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As you know on occasion I like to revisit sites I have reviewed in the past because things can change for better or worst. Today this is a change for the better which can help you earn money with Fusion Cash which I've reviewed here.

In a nutshell Fusion Cash (a BBB accredited company for those of you who swear by them) is better known for paying people to try out products, services and websites from various companies. Some are free, some are trial offers and some are paid offers. It's a work at home opportunity that can be very profitable. But it can also lose you money if you don't follow the advice I've provided in my review of fusion cash. So be sure you read it if you're considering making money by doing offers.
However even with the great tips I provide, getting paid to try offers may not appeal to everyone and they soon write Fusion Cash off. Fortunately Fusion Cash understands this and now offers various ways to make money that don't involve doing offers. One of the ways we're going to focus on today is paid surveys.
If you've enjoyed companies like InstantCashSweepstakes and PaidViewPoint, then you'll probably like Fusion Cash Surveys. Watch the video below for more details.

Like it?

Well hopefully you have now found another opportunity to add to your arsenal of multiple streams of income. If so, feel free to sign up by clicking here. Be sure you check your email including your spam folder for a confirmation email from Fusion Cash. You must click on the link within that email. Otherwise you won't qualify to take the surveys described above. So be sure you do so!
Fusion Cash has a lot of different ways to make money but this is by far one of the more profitable and easier ones. But I may cover the other ones in a later update. For now enjoy yet another legitimate survey opportunity.

26 thoughts on “Work At Home Update – Fusion Cash”

  1. They’ve gone down hill, read ripoffreport and more.

    First, they make it quite hard to hit cash out putting an “expiration” on reimbursing you for your efforts. You made them money for their part of the affiliated commissions but they put an expiration on yours. How is that fair? Then, they can “restrict” your account without explanation and you’ll try to get an answer about the details of the restriction even though to the very best of your abilities you are following all of the rules. Finally, while you are “restricted” their offers continue to flow into your email inbox. You’d think a technology company such as this wouldn’t bother you with their offers while your account is on restriction. This minor details puts into question their credibility. Be very cautious of this company.

    • That’s a fair point Kevin. Have you ever taken it up with them? I’ve never had any issues with them and I’ve worked with them for years. But I hear what you’re saying.

  2. Glad others have had good luck with FusionCash. I just unsubscribed and concluded my membership. 15 surveys either said I was wrong demographic or when I’d click on the email, said ‘you’ve already taken this survey’ and didn’t even give me the penny. I was allowed to finish one complete survey and then there was one other that made me answer some 30 questions, THEN said I was wrong demographic (I didn’t mind it as long as it was just gender and age, and then give you the penny, annoying maybe, but not 30, then a whole bunch that didn’t even give the penny.) I know this is working for most, but this one is probably better for other jobs then surveys. MTurk has all jobs too, but always lets you know if you’re wrong for the job immediately. It seems the smaller ones don’t. In the end, these outfits aren’t worth it to me personally if the email clutter begins to outweigh any advantage. I see others are cashing out, but at $25, after 3 months, I saw I would never cash out even once, and was wasting my time. I wouldn’t have quit, though, if it hadn’t always made you start the survey in some way or other. $7 after 3 months was not sufficient to continue. Best of luck to the rest of you who are having better luck.

  3. yes, i like fusion cash and am almost getting to were I   will be cashing out for the second time.   I’m close i should be receiving my first check soon.  

  4. Tom what is the web site that you have started to work for and the link regarding getting a free phone line.and gets sent to your email.   Haven’t ran across that one as yet. Laura

  5. I have cashed out my first cashout with fusion cash and enjoyed it very much.   Wanting to start on my second one.

  6. Hi Tom,
    Glad to hear it. Try googling free telephone number. There are many services out there. Ironically Google has one called Google Voice which I use. So try that.

    I hope this helps.

    • Eddy what site is Tom talking about   that he will be starting to work at home with a free phone line haven’t ran across that one and I wrote to Tom but he didn’t answer me. Please advise.   Still looking for a good job at home some that I have checked want money and that is a no no for me.

    • Hi,

      He wasn’t talking about a job. Some of the offers with fusion cash require a phone number and I suggested using Google voice or googling other free telephone number services.

      You shouldn’t really have a hard time finding a legitimate work at home job. We list them daily here:

      and we have a great recommendations page which people always make money with:

      So everything is here. It’s just a matter of taking action. You definitely shouldn’t be struggling if you’re reading this site and taking action.

  7. Eddy:   Your site has been very valuable to someone like me who is seriously considering starting to work from home.   Thanks.   Somewhere I ran across a link regarding getting a free phone line so I don’t have to put my personal phone on forms.   It then gets sent to my email.   Could you refresh me on this.
    Thanks again!   Tom

  8. Congrats Laura,
    I’m glad you’re on the way to your first payment. Hopefully there will be many more! I haven’t really messed around with the paid forum stuff either. It’s a lot more involved and complicated so that’s why I haven’t really tried or discussed it. I prefer to focus on the more straight forward methods they have on their site. Keep up the good work!

  9. Eddy:

    i have been working for fusion cash for a month now and will be cashing out soon for my first one.   As you said some of the cash is small but worth it.   I enjoy fusion cash alot.   What part of it i haven’t mastered as yet is the forum and am trying to get into it to send some replied but haven’t been able to do it.

  10. Hi Eddy,

    Am posting here as well as giving the new info from ATurk I got since last night.   Good thing about that temporary panic was that I did go ahead and sign up with two new places while I was waiting–just the thing to do.   And I’ll do some more.   Wanted to mention that with FusionCash, I thought they sounded really good and a stable company, so I wasn’t afraid to give them my banking material either, and did.   Only thing they did on the sign-in process that I wasn’t used to was make you choose a couple of survey offer places and that was all right, I can unsubscribe if I don’t want to. I’d just like to understand this a bit better:   Such things as Panda Survey and and SurveyJobOpportunities.   Don’t mind the spam temporarily, and can just unsubscribe, but these are other outfits that aren’t exactly FusionCash, aren’t they?   Only reason I was asking is I guess this is just a form of referral itself (I know nothing of these things, and so I’m trying to learn), and that bank info would be strictly within the Fusion Cash secure site and not something these other survey sites had any access to.   I mean, I’m almost 100% sure not, but I didn’t think it was too great to put those as requirements for sign-in.   I then got emails from each of those, which I finished the subscription, but then they try to get you to go to other pages, and I just stopped then–seemed far away from Fusion Cash by then.   I assume this is normal for some of the smaller ones (ATurk definitely won’t advertise anybody else, period.)  

    Within FusionCash itself, you get the $5 bonus and $.50 if you answer all five profiles.   I also tried to do a couple of the surveys you could pick from there, but was deemed unqualified–two were about clinical depression, and you had to actually have the condition.   But you only get the 1 penny when you’ve gone through the whole qualification questionnaire once, I think.   I did that for some ‘grocery survey’, and they credited that the one cent (can’t quite say I’m as positive as usual about that little perk, since when you disqualify for the next ones, which I did, the reward was nothing at all.)   Will give this one a chance, though I’m not that hopeful, since you can cash out only at $25, and I wasn’t qualified.    

    Anyway, if paid by check it takes a long time, so I thought this particular company safe to give banking detailos to, even if not as big as Amazon.   Also, signed up with MySurvey, apparently they give you things, but not so often.   I’ll do them, and this was a good opportunity to make myself look at your other recommendations, that’s the kind of thing I can easily get lazy about.  

    • Hey Toby,

      It’s always good to have multiple streams of income anyway. You should never depend on one and why I always give you guys so many options.

      I’m not really sure what your question was because this comment was so long and really bounced around.

      Either way I think it’s worth reading my FC article where it explains how get paid to try offer sites like fusion cash work and how to approach it to get the maximum benefit:

      Your bank account information isn’t shared with the other offer companies listed with FC. It’s for FC usage only so they can pay you.

      As a whole FC is a great company that provides you many ways to earn money. It’s just a matter of picking the ones that make more “cents” for you. But it’s definitely another great option to have in addition to many of the other ones we list on my recommendations page:

    •  You did answer my question.   Making you choose other survey outfits in the same registration of your bank details may be common practice, but I don’t like it at alll they should wait till the serious stuff is finished and then do some more advertising, it seems to me.   But that’s that.   You could easily just get lost in a bunch of links, which each survey group encourages you to do (right then) or doesn’t discourage you.   Although you were right that there weren’t any problems.   Some might not ‘pull back’ from the Panda Surveys, etc., and get back to their financial details.

      Anyway, glad I signed up, this will probably be for me a good, but very slower-moving survey group, although I’ll do some of their other things if I have time.   Thus far, I think my demographic is the problem, and out of 7 surveys offered, I was disqualified from all but one (including 3 they emailed me for), but eventually did get the ‘6 cents’ for those.   With $25 cashout, it will take 3 months at this rate, but I still like having it (when I wrote the above, they delayed the payments of the 1-cent ones except the first, otherwise I’m fine with the penny, since the followup sign-ins aren’t but about 3 questions.)

  11. I enjoy taking surveys, but I’ve been disenchanted recently by several survey sites which have downgraded their awards to sweepstakes entries, rather than giving points. From this review, I’m going to go check out Fusion Cash. Sounds like it might be worthwhile.  

    • I know exactly what you’re talking about. MySurvey seems to be going downhill since their merger with LightSpeed. I tend to spend more of time doing surveys with FC, ICS and PaidViewPoint. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. But when stuff like that happens, just find another company. That’s the great thing about this industry. If one company starts slacking off there are usually many other better replacements.

  12. Hey Eddy, this is awesome, just signed up from your site. A few dollars here and there makes a difference, especially for seed money. Gotta start somewhere lol. Plus your continuous advice of “multiple” streams of income and a post on I’ve Tried That have convinced me enough.

    I do have one question though, on some of the offers, do you know if you can opt out on receiving more offers?

    • Hey Mr. W,
      I’m glad you like this and can appreciate my multiple streams of income approach. I think nowadays folks are seeing the real value of it.

      In terms of the offers, always read the terms and conditions and disclaimers located at the bottom of the page. It will tell you how to opt out, contact the company or discover how your information will be used. But as I suggested in my original fusion cash article, I just suggest creating a separate but working email address for doing offers so your personal email address doesn’t become flooded with the promotional material. This way you can take advantage of doing more offers but without the annoyance of being saturated with marketing.

  13. Is this site real? Iwant to know more how to earn money. I will appreciate it if you reply to me. Thanks a lot

  14. You’re welcome Dauna,
    Glad to hear you’re taking action and have already requested your first cash out. I agree FC has a lot of different ways to earn money. So it’s just a matter of picking the ones that appeal to you.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Good Morning Eddy!

    I signed up for FusionCash on March 10 and put in for for my first cashout yesterday (April 2).   Definitely not a scam and definitely offers a wide variety of ways to earn.   I have you to thank for putting me scent.   Thanks for everything and for  your site; it is a big help.

    Oak Ridge, TN


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