Write down your offers in a calendar or a piece of paper. Detail information like customer service telephone numbers, email address and dates you signed up for offers and when they expire. Contact information is usually in the fine print so that's another reason why it's so important to read it. I like contacting these advertisers customer service department before I do an offer just to see if someone responds quickly. You don't have to get into why you're contacting them. You're just testing their responsiveness.

Limited Offer Choices – One of the ways to avoid bad experiences with trial offers is to work with well known or legitimate companies. Unfortunately, they aren't always available in large numbers because some advertisers view leads or sales form GPT (Get Paid To…) sites as poor quality so they won't accept traffic from sites like Fusion Cash. So sometimes you're left with less scrupulous advertisers to choose from when doing offers. With that said Fusion Cash has tried to get rid of offers like this. But they're basically at the mercy of putting whatever offers are available to GPT sites. It probably explains why they try to give you various other ways to earn money with their site.

Spam – Let's face it when you do offers, these advertisers are collecting your information in the hopes of eventually convincing you to take action on something they're selling. So you may get bombarded with a lot of email or spam depending on your view. I found it's easy to get around this and still play by the rules. I just set up a separate valid email address with gmail or any other free email provider that is set up just for doing offers. If they need me to click on a link to confirm I'm a real person, I just log into this separate valid account and do as instructed. Now if they want to bombard that address, it's fine with me. Because it's not my everyday personal email address. Everyone still wins. So that's how you handle that.

Technical Issues – A lot of the time people complain they haven't been credited for making an offer, their account was frozen, etc. Here's what tends to happen in most of these cases. People's browsers or machine are sent up properly where cookies are enabled. Or they may have some anti-virus or spyware software that affects tracking. In some cases, people just have out of date machines that also put a wrench in the tracking. When this happens a GPT site like Fusioncash can't confirm you've actually done the offer so they can't pay you. It sucks, but unfortunately that's the way it is. Before doing offers you better be sure all your systems are in order. I say start off with some free offers first. It will be a great way to test if your computer is up to snuff. If you see you don't get credit for an offer, then you know something is probably wrong with your setup and needs to be fix. But at least you won't lose out too much by doing a free offer. You might want to contact fusion cash directly to better determine if your computer is up to snuff before doing offers or if you run into an issue.

In terms of being banned, READ their terms of service carefully beforehand and make sure you don't violate any of their rules. Don't try to game the system. Keep in mind what I said about trial offers above. When in doubt, always ask before you act. That tends to avoid a lot of issues. However, keep in mind most Terms of Service on any site is designed to protect the site owner and NOT you. So don't be surprised if you find a couple of things you don't like. If you ever read the terms of services and conditions on your mortgage, software downloads, bank agreements, etc., they all operate that way. If you don't like it, don't sign up for this company or for that matter a lot of stuff you need in life. Lol

Now with all that said are there times where people didn't do anything wrong and they still ended up on the crappy end of the stick. I would dare to say yes. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone that has a perfect system where everyone is happy. It's just part of life. What you want to do with opportunities is look for patterns when most of the experiences are consistently good. A few negative stragglers here and there will come with the territory and shouldn't dissuade you from giving an opportunity a shot especially if it's free.

So Is Fusion Cash Really Legitimate?

Ultimately, despite some of the cons which are actually common in the GPT industry, I don't think Fusion Cash is a scam. Again, I think a lot of the complaints are from people that don't understand how to get paid to try offers work. I'm confident if more people had read a review like this which explained the ins and outs and how to avoid the downfalls, they would be singing a different song. At the same time this opportunity may not be one's cup of tea and that's fine. Like I said earlier they provide you with other ways to make money like taking surveys. But even that may not appeal to you.

It's that very reason we provide other options like traditional work at home jobs and other non-traditional make money opportunities. You have to pick the options that work best for your needs. But in my opinion, if you're smart you'll take a multiple stream of income approach and give everything a bit of a try. Then narrow down what makes you the most of your money.

At the end of the day Fusion Cash has my vote and I encourage you to join if what you've read makes “cents” for your situation. It's free and you don't really have much to lose with it if you follow the advice provided in this review. If not, then just move on to any opportunity that makes better “cents” to you. Just take action on something rather than waiting around and hoping for something to fall in your lap. That's the only way to succeed in this industry. Good luck either way.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

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